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In, out. In, out.

It's the most I can do right now. Just breathe, prolonging my life for the crew, and for myself.


I think I'm unable to leave this place. That's fine. Here is where I see what I need to see, what I WANT to see, it's all here in my dreams. Usopp's here, still nasally talking about inventions. No blood here, just flowers and clear water. Hills and such. I wonder why I ever wanted flowers? Most importantly of course, Sanji's here. He sometimes kicks me for some comment about his cooking. I never thought I'd be so glad to have him around. Here he makes me smile.

Sanji's not dead.

Not here. Here he never was shot in lung, never shot in the gut, here he's the same Love Cook as before. I'm fast enough to save him from the enemies.

I loved him.

I really did, and once he may have loved me back. I could see it as he died in my arms, smiling at me, trying to tell me this isn't it yet, there was still many things in life in store for the crew. Letting me know he cared. But if he CARED, why would he leave me?

Ah well...None of this ever happened here, and that's what's important. The real world can kiss my ass for awhile longer. A little longer as all I need. Please give me time. If I can, I'll choose to be in my dream world here with Sanji. Forever with Sanji.

I'll never wake up, ignore the voices calling for Zoro in the darkness.

So here I stay, lost in my mind, lost in my fantasies. No more pain or acceptance. Here I'll stay 'till the day I die with my lover, never to hurt again.

Even if it DOES hurt me somehow.