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Physical Therapy

Chapter 8

Arnold reached out to grab Cameron's arm, but before he could take a hold of it, Cameron punched him in the shoulder, not unlike that of the punch she had inflicted on House. Taylor stumbled backwards and tripped over the chair, causing a chain reaction. The wreckage seemed to make Arnold even angrier, as he lunged once more at poor Cameron.

With a yelp, Cameron tripped Arnold, and then attempted to leap out of the way, but landed on her bad foot and crumpled in a heap. By this time, House had gotten over to the fight and decided to become involved, despite Wilson's warnings of, "Don't go over there! He'll kill you!"

House planted a fist on the left side of Taylor's jaw, as Cameron's. Then, grabbing his collar, he swung him 180 degrees and let go, pushing him to the ground. With his cane, he pinned him down.

Breathing heavily, he spoke. "I knew about you all along. Don't try this again. Not on Cameron anyways…she could kick your ass in a heartbeat, as you so recently have seen…Ryan."

He glanced over where Cameron lay and drew a sharp breath; she wasn't moving.

"Don't move, or else." House glared down at Ryan, letting him use his imagination.

As House grabbed his cane and limped over to Cameron, afraid of what he would find, two policemen clutched ether of Ryan Enkelmann's forearms, while a third proceeded to chew him out and read him his rights. With a last glance at Cameron, House and Wilson, the police escorted Ryan out of the restaurant.

"James, how is she?" House dropped his cane and dropped to his knees with the aid of a nearby table. Allison moaned.

"Not good. Her ankle's really swelled now." Wilson pulled back Cameron's skirt to reveal a lovely blue, red and black ankle. House cringed.

Allison moaned.


"Yeah, I know."

Cameron began to stir. She turned her head, and then her torso, upright.

"Was I unconscious?" She asked, her voice groggy and her words slurred.

Wilson tried to sound calm. "Yeah, you were. But your ankle is pretty screwed up."

"All that therapy down the tube in about 4 seconds," Cameron groaned.

"How's the rest of you? Can we move you?" House asked.

Cameron merely nodded. House and Wilson slung both of her arms around their necks and picked her up, careful not to bang her injured appendage against anything. They set her safely in a booth and gently propped her ankle up on the booth with her.

"Ice." House pointed a finger to the kitchen and stared straight at Wilson. Without a word, Wilson retrieved. House sat down on the same end of the booth as Cameron's now shoeless foot, and put her foot in his lap.

"That hurt?" He asked, once the ice was set on the top of Cameron's ankle.

"This sucks," she replied, point blank.

"That means it's good?"


"Whatever. Is that even a word? It's more like two words, isn't it?"

Cameron's weary eyes stared into House's. "Could you please stop with the word games? I'm tired."

"Fair enough."

Silence. Tension. Then,

"Oh, forget this. It's driving me nuts." Cameron sat up right suddenly, supporting her weight on her elbows. By this time, her ankle was practically down to its normal size.


"You were right." Pause. "Taylor was a criminal…I feel like an effing idiot. Are you happy?"

House looked at Cameron's foot in his lap. "Not at all."

"Enough with the word games!"

"Sorry. I didn't mean to confuse you," House stammered. "I tried to warn you. I knew you wouldn't listen."

"Because I'm stubborn," Cameron finished for him, flopping back down on the booth seat.

"Stubborn, yes. But that wasn't it. I knew you wouldn't listen because you have faith in people. I, however, have no faith in people, so I assumed Taylor wasn't a changed man."

Allison sat upright again. "House, don't kid yourself. You have faith in people, don't you? After all, you knew I wasn't going to listen to you. Therefore, you had faith that I wasn't going to listen." She smiled a bit.

"No, I just assumed."

"Assumptions, faith, same thing," Cameron said, trying not to giggle. She laid her head back on the seat and crossed her arms over her chest. "I still think I'm right."

House made a face that may have been a smile. "…And that's where the stubbornness plays into the equation." He picked the ice off of the ankle.

"Look, Cameron! We've let the air out of the balloon!"

Allison didn't even bother to look up. "Yep, I could feel it. I'll bet I can walk now."

"There's only one way to find out," Dr. House said, grabbing his cane and Cameron's crutch.

Two days later, Cameron dangled her feet off of the same padded chair she had two weeks earlier. This time, however, when the door handle turned, Dr. Gregory House stepped in the room.

"As much as I know you hate to hear this, but you're good to go," He announced.

Cameron's shoulders fell, in what seemed to be relief. "Thank God." She picked herself off the chair and tried to stand, but fell backwards. She started to giggle. "House, I don't know how you manage."

"I'll take that as a compliment."

"It was…sort of."

House positioned himself next to her on the chair, and now they both dangled their feet off the side.

"I forgot to thank you," Cameron added.

"I'm confused."

Cameron put her hand up to sush him. "I want to thank you for kicking Taylor's ass."

"That wasn't for you, Cameron. That was for me."

Cameron ignored him. "And to apologize for not listening to you."

"Oh, please. I wouldn't listen to me, ether. You could have taken care of yourself, anyways."

Nevertheless, Cameron apologetically put her arm around House's waist, pulling herself closer to him and resting her head on his chest. House put his head on top of hers, smelling her hair, and then (to Cameron's great joy) affectionately kissed her forehead.

"That was sweet," she said, looking up at him.

"You looked like you needed it."

"I did." Cameron said, smiling and putting her head back on House's chest, listening to his heartbeat. "And I always will."


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