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Tampering With Time

by: LuciferIsDivine

It was a dark and stormy night. In one small bedroom in a house located in Little Winging, Surrey, was a young man of sixteen. This young man has gone through more things than most grown men do in their entire lifetimes. This teen with messy raven black hair, a skeletal frame, Avada Kedavra green eyes, and a single lightning bolt scar on his forehead was experiencing one of the most restless nights of his life. Having just lost his Godfather, having previously witnessed the death of a friend, and having been the recipient of horribly realistic nightmares sent to the darkness that is his mind. Was having a nightmare far more terrible and horrible than he has ever dreamt before. He saw the deaths of all close to him, also witnessing his nemesis standing triumphant finally achieving world domination and to gain immortality, and a world cast in total darkness. Then at the very end of the nightmare within his mind he felt pain, excruciating pain, nothing in the world could compare to it. Due to the intensity of it he could not even scream or cry out in pain.

Oblivious to the what was happening to their charge, the Order of the Phoenix just continued to stay on the look out for anything that could possibly harm their charge on the physical plane.

At another part of the world another was having a similar nightmare, except he dreamt of a world without him, a world where all that he had sent to the next great adventure were alive, and a world where the light shone brightly covering the world in goodness. But at the end of his nightmare the pain in his mind was not as bad as the one forming in his ancient and coal black heart. Something that even he could not bear was creeping its way towards the obsidian core of his very being.

His Death Eaters would find out, once he awoke, of the terrible ordeal their master had endured in his sleep. Bodies would soon be dropping off a bridge.

Somewhere on the dark side of the moon, a being formed long ago by countless battles and wars between those of the mortal realm, was watching the stars above him. A smile plastered onto his face, radiating joy, occasionally bursting into a fit of laughter, giggles, chuckles, and snorts of amusement. In his minds eye he watched and controlled the event of the dream world. He had just sent two separate yet similar dreams to two different souls. He sent visions of thins that they feared of most. And in the end he sent them his calling card, pain beyond imagining. He seemed to be enjoying his handy work. This would not be the end of it. This would not be the last. He would in the future send more. He would send his victims into a state where their lives would hang from a single thread. But as soon as the sun would rise above the British Isles he would go there, he would travel there, he would have more fun there.

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