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Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts after the ordeal at the Department of Mysteries, right after Dumbledore tells him the prophecy, and after he destroys the office of the esteemed Headmaster Harry voices his thoughts: " shouldn't have just half destroyed the office. But if something like this happens again. I'd blow up the entire office. Slam more electricity into Dumbledore than the most powerful lightning bolt in the world ever could. I'd make sure to leave a large gapping hole or crater where ever Dumbledore's office was. I'd shoot a hole through the ground leading straight to Hell, throw Dumbledore into it. Jump in after him. Punch a hole in the floor of Hell, leading to the enth level of Hell, where the most pain and suffering can be found, and throw the damned meddling old coot into it. Then jump down after him. Then hit him with everything I got, then leave him to all the more painful and evil things down there, second only to me of course, let then do as they please and make sure they make it seem like an eternity for the dumb ass. Then after the equivalent of whatever it is that I think should be ten eternities. I'll go back down and retrieve the dumb old goat, and say this : "Leave me alone, or ELSE!""

Unluckily for Harry, he had shouted the last sentence. Which was heard by one Severus Snape. This one Severus Snape then proceeded to, without intending to do such a thing, walk into the Great Hall and somehow project what he had seen and heard in front of the entire student body, along with the events he had accidentally gleamed from the mind of one Harry James Potter.

The Hall was shocked.

While one other meddling old fool laughed in the shadows, his work there was done, time to go to the moon.