Disclaimer: I'd love to own it. But sad to say JK does.

The Missing Friend

by: LuciferIsDivine

Running, he was running through the halls of Hogwarts. How he got there he doesn't know. All he knows is this; he lost it. He's running here and there and soon to be everywhere. He ordered his people to find it. If it is not found he'll kill them, he'll kill them all. He's gone insane, going upstairs, downstairs, through halls and corridors, through doors and out windows. He looks under and over, inside and outside of rooms, desks and chairs. He bumps into students who run screaming with fright. He finds a few teachers shouting a few curses a hex and a jinx. Running, hopping, walking, dodging, creeping, searching, finding, looking for what it is that still can't be found. He's lost it, he's lost it, he can't believe his luck. His best friend is missing, due to a mispronounced spell. 'Oh well' he thinks 'This is going to be one of those days'

Diagonally falling from out of the fire, into the alley, they shoot out in cloaks not on fire. A task has been given find; their master's missing friend. At the sight of them people start screaming, then start running around. Then a few popping sounds can be heard in the alley, the Aurors have come. Those fumbling and bumbling dark wizards in cloaks, start spouting and shouting out spells directed at those law enforcement blokes. Half searching half fighting, a regular chore, except failing this task is not an acceptable choice.

"MASTER? MASTER? MASTER, WHERE ARE YOU?" a hissing voice could be heard.

A little girl finds the origin of the voice, a little Teddy Bear left out on the cold stone street. She picks it up and takes it home.

"Yay! I have a new Teddy!" the little girl says happily as she carries the teddy while walking to her house.

"MASTER! HELP ME! A MONSTER WITH A YELLOW MOP OF HAIR IS TAKING ME HOME! MASTER! HELP ME!" the poor transfigured snake to a teddy shouted or rather hissed in case her master was near and could hear her hissing for help.

Back in Hogwarts, the headmaster has found the trespasser, and cornered him.

"Tom why are you here?" the old man asks the tired looking monster.

"Uhm…I lost my teddy?" he answers.

"Teddy?" a student suddenly says.

"You-Know-Who has a teddy?" another one says.

'Oh shit, it definitely is one of those days' Tom says to himself.

"Tom, if we help you find your teddy, will you swear a wizards oath not to attack anyone for the rest of this school year?" the aged headmaster asks his former student.

"SURE!" Tom shouts gleefully.

So the headmaster of Hogwarts calls the ministries all over Europe to spread the good news, and to start the search for the missing teddy. The only thing that separates this particular teddy is that it hissing in the most un-bear-like manner. It also has the magical signature of the darkest wizard of present times.

At a house in Little Hangleton, a little girl is playing with her hissing teddy. Poor Nagini.

Running upstairs and downstairs, and in and out of doors, looking and searching for his missing friend. Poor Voldemort, a dark lord is nothing without his poor 'little' pet.