This is my first 8 simple rules story. The whole story is told form Bridget's POV.

I sat in the limo staring outside. My best friend Lisa and her boyfriend Josh sat beside me on my left. On my right there was a boy I had never met before. He said his name was Tim. We were on the way to my friend Kim's ski lodge.

"Tim how you know Kim" I asked Tim.

"Are fathers work together" he replied.

We finally pulled up to a big mansion. The driver started to pull are stuff out of the trunk.

"Where's Kim" Josh asked me.

"She told me she was driving herself up in her parent's jeep" I replied.

Then a saw a blue jeep pull up. Kim stepped out. She was wearing a new pink parka.

"Hey everyone" She said.

We put are ski's in the ski locker that was outside and walked inside. The house was really dark. I found a light switch and turned it on. There sitting on the living room couch was a boy and girl.

A cliffhanger ma ha ha. Please review and I will put the next chapter up.