When we had finished breakfast and we were cleaning up I realized Kim and Tim were still not awake.

"Shouldn't Kim wake up and entertain us" I said.

"I know I sit next to her in math and all she was talking about on Monday was how she wakes up at 5:00 AM every morning" Josh said.

"Do you want me to check Kim's room" I said.

"Sure and I will check Tim's room" Josh said.

When I walked into Kim's room I saw that the bed was neatly made and Kim hadn't unpacked yet. I realized something was wrong. I walked back into the kitchen along with Josh.

"Is Kim still in bed" Lisa said.

"The bed wasn't slept in and she never unpacked." I said.

"Same with Tim's room" Josh said.

"Wait a minute. Last night around midnight I got thirsty so I went to the kitchen for a glass of water and I saw Kim leaving. When I asked her where she was going she said she was getting more firewood" Sarah said.

" Ok then Lets check the firewood pile in the living room and see if there is more firewood then there was last night" Lisa said.

We all walked into the living room and there was one log left just like last night.

"Look out the window" Alex said.

We all looked out the window and saw that Kim's jeep was gone. I gasped. We were trapped.

"Where do you think she went" Sarah said.

"Maybe her and josh are playing a prank on us" Alex said.

"That has to be it" I said. So we all went to living room to wait.

30 minutes later

"I don't think it's a prank" Lisa said.

"I'm going to look out side" Alex said.

"I'll come to" I replied.

Alex and I walked around outside looking for tire tracks and foot prints. The fresh layer of snow covered them. We started to walk back inside. When we passed the ski locker I saw something shiny sticking out of the crack. The combination lock was broken. I opened the door and a body fell out. I screamed. Alex ran over to me and looked down. It was Kim's body. Everybody else heard me scream and came outside as well. They all saw Kim's body and the knife in her back.

Because it was cold out we all walked back inside and Josh carried the body to the garage. We all sat down at the kitchen table. Sarah was crying. Alex was comforting her. Lisa was making hot chocolate and I was also comforting Sarah. Josh walked back in.

"Do you think Tim killed her?" Alex said.

"Maybe" Lisa said

"We should call the police" I said.

"Please don't call the police" Alex said.

"Why" Lisa said.

"Are parents don't know we came here and if the police come they will tell are parents" Sarah said.

"Why didn't you tell your parents you were coming" Josh replied.

"Well we wanted some time away from them. You know how annoying they can be" Alex said.

"Believe me I know" I said to Alex.

"I'm going to go search Tim's room for murder weapons" Alex said.

Alex walked into Tim's room. Five minutes later he walked back to the kitchen.

"Maybe someone should check Kim's room" I suggested.

"I will" Lisa said.

We were all sitting around the table when Lisa walked into the kitchen. She was carrying a piece of paper.

"I found this note on Kim's Dresser" she said.

"What does it say" Josh said.

"Here we will all take turns reading it" Lisa replied.

We all passed it around. When Sarah passed it to me I Read it right away.

Dear Kim,

I have a Gift for you. I will give it to you tonight at midnight. Meet me behind the wood piles. Sincerely Tim

"He tricked her" I said.

"That son of a bitch" Sarah said.

"Can we please call the police" Lisa said.

"Fine" Alex said. He walked to the phone and picked up the phone. He hung it up again.

"The phone lines are out" he said.

"It must be the storm" Sarah said.

"Oh my god" Lisa said.

"What is it" Josh asked her.

"Look outside" Lisa replied.

We all looked outside. There was Tim. He was banging on the glass door.

"Don't let him in here" I said.

He banged on the door harder.

"But look how cold he is" Sarah asked.

"Fine open it" I said.

Lisa walked over to the door and opened it.

"I can't believe you killed Kim. You are such an asshole" Alex yelled as soon as Tim walked in the door.

"What the hell. I didn't kill Kim I didn't even know she was dead" Tim replied.

"You didn't know" Sarah said.

"Here let me explain. I needed to leave. I don't know why but for some reason I wanted to leave. I took the jeep and drove but the snow was coming down to hard and I got lost and then the car broke down so I got out. I was in the middle of nowhere and I couldn't find any civilization. Finally I saw a general store. They gave me the directions back here and I did not kill Kim" Tim said.

"Are you telling the truth" Josh said.

"Yes I swear I did not touch her" Tim said.

"Then why did we find that note on her dresser that said it was from you" Sarah said.

"I didn't write it" Tim said.

"Wait a minute" I said.

"What is it" Lisa asked me.

"What color pen is in the note" I asked.

"Red. Why do you want to know" Sarah said.

"Tim can we look in your room" I said.

"Why" he replied.

"I want to see if there is a red pen in your room" I replied.

"Fine look but there isn't going to be one" he said

I walked in his room. I looked in all his pants pockets. All the drawers. And his coat pocket. The pen wasn't there.

I walked back into the kitchen.

"There is no pen" I said

"Told you so" he told me.

Then I realized one of these people was a murderer. I had to get out. I went in the closet where we had hung our coats up. I couldn't find my new blue parka.

"What are you doing" Sarah said.

"Looking for my jacket" I replied

"Why" Sarah asked

"I have to get out one if us is a murderer." I said. Then I remembered the blue parka Kim was wearing when her body fell out of the locker.

"Okay whatever" Sarah replied.

When she was back in the kitchen I walked outside to the garage. I opened the door. Kim's body was in the corner. I took a flash light of one of the shelves and shined it at Kim. She was wearing my jacket. I ran inside because it was cold. Then I grabbed a coat out of the closet. It was way too big on me. I figured it was Josh's coat. I ran out the door and started running toward the hill that led into the town. I felt something in the pocket. I took it out. It was a pen. The cap was red. I realized Josh had killed Kim. Josh was chasing me. I ran faster. He was taller then me so he caught up easily.

"Bridget was the hell are you doing" he yelled. He had me pinned to the ground.


"Bridget what's wrong where's the proof I killed Kim." He said

"The pen. This pen is red." I said.

"That's not my pen." He replied.

"Are you saying this is a setup? Someone playing a trick on you" I asked Josh.

"Yes now come on Bridge I'm freezing"

I realized he had no coat. We walked back inside together.

Sarah handed Josh a cup of hot chocolate.

"I'm sorry for running away" I told everyone.

"It's ok" Alex said.

"We have all had enough excitement for one night. Lets all go to bed now" Lisa said.

"Good idea" Tim replied.

We walked into are rooms. But I couldn't sleep. I couldn't get the image of Kim's face out of mind.