9/2019: Its been a really, really long time since I've been on this site with intentions of writing. Literal years. So much so that I've also chosen to change my username. I used to be known as Comix28 in case anyone is confused.

I feel so bad that my stories got so much attention when I wasn't able to finish them. I thank all of you who have supported my crappy stories. Even now I get alerts that people are enjoying them. It's mind-blowing! Being a lot older now I feel really super dissatisfied with them, embarrassed by them really, and hope to work on improving them. (My profile was last updated in 2008!)

I won't give a timeline of course, because I don't know realistically how fast I'll be able to do so. Especially since I've lost touch with a lot of the characters. I would also really like to revamp the stories with my current writing style instead of leaving them as writing bug has definitely bitten me once again, and if I can't finish/fix them, I may end up deleting them as to stop misleading people. I know I personally feel disheartened when a story I'm really enjoying hasn't been finished! Wish me luck guys, going to do my best!

Thank you again so much for all your support!