My second story! This will be a Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire-fanfic with a Final Fantasy-twist. You don't need to know Final Fantasy though! It's just inspired by it! Though I do recommend playing the games, because they are the best RPGs ever made.

Summary: When Harry faces the dragon and he is about to summon his fire-bolt, he gets a strange feeling of familiarity and some kind of instinct makes him simply walk up to the beast whispering soothing words and petting it. To everybody's (including Harry's) extreme shock the creature doesn't attack him, but allows him to take the golden egg and walk off. After this encounter Harry researches this occurrence and finds a book of the now extinct summoners, who are a group of people with the talent to call monsters to fight for them. So what do you think he does when he finds out what the second task is (A little earlier than cannon Harry might I add)? He goes off to follow the book's instructions on how to become a summoner, learning more in the process than praying for monsters to help him.

Disclaimer: Harry belongs to JK. Rowling and Final Fantasy to Square Enix and I'm neither!

Direct speech will be like this: "Blah!", stressed words in direct speech like this: emphasised,

Harry's thoughts like this: "Blah!" and stressed words in thoughts like this:emphasised.

Harry Potter and the return of the summoners

Chapter One – Dra vencd Dycg

Harry stared at the creature in front of him with dread. He felt very foolish with the little stick of wood in his hand as though it was mighty weapon. In normal situations he might have believed it to be just that, but not now.

He raised his wand above his head the spell, Hermione and he had practised for weeks, on his lips, when his eyes suddenly met the yellow orbs of the black-scaled dragon. In this moment something happened and for a moment Harry could have sworn he was very close to the beast's very soul.

Both seemed to feel something. Almost like a connection. They just stared into each other's eyes for several seconds, so shocked at the sudden change inside of them that Harry let his arm fall to his side and the dragon stopped snarling and waving its tail in agitation.

Following an urge he couldn't resist, the boy took a step forward, then another and another until he stood in front of the great creauture that just watched him with eyes that seemed to gain more serenity and intelligence the nearer he came to her.

She was a true beauty he observed, standing in front of her. If she wanted to, she could now kill him on the spot, but for some reason Harry wasn't scared at all; he knew she would never hurt him. Ignoring his fogged mind, that he vaguely registered, was screaming at him to run, before the beast decided it was hungry, Harry didn't even blink as she lowered her mussle, so they at were eye-level; reducing the distance, between them to less than twenty centimetres.

By now his brain was so clouded, that he didn't realize he had slipped his wand –his last small chance of defence if the dragon decided he had come too close for comfort to her clutch - into the pocket of his robes, until he had raised his hand to rest on her head. He gently stroked her beautiful scaled head as a show of affection, which she seemed to enjoy, leaning into his touch. He smiled.

Suddenly he remembered something important, or at least came close to remembering it. There was a reason he had come here! It came crushing down on him like a tidal wave. "The egg! I'm supposed to retrieve the golden egg. I'm in the middle of a tournament! I'm supposed to fight the creature in front of me!"

Yet for a long moment he calmly continued to scratch her head, trying to find a way around this. He came up with the most simply and probably stupid idea, he ever had, but shrugged. "I've had worse ideas that worked out just fine."

He met the eyes of the mother once more and whispered softly to give his words a soothing effect: "Beauty, I must admit I haven't come here for the sole purpose of admiring you..." For a moment Harry felt quite ridiculous, trying to charm a dragon with anything but his wand, but to his shock, he wasn't surprised at all when the dragon nodded for him to continue. "There is one among your clutch that isn't yours. It has been placed there by wizards," The dragon snarled angrily, but Harry knew it wasn't directed at him, "I'm supposed to get it." He watched her reaction worriedly trying to read her eyes and receiving a look that was just as calculating; she was judging just how much she trusted him.

Finally she gave him a nod and moved out of the way to reveal many grayish dragon-eggs and one golden egg, that was gleaming in the afternoon sun. When Harry still hesitated, she gave him a light push that sent him tumbling in the general direction of the egg, but he regained his balance soon and careful not to touch any of the other eggs, as he feared it would unsettle the protective mother, made his way towards it.

Kneeling directly in front of the desired egg, he gave her one last glance, which was answered with an exasperated look, and took the heavy egg with some difficulty.

He turned back to his friend and went back to his previous spot, while she lay back down to rest on her eggs.

Out of a strange urge he gave her a very formal bow and arm gesture, which was answered by her with a bow of her head. "Goodbye my friend," he said, before turning around and walking towards the tent, he came from, but when he was just ten metres away from it, a very dishevelled-looking McGonagall, ran up to him, grabbed him half dragging, half carrying him with astonishing strength for a woman her age into the tent. Meanwhile Mad-eye Moody, who had been close behind them the entire time, kept a careful eye on the dragon ready to throw curses any second and didn't follow them into the safety of the tent until he was convinced they wouldn't be attacked. Hagrid, who had been waiting at the entrance of the tent was the only person, who was looking at him with pride and respect, but Harry only heard the frantic and furious screeching of his friend, who must think he had been abducted by the other, taller humans.

Professor McGonagall, Moody and Hagrid made their way to a second tent nearby, where a pale Madam Pomfrey was standing, before her professional side took over and she ushered all of them inside.

Moody pushed Harry roughly into a bed, where Madam Pomfrey immeadiately began checking his health.

At the tent's entrance he could see a mass of people, including Rita Skeeter, who was screeching about it being her right and duty to inform the world about the 'Dragon Child'. Yet she - like everybody else - was held back by a group of people, which consisted of his self-proclaimed saviours and Dumbledore.

The only person in the tent now besides the fussing Pomfrey was Cedric, who was looking around the screen that was separating them.

His patience was starting to grow thin, as Madam Pomfrey continued to nurse him, though he was not injured at all and Cedric's staring and the uproar were not helping. Finally he lost his temper as she seemed ready to force him to take off his clothes for further examination. He hissed at her angrily: "I'm fine! What is the great deal anyway?"

"Then it isn't true?" Cedric and Madam Pomfrey asked in unison.

"What?" he asked in annoyance, trying not to scream, but still be heard over the noise of the people outside.

They gave each other a confused look, until Cedric finally answered: "You didn't..? I mean everybody is in a frenzy about you taming a dragon."

Harry turned emerald green towards Cedric's grey ones, stating with annoyance now plainly audible in his voice: "Sorry. No. I didn't!" Both seemed highly confused, as they seemed to have been in this tent, during the incident, but had still had an at least general idea what happened. Taking pity on them, he elaborated: "I talked to her, not tamed her:she is as wild as she has ever been." Harry knew it was not normal to talk to a dragon. Hell! It's strange to speak to animals in general, but although he didn't know why, it just felt natural to him. He knew it didn't used to be, but something was different now. Something had changed out there.

Cedric and Madam Pomfrey were looking at him with disbelief, but a moment later Cedric's were clouded in thought as he leaned back, turning him into a silhouette against the sheet, and Madam Pomfrey said: "You are fine. I'm going to tell the Headmaster, as he wants to talk to you...""About what? I only got successfully out of the first part of a dangerous tournament, I didn't want to take part in in the first place, alive! It's not like that is against the rules!"

Harry noted absent-mindedly that the commotion outside was quieting down. On further inspection he saw that the only people left, arguing to be let in were Hermione and Ron, which made Harry wonder with what Hagrid, Professor McGonagall and Moody had threatened his 'visitors' to get rid of such a mass of people. A few moments later he saw Madam Pomfrey talk to Cedric quietly, before both of them left.

When all noise ceased, he only had time to see two teens with tear-stained faces racing up to him, followed by his protectors and headmaster. The two lunged at him, hugging him close and muttering how they were going to kill him for scaring them like this.

He looked over their heads at his professors. McGonagall usual tight bun at the back of her head was in disarray and her hands were bleeding. He could only assume that she had formed her hands into fists to maintain her composure, but at some point her fingernails must have pierced the skin. Dumbledore had an unreadable expression, while Hagrid was still looking at him with that proud and happy gaze. What scared him was Mad-eye Moody, the retired auror and currently his DADA Professor, though. He was just looking at him with a dark, calculating gaze, that sent shivers down his spine. "Can I trust him? He may be Professor Dumbledore's friend, but even the Headmaster is human."

"Harry, what were you thinking?" asked Ron, with a red face as he regained his composure and wiped the tears off with his shirt. His relief that Harry was alive, seemed to be turning into anger that he had put himself in this situation in the first place. He looked at the others and saw the same question reflected on their faces."Absolutely nothing. But I don't think you want to hear that..." "I -I thought that thing would kill you," he stuttered, his temper already leaving him with the adrenaline.

A burning anger, that Harry couldn't quite explain, was forming inside of him and he yelled at the boy, "She is not a thing, Ron!" he looked down a moment later, ashamed for his outburst, muttering, "Sorry..," though he didn't really mean it.

Everybody stared at him for a moment, before Dumbledore regained his composure and said, "Would you mind, telling me, how you came up with this unusual tactic of getting past the dragon?"

He couldn't really find it in himself to lie, so he simply answered truthfully, fearing what the other's reaction might be, "I didn't, Professor... I planned to use the Accio-charm to call my firebolt and get the egg that way, but suddenly this idea, as well as any other thought, faded away and what I did just... felt right," he ended helplessly.

The old wizard was shocked for a moment and gave him a long searching look as if he wanted to verify something, before he gave a small, mysterious smile and said, "Well, it worked out quite fine, so why don't you join your fellow housemates. The scores will be announced at dinner." He gave a small laugh. "We originally planned to announce them straight away, but after this, I fear nobody remembered that the champions were supposed to be judged."

With that Professor Dumbledore left, supporting a faint-looking Professor McGonagall. Moody gave him one last frightening look, before following after them.

Hagrid was the only one left with them, beaming happily. "Tha' was grea', Harry! Jus' breathtakin' how ye handled her. Ye are a natural a' tha' sor' of thin'; I always knew tha'! Nex' lesson, I'm gonna have te ge'ye somethin' more on your level." "Oh, shit! What were those blast-ended skrewts than? Easy to handle!" Before Harry could protest, Hagrid had hurriedly walked of, yelling a goodbye, undoubtedly to search for something on 'Harry's level'. "Maybe a cuddly little Nundu? Now that would be great!"

"You know you are screwed now?" Ron asked grinning, but it quickly disappeared from his face as he remembered something. Looking extremely uncomfortable, he said: "I'm really sorr-," but Harry just waved his apology off.

"It's OK," Harry grinned, sticking out his hand for the other to take, he continued, "if you forgive me for talking to the dragon and coming out with no harm whatsoever, when I could have gotten so many nice third degree burns by fighting her like Cedric, Fleur and Krum."

Ron laughed taking the offered hand, before going on and on how wicked, what he had done, had been.

Hermione smiled, but she was now definitely looking at Harry, as though he was some kind of specimen.

While the three walked back to the castle, Harry was brooding. Worrying just what he would have to read in the Daily Prophet the next morning with a seriously pissed off at not being allowed to have an interview with the 'Dragon Child' Rita.