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Dreams of Our Fathers

Chapter V:

Lies Long-lost


"Where is Hakudoushi?" Naraku questioned, surveying the room with narrowed eyes. Onigumo, Kagura, and other prominent members of the Miasma gang were present for this meeting. Only Naraku's son was absent.

Kagura rose her head. The Chicago Tribune reporter always took interest whenever Hakudoushi's name was mentioned. "Do you suppose he got into trouble?" Kagura asked. Naraku glared at her, and once more her eyes darted downward. She was a caged bird, emotionally attached.

Hakudoushi entered and sat in a vacant chair. "You're late," Naraku hissed. Soon after he declared, "This meeting of the Miasmas has now begun." He stood up, walking about the room, circling the table like a predator on the prowl. "As you know, Old Man Kakkera was buried just six short days ago. And yet, in the weakened state of his family and organization, we are not attacking, not bringing down the wounded animal." Here he paused, leering at them all, such idiots. "Luckily for the rest of you, a very reliable source, a contact, a spy has been placed inside the Kakkera household itself. This contact has proven…most useful." Naraku turned to Onigumo, "Read the information our contact has obtained for us, Onigumo," he commanded. Onigumo nodded, opened up a manila envelope and began reading:

"Battousi "Bat/Big Brother" Kakkera. Heir to Inutaisho Kakkera's business and estate. Son of Inutaisho Kakkera and Akane Kenji. (The family uses the name Kenji as a cover up for their true identification.) Attended medical school at the University of Chicago for three years before dropping out. This event occurred directly after he diagnosed his father with syphilis. Is fluent in German and Russian. Is in a relationship of long-standing with Lita Kit, who is a singer at the family's bar, "Kakkera's." A quiet, but emotionally stable individual. Like his brothers, prone to sudden, angry outbursts.

Sesshomaru "Sessh" Kakkera. Second in line to inherit. Son of Inutaisho and Shinju Kakkera. On and off law student. Is fluent in Italian and Greek. An alcoholic. During prohibition, Sesshomaru organized the smuggling of alcohol in his father's organization. Has the worst and most violent temper of the siblings, with a need for superiority.

InuYasha "Pup" Kakkera. Third in line to inherit. Son of Inutaisho and Izayoi Kakkera. Graduated high school but chose not to continue his education. Is adequate in Spanish. Works as a mechanic in his spare time. Used to be in a relationship of long-standing with Kikyou Miko, who is caretaker of an orphanage on the South Side. Most emotional of all the siblings, with a temper to match. Most likely to make a rash decision without thinking first. Recently suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder."

"Is that all?" Hakudoushi asked, "What about Mina, the daughter?"

Naraku leaned forward in his chair, "You take special interest in Missy Mina Kakkera's credentials?"

"In the event of her brothers' death, she'll inherit everything. Don't you think it's worth the effort?"

Naraku considered, "Very well," he said, "But hear me, Hakudoushi, you may have your fun with Mina Kakkera, get her to divulge as much as you can…But there will be hell to pay if I ever end up sharing a bloodline with Inutaisho Kakkera. Do you understand?" Naraku could not have spoken in a more serious voice.

A simple nod was Hakudoushi's response.

After they all had left, Naraku and Kagura were alone in the room. She looked at him, a little apprehensive, wondering what he could be thinking. "Come here," Naraku uttered. Kagura did as she was told and Naraku immediately latched his hand onto her jaw. Kagura winced in pain.

He grasped her still tighter, "I told you never to speak to or about my son ever again," he growled. Then he pushed her away.

She stumbled back a few steps. "You cannot keep me from talking with my son!" Kagura hissed in a hushed whisper.

"I told you, your son died years ago, shortly after he was born," he peered at her maliciously, "Hakudoushi is not yours!"

"You're lying to me; I know it!" she choked out.

"You will listen to what I have to say," he said, ever so menacingly. His lips brushed against hers. "Unless you really want to bear me another son, one who will survive this time?" His hand fiddled with the top button of her blouse.

She pushed him away, "Never, again, Naraku!"

He shrugged, "Suit yourself." Naraku smiled smugly as he exited the room, leaving Kagura all alone. She sank into one of the chairs, sniffling gently, eyes watering.

Hakudoushi opened the door, "I heard yelling in here," he said.

Kagura looked up, tears in her eyes as she stood and walked over to him. She smiled, "Yes, it's fine, I'm fine," she declared, more to herself than to him. Was Hakudoushi really her son? Naraku was an expert liar, but she still didn't want to get burned by her hopes. Naraku sent her away after the birth of her son; she barely even got the chance to hold him. Was her son really dead?

"Oh, Hakudoushi!" Kagura latched onto him, hugging him tight. "If only I could tell you…"

His eyes widened. What the hell was Kagura doing? What did she want to tell him? In any case, he guessed. "Naraku would be angry with you if you said anything to me," Hakudoushi said. When out of Naraku's presence, he didn't use the name "father."

"Yes, yes," she blurted, nodding furiously, "That's exactly right." She laid her head on his chest, "And here, you're almost completely grown now," she babbled, "You have a right to know! I have a right to know!"

"Let me take care of it all," he whispered. So Kagura had feelings for him then, was that it? Well, he certainly didn't return such feelings, but he was willing to use them. He was becoming frustrated in his pursuit of Mina Kakkera, so frustrated in fact, that a distraction from that was most welcome.

There was something wrong with the tone of voice Hakudoushi was using. It certainly didn't scream "concerned son," but something else. Something decidedly less pure. Kagura backed away from him, horrified. "Have you really become that much like him?" she questioned, her voice breaking, "Like Naraku?" She hurried out of the room before Hakudoushi could respond.


Sango could hear it. The sound of someone vomiting in the bathroom next door reached her, made her jump. It was definitely not a pleasant sound. She got up, intent on investigating, but quickly stopped. The up-chucker in the next room could only be one person…She certainly didn't want to see him again. And there was no way in hell that she was going to help him either.

Sesshomaru…He was more trouble than he was worth, that much was for damned sure. Besides, someone else was sure to hear him. It was a big house though…

Yup, he was definitely still throwing up. Really, how much can someone throw up? Evidently a lot. Someone was bound to come any second…

Nope. Sesshomaru finally finished puking. No one was coming. 'Why am I even paying any attention to what he's doing?' Sango asked herself 'Why should I care?'

Just as she finished that thought, Sango heard a rather loud thud come from the room where Sesshomaru had been throwing up. "Shit," Sango cursed as she popped up from her bed and opened the door.

Miroku must have been keeping shop right outside her door. Well, he wasn't there now, but he did leave a note on top of his chair that stated comically, "Back in five minutes." Sango hurried past both the chair and the note, opening up the bathroom door.

Sesshomaru had passed out in a heap next to the toilet. He had hit rock bottom. "You're completely wrecked," Sango whispered silently, knowing that he couldn't hear her.

She tried splashing water on his face, and then, much to her satisfaction, she tried to slap him awake. No dice; Sesshomaru stayed still. He wasn't waking up. Sango spoke harshly, attempting to cover up the worry that was beginning to take hold of her, "Come on, you ass; it's time to wake up…I'm not going to baby you," she added. Was he even alive? She put an ear to his chest, listening for a heartbeat. Yep, he was alive.

Sesshomaru groaned but didn't move. Suddenly, he began to throw up again. "OH SHIT!" Sango yelled loudly, frightened. Her eyes began darting about the room, "Um, oh," she babbled, 'What the hell do I do?' She struggled to lift him up and position his head over the toilet.

After he was finished throwing up, she dragged him out the bathroom door, his head lulling about. Sesshomaru was heavy and his room was far away. Sango sighed heavily as she pulled him along. After she got so far, though, she gave up and turned back the other way. She would just set him up in her room then. Her bedding was getting changed first thing in the morning though.

Sango felt so disgusted with herself as she heaved him onto the bed. That ass had done so much to her, yet it was she who was going to end up looking after him, keeping him from choking on his own vomit. 'This is so ridiculous,' she thought, sickened. But what could she do? She couldn't leave him to go get help; what if something happened? She bent down into his face. "Damn you," Sango whispered.

Sango was banking on Miroku's promise to return "in five minutes." It didn't happen. He must have fallen asleep somewhere else in the house. And so she propped herself on the most uncomfortable chair she could find, struggling to stay awake. At some point in the early morning, Sango's alertness waned, and she too fell asleep.

Sesshomaru woke up just as the first rays of sunlight began peaking out from between the curtains. He sat up quickly, too quickly, putting a hand to his head as he felt a sharp, stabbing pain in his cranium. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust and even after they did he couldn't believe what he saw. Did Sango really keep watch over him that night? 'She must be insane,' he pondered, thinking. This woman had to have double personalities or something; there was just no excuse as to why she would actually help him. Then he told himself that she didn't really help him, after all, he did have everything under control.

He continued to stare at her. She looked a mess; her head was bent at a very uncomfortable angle and her limbs were hanging down like a puppet's. Even though she was sleeping, she looked very tired. Sesshomaru stood up, narrowly missing a bucket that was filled with his own vomit. So it must have been a long night for her. Surprisingly, he felt a twinge of guilt.

Sesshomaru never meant to have his drinking go so far. It was then that he realized that doing so displayed all of his vulnerabilities, everything that he tried to keep shut out from not only his family but himself. He looked weak now. Surely, Sango must have seen that too or she wouldn't have taken so much pity on him. Sesshomaru was infuriated with himself. He would have to stop this drinking.

With uncharacteristic gentleness, Sesshomaru lifted Sango from the chair. She unconsciously curled against his chest, her body happy to be out of it's former uncomfortable positioning. This perplexed Sesshomaru, and he looked down on Sango for a moment before placing her back onto her own bed, making sure the area was clean. After one last look, he exited the room.


InuYasha had been a pain the last couple of days. He snuck out of the hospital without permission and got Kagome into some trouble. She failed to look after a patient, and now her job was being called into question. InuYasha's siblings had to basically drag him back to the hospital. He kept apologizing to Kagome for the trouble he caused and she couldn't help but forgive him. After all, she saw how he reacted when he thought that someone might be after his little sister.

"Hey, InuYasha!" Kagome began, as she walked into the young man's room, "It's time to check up on your vitals. Huh?" The room was dark, and the curtains were pulled around InuYasha's bed. Kagome smiled and shook her head. So, InuYasha was either irritated or he was up to one of his playful tricks. She stepped closer to the curtain and spoke again, "InuYasha, come on; I have a lot of work to do." She waited a second for him to answer, but he didn't. This worried her greatly.

She suddenly gasped. The mob, what if they did something to him, went after him while he was in the hospital? She tried to keep her voice from shaking. "InuYasha…please," she pleaded quietly. She was terrified to pull back that curtain. What horrible sight would she find?

"All right," she said, resolute, "You had better not be joking around with me, InuYasha. I'm going to open this curtain, no matter what state your in, at the count of three. One…Two…" She paused, clearly freaked out, "Ok…THREE!" She ripped open the curtain, and found no one or nothing on the other side. At that moment, someone came up from behind her, wrapped their arm around her waist, and put a chloroform-soaked cloth to her mouth. The drug made Kagome faint instantly…

InuYasha caught Kagome gracefully, picked her up, and placed her over on a chair. He began to tie her to the chair, and tied a cloth around her mouth to keep her from yelling.

After a short while, the young nurse woke up. She found that she was bound to a chair by InuYasha, and became instantly angry. She felt like he had played her.

"Whoa, whoa, hey! Kagome! Kagome, come on; will you stop struggling and listen to me for a minute?" She narrowed her eyes at him, but stopped moving around.

He sighed, "Listen, I know I haven't been here long and I need a clean bill of health before I can go and blah blah blah. But I just can't sit here like a useless lump of guts while Naraku is out there and he threatened to hurt my sister and one of my good friends. I gotta get out of here. I gotta watch out for them. Don't be mad at me, Kagome, but I had to tie you up. I didn't want anyone blaming you for me getting away under your care. You understand, right?"

Immediately, her face softened. This was actually rather noble and gallant of him. It made her blush, but what he did next made her blush even more.

He put one hand on each arm of the chair to which she was strapped, staring her in the eye. "Well, how about that date, Kagome? Will you still go out with me?"

Ah, so this situation was not only ridiculous, it was also ridiculously romantic. Imagine that.

She nodded slowly, red as can be. With a smug little smile on his face, he leaned and whispered in her ear, "Meet me tomorrow at dusk, outside the main entrance to Comiskey Park. I'll take it from there." He kissed her on the cheek, "Thanks for taking care of me, kid. And I'll be sure that you're found right away; don't worry about that." With that, InuYasha left. This was the second time he left the hospital without a doctor's permission. This first time, Both Battousi and Mina made him go back. Not now, though. He was going to protect the people he cared about.


"Pup, what the heck are you doing here?" Mina asked, exasperated. "Oh, never mind that now, but you're going back as soon as we get Sesshomaru back home."

"Gee mom, a simple 'how you doing?' would have been nice," InuYasha grumbled under his breath.

Battousi walked into the room, "Good, you're here. I sent Miroku out to do a job, so it's good that you're around."

"Nice to see you too," InuYasha muttered.

Battousi disregarded what his younger brother had said, "I just got a tip-off from an informant over at the police station that they're going to try and arrest Sesshomaru without due evidence for shooting Kohaku Taijiya. He's at the bar now so we have to go get him before the cops do."

As the trio of siblings arrived at the bar, they could hear sirens approaching. Not wanting to run the police into a high-speed chase, they parked the car in one of the alleys a block or so away. All three sprinted at top speed into Kakkera's, the bar that Sesshomaru had inherited from Inutaisho. "Lita, distract the cops as long as you can!" Battousi barked at his girlfriend, the bar singer.

InuYasha heaved a drunken Sesshomaru up, and the four siblings went out the back door.

"Where are we going? InuYasha!" Sesshomaru's voice slurred.

"Shut up, Sesshomaru! Want to be a little louder? Be my guest if you wanna be arrested for public drunkenness!"

"Look who's talking, Pup! Look, now's not the time to be a loudmouth, InuYasha!" Mina hissed.

Battousi corrected them all, "Quiet, the three of you. We need to get away from the cops. Go down that alley." They rounded the corner, into the alley that ran along the back of Kekkera's.

"I swear, Sesshomaru," InuYasha whined, "I don't know why we always get stuck covering your ass! I don't even see why I have to carry you around like you're a baby in a damn carriage!"

A bone-chillingly cold voice, the voice of a woman, stopped InuYasha in his tracks. "Stop! You little bastard, InuYasha. You are not worthy to lick his shoes, let alone hold him up." She paused for a moment before continuing, "I have come to speak with my son."

The light hit Shinju Kakkera's face at an odd angle, contorting it with shadows. InuYasha held up his intoxicated brother, despite the woman's abashing. Sesshomaru squinted, perhaps convinced that his drunkenness was causing hallucinations.

He looked very much like his mother, the same delicate features of the nose and jaw line. Their eyes were the same color and hair the same texture. Their temperaments were alike.

Battousi went to the side of his brothers, and helped InuYasha to support his brother's weight by holding up Sesshomaru's other side. Mina, hid partially from view, clutched onto InuYasha's arm. "You're supposed to be dead," she whispered, sheepishly.

"Quite obviously, I am not," Shinju retorted.

"The reason for which we would all like to be enlightened, Shinju. Right now." Battousi looked fearsome, but even he could not conceal the shock and surprise in his voice.

Sesshomaru mouthed the word "mother" and took a step towards her. He wobbled dangerously on the spot. InuYasha grabbed his brother's arm, "We need answers, but let's go back inside."

"Sesshomaru needs to sit," Mina agreed. Shinju nodded and they returned to the bar.

After everyone had sat down, Shinju Kakkera shook her head, disbelievingly, "They've ruined you, my son. This family-" she glared at them all, "-have ruined my dear Sessh."

Sesshomaru swallowed the ball that was forming in his throat. Only his mother called him by that name, Sessh. "You are her."

Her expression was neutral, "Don't you know your own mother, Sesshomaru?"

"But you were shot," Sesshomaru started, "You died on December twentieth, 1927. It was the day before…"

"Your second birthday," his mother finished for him.

"How could you allow your son to go through that!" Mina shouted at the woman.

"Because Inutaisho Kakkera was the biggest philanderer in the entire world!" Shinju shot back fiercely. "I was a fool, an idiot blinded by the false pretenses of love and devotion, to have stayed with him so long." Here, she inhaled sharply, preparing for the heavy load of truth she was about to place onto her son's shoulders. "I was very much in love with your father when we married. I was a young fool who thought Inutaisho felt the same. But he didn't. He couldn't have, because at the same time he was courting the pure, sweet virgin, myself, he was seeing that prostitute, Akane Kenji-"

"MY MOTHER WAS NOT A PROSTITUTE!" Battousi roared, uncharacteristically breaking his otherwise cool exterior.

Shinju kept her voice perfectly calm, "She was a prostitute."

Mina lowered her head in disbelief. InuYasha grabbed her hand from under the table and then spoke up, "Well, go on; we don't want to be here any longer than we need to be."

Shinju nodded and continued, "Inutaisho would've gladly had an entire harem if it was legal to do so." She smiled thoughtfully, "Though the legality of something had never stopped him before." She caught herself, "By the time I found out about his infidelities, we were already married, and I was trapped…or so I thought."

"What do you mean?" Sesshomaru asked. He was hanging on his mother's every word as though they were a recipe for the elixir of life.

"Naraku and Inutaisho were business partners in those days, close companions and friends. They were, at one point, competing for my affections. Despite that, Naraku wished my new husband well on our wedding day, and all was forgiven."

"Oh no," InuYasha whispered, knowing full well where this had to be going.

"So when I found out that my husband had impregnated a whore, I turned to Naraku. We became lovers and after some time, planned my death to spite Inutaisho. It was perfect; we would run away together. The only problem was, after I was "dead," Naraku didn't want to run away anymore. He wanted to stay and continue to torment Inutaisho. I suppose it was all a matter of selfish male pride; in everything since they were boys, Naraku always came in second to Inutaisho. So I left for New York, and in his "sorrow" for me, Inutaisho turned to my younger cousin Izayoi, or so I hear."

"My mom.." InuYasha said.

"Some years later, I was told that Inutaisho had another child, a daughter with Akane Kenji. I asked Naraku to do me a favor and a few days after she gave birth, Akane went missing."

Battousi's hands clenched into fists, "What did that bastard do to my mother?"

"She was hardly a mother at all," Shinju stated, "Naraku took care of it all. He asked me what to do. I told him to put that whore inside my own coffin, at my gravesite, the one that Inutaisho had so seldom visited."

"You evil, hateful bitch!" Mina sobbed. Sesshomaru put an arm around her shoulders.

"Yes," responded Shinju, "And here we are, Sessh, you and I. Stuck in a dilemma that neither of us may ever know the answer to."

"What do you mean?" Sesshomaru was numb from all the things his mother had told him.

"Naraku may be your father."


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