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Chapter 2: New Job

"Machika!" Kiki said nugging Machika to wake up.

"Wha...? Let me sleep Kiki..." she said as she turned back over and started to go back to sleep.

"Maaachikkaaaa!" Kiki said before jumping on Machika. Kiki was getting too big to do that, but that never stopped him.

"Ow!" Machika yelled and pushed Kiki off of her.

"Kiki, your the size of a dalmation... Which means you can't do that anymore!" Machika huffed before getting up.

"Niii! Me sorry Machika." Kiki said drooping his ears and hoping off the bed.

Machika sighed and got off her bed, rubbing her eyes. She was now 17 and she was now an expert assasin and bounty hunter. Within' a year she'd become well known and had settled down, but she'd never given up on Rain until about 2 months ago. It was then she had started to get the nightmares. Machika walked to her closet and opened the closet door. She pulled out a pair of black boots, a pair of caparis, a white t-shirt, and black jacket. She walked to her bathroom and quickly got dressed.

When she came out she the boots buckled, they ended an inch below her knees. Her caparis had red stitching, they covered the boots by two inches and allowed her to move confortably. Her t-shirt was plain, was loose and confortable to wear, but just tight enough to show off her curves. She put her jacket on and it drapped down loosely. It ended at the middle of her shins and there was a ying yang sign that was red and black, but the outside circle was outlined in white.

With a smirk she grabbed her sythe and an envelope. She opened her door and walked out, Kiki following without a second thought. She stopped and let Kiki pass then shut the door, locking it. She ran after Kiki, her jacket drapping behind her. Kiki turned and slid to a stop at the elevator. He jumped up and hit the down button. Machika got to Kiki a moment later and looked at Kiki shaking her head. The elevator doors opened and Kiki jumped in all hyper like while Machika casually walked in her sythe turned upside down and she held it lightly in her hands. She hit the bottom button that had a 'G' by it and leaned against the wall of the elevator, waiting for it to stop.

"Wheeeeeeee!" Kiki yelled jumping from one side to another acting like a small child.

The elevator stopped and Kiki stopped and said 'ahhh' before getting off. Machika smirked at her large pet and walked out of the elevator. They entered a large garage and began to walk across it. It had long since been abandoned, but they still walked through it to get outside. They'd made it half of the way across the garage when a dagger came at Machika's head. She casually turned her sythe till the blade was in front of face. The dagger hit it and bounced off landing on the ground. Machika quickly sought out the owner of the blade, now in a defencive mode till she could identify her attacker.

"Who are you...?" Machika said in a calm voice, she looked determined and serious, something that she found easy to do.

A young man walked out of the shadows smirking. He had long red hair that was braided and ended at his lower back, a deep cut along the side of his neck, and he wore a black boots, pants, and an old piece of clothing that looked to be at one time a coat on a sweat shirt, but was torn and had not sleeves and on the front it ended three inches below his waist. (A/N: The cloth that Machika wore on the cover of Immortal rain 5, but longer, black, and no ying yang sign on the back.)

"Me... I'm sent here to kill you, what else?" The guy said in a dark and creepy voice.

"You... Sent here to kill me...? I don't have time for this." She said as she stood up straight abandoning her defensive position.

"Then make time!" He yelled as he pulled out two daggers and ran at her. He swung at her neck and she ducked and he missed as she punched him in his stomach. He slid back five feet and he grouned in pain before he ran for her again.

"I don't have time for this." She took her sythe and swipped it at him. He stopped and stood there shooked as his pants fell to his ankles. Kiki started cracking up laughing as the guy pulled up his pants up, walked away mumbling and holding his pants up. Machika let a smile come to her lips before she turned away from the guy and walked out of the garage.

"That's the fifth one this week. I'm starting to think that someone's put a fake bounty on my head." She said to Kiki who only nodded not really understanding what a bounty was, but that wasn't going to stop him from agreeing.

They walked to the city square that was busy with activity. The city market was up and running for today which meant that alot of people would be out today. She just shrugged and walked past it. She didn't have any need to buy food, she wouldn't be home for a while. Machika weaved past several people, Kiki following. As soon as she got through the square she sighed in relief and walked to a back alley. There wasn't anything in there besides for the motorcyle that she used for out of town business. She hopped on the bike followed by Kiki who sat down and waited for the ride to begin. She pulled the keys out of her pocket and started it up. As soon as she got it into first gear, she floored it and shifted it just at the right times. She turned onto the main road and speed out of the city.

She headed south till she hit the city of Raimei. She felt a tear come and she quickly wiped it away. 'I'd tried so many times to get here... Ironic, I couldn't get here till I'd stopped trying.' She thought as she speed into the city. She got near the center of the city before she parked. After parking it by the sidewalk she laughed when she heard Kiki jump off and he gasped and ohh-ed at the sights. She hopped off and walked to the sidewalk with Kiki.

"W... W... Wow,Wow! There are so many people! So much glitter! My head is spinning." Kiki said as he looked at the city stunned.

They stood there taking it intil a guy with sunglasses and a jacket that had a star on the back bumped into Machika.

"Don't stand there all stupid." The said as he passed by her. She was going to try to ignore him, but the sudden urge to find Rain took over her again. She grabbed he guy's arm and he turned around looking quite annoyed.

"Um... I'm looking for Calvaria... Where is it?" She asked scolding herself for acting like a child.

"Huh? Are you blind? No one in town can miss it." He said then pointed behind him to a huge skyscrapper in the center of the city. He turned around and began to walk away, "It's right... In front of your eyes." After he said that he was gone.

She looked at it in awe, but hit herself in the forehead. She had work to do and she couldn't look for Rain, not now.


She heard the phone ring and she looked at the time. 8:12 a.m.. 'At least I slept for a couple of hours,' she thought before turning to her phone. She sighed and answered the phone.

"Hello...?" She said half awake.

"I have a job for you." The guy on the other side said getting Machika's attention.

"What's the job?" She said now awake.

"I want you to kill a kid named Ys Cordelan. He's the Vice-Director of BAP and he lives in Raimei." the guy said in a calm voice, but it also sounded like he was reading the information off a piece of paper.

"Send the information to my fax." she said very well knowing he'd have all the information.

"I'll send it to you." he said his voice not as calm as it was before.

"How'd you find out about me?" She asked hoping that it was just one of her clients.

"It was a guy that said to tell you, 'You owe me, again'." he said a little confused about what he'd been told to say.

"Figures... Send me the information and I'll get on it." She said before hanging up the phone.

"Eury Evans... What's he up to this time?" She said as she walked to the fax machine.

End of Flashback

"Now, to find this Ys so I can go home." She said as she walked through the street till she found a resturant that would allow pets.

She walked in, Kiki behind her, and sat down at the nearest booth. Kiki sat opposite of her and she pulled out an envelope and scattered out her information on Ys. There were three pictures of him. One he was at a party, another he was giving a presentation, and the last one was him walking with Sharem.

'Sharem! This is Sharem's kid.' Machika thought as she shook her head, 'This is going to be harder than I thought.'

"What Machika thinking about?" Kiki said looking at her.

"Nothing Kiki, I was just looking at the information." she said before she dazed off again.


She watched the fax machine spit out several pieces of papers as she yawned. She didn't feel like looking over the information now. She waited a minute till she was sure the fax machine was done, then she stuffed them all into a big yellow envelope and sat it by her sythe. With a yawn she walked over to her bed and collapsed on it, instantly asleep.

End of Flashback

She shook her head and pulled herself out of her daze.

"Can I get you two something?" the waitress said looking at Kiki wierdly.

"Um yes, can I have some coffee and some turkey for Kiki." She said and pointed to Kiki to show who she was talking about.

"Sure hon, I'll bring the coffee out in a minute." She said then walked off.

"Now to get back to this..." She looked at the papers and read the one with his profile.

Name: Ys Cordelan (A/N: Since Yuca doesn't have information I'm making it up.)

Age: 8 Sex: Male

Height: 143cm

Bloodtype: -

Local Residence: Raimei, Calvaria

Occupation: Vice-Director of BAP

Works: Calvaria

Parents: Sharem Cordelan, -


She read it over and looked at the local residence. 'It's where Rain could be.' she thought unshed tears welling in her eyes, 'No wonder Eury said I "owed him one again," he wanted me to look for Rain again.'

The waitress sat down the coffee and went back for the turkey.

Machika sighed and took a spoon and creamer. She added a spoonful and stirred it up. She sat her spoon down as the waitress came back and had the turkey on a paper plate. She smiled to the waitress and Kiki happily ate the turkey.

She put the papers neatly back into the envelope and hid it back in an inside pocket on her jacket.

Not even five minutes later Kiki was done and Machika walked up to the counter and payed for the food. She turned on her heals after getting her change back and walked out. She opened the door, letting Kiki out before her and she put her leftover money in her pocket before leaving.

She turned to the sidewalk, but ran into a girl and they both fell down.

"That hurt." Machika said before getting up. She walked over to the other girl and extended her hand to her.

"Thank you," she mumbled before taking it and getting up.

Machika looked at her for a moment then knew exactly who she was, "No way."

"Ma... Machika... It's like a dream." She said tears present in her eyes.

"Ayla!" Machika said before hugging her long lost friend.

They walked together happily talking, Kiki trailing behind.

"So, how have you been since I last saw you at the star festival?" Machika said after they'd settled down at Ayla's hotel.

"Since then, our clan has been trying to expose the ugly side of Calvaria, the company that killed our king, Yakoh," Ayla sighed before continuing, "I was here with a guy named Cello for two years, then he got caught by the police and has been charged for the terrorist attacks. Three years ago we were supposed to meet with friends, but they got blamed for the terrorist attacks too... Now, we're all separated."

"... Really?" Machika said, wondering how Ayla made it a whole year by herself. She looked at the cup in her hand and then sat it on her lap, her hands still around it.

"But I'm so happy... I'm able to see you again." Ayla said with a smile on her face. She was wearing a valley girl one piece dress, with a dumpling hairstyle, that ended at her shoulders. She was probably 20 by now and she didn't look a day over 18.

"By the way where's Methuselah? he's not with you?" She said obivious to what had happened.

She looked at the table in front of her and gave a fake smile, "Um. No, he's... We're apart. But soon... I'll see him again."

"Anyhow, you two... Have at least kissed right?" Ayla said, startling Machika and made her spit out the tea that she'd just taken a drink of.

"Ho! Ho! Ho! I guess from your shocked response that you must have." Ayla said smiling and laughing at Machika's 'shocked response'.

Machika turned a crimson red, "No... Ki-kiss... We never did..." She said trying to get herself out of the mess she was in now.

"Machika. You know what love is, don't you?" Ayla said.

"It's not fair," Machika said her blush gone.

"Tell me about it?" Ayla asked her head rested on her hands.

"... Um. Well... Well you see..." Machika said as memories flooded back to her and she began to cry, letting the tears flow. Something she hadn't done in years.

"Machika? What's wrong Machi-" Ayla asked consered at why she was crying, but was cut off when Machika full out cryed in Ayla's arms.

"Uuaaaa! Aaahhh!" she cried letting out all of her sadness that had been bottled up inside.

She sniffled and calmed herself down before explaining to Ayla what was going on.

"... And now... I don't know... If he's alive. I've been on my own, killing people for money, and I keep being plaqued to look for him. Now, I... I don't know what to do." Machika said wipping away the remainder of her tears.

"Machika," Ayla said speaking softly, "It's okay."

"Hey Machika, when we meet someone... Is it inevitable that we will lose them?" Ayla said thinking of Yakoh, "If that's the case... Then maybe it's better not to love at all."

"... Ayla..." Machika started.

"I guess it's no good. even if we shut our eyes and cover our ears... It's no use." Ayla said now crying herself, " I mean... We both met good men who were hard to resist."

"Ayla." Machika said seeing how much she was hurting as well.

"If you meet Methuselah wearing that he's not gonna like it." Ayla said looking at her clothes, "Don't give up Machika. Because you're my... Hero."

"Let's go... Together... To Calvaria." Ayla said making Machika sigh.

"I have no doubt he's waiting for you." Ayla said before walking over to the computer.

She got the computer running and pulled up a map, "This is the map that Cello and the others have put together of the inside of Calvaria. It was supposed to be used for the revolt... They even got the ducts."

"Wow." Machika said stunned that she knew how to use it.

"Cello showed me how to use it. He even made some fake id cards... Well, look at the map, the red is closed to the public, the blue is where you can only go if you have an employee id card, but the ones in black we have no clue about. These floors only allow people with the most elite positions in the company enter. It's thought to be the center of Calvaria's military operations. It appears to be a clean company on the outside. If Methuselah is in there, my guess is that he'd be somewhere in the black areas. The only bad part is that you can't go anywhere except the places accessed by average level employees. We'll have to find our own way in." Ayla said runnning over the basics.

"Ayla, do you know where Ys Cordelan would be located at?" Machika said in a serious and determined tone.

"Sharem's kid? He'd be in the black areas as well, why?" Ayla asked turning away from the computer to face Machika.

"It's nothing, I was just wondering where he was, that's all?" Machika said talking a step back.

"Okay well we should get going." Ayla said getting up.

"Ayla, I need you here to navigate," Machika said suddenly making Ayla look at her suspiciously.

"Okay." Ayla said watching Machika hid her sythe in her jacket, which was hard.

"Machika remember... Unlike Methuselah, a flower has a short life. If we stand around we'll become old hags... Lif is short." Ayla said and Machika smiled.

"Young girls..." Machika said and Ayla finished the sentence for her.

"... Must Love." Ayla said before Machika opened the door nad walked out leaving Kiki with Ayla.

Machika walked towards Calvaria, the wind picking up. She smiled a little and walked on. She got to the door and it began to rain.

"It's raining," She said her hopes rising. 'Somewhere Rain... Is crying. Wouldn't it be nice is there was a rainbow? Growing old... Is just that.' Machika thought before stepping inside.

She looked inside and shifted uneasily. 'They were right... It does look clean.' She walked to information counter and put on a fake smile.

"Welcome to the Calvaria main counter. For access to the resturant on the top floor, please use elevator number 3. For new age electronics, go to the 64th floor. On the 80th floor we're having a cosplay convention. Are you here for the cosplay?" A woman with blond with hair to her shoulders chirped to Machika.

"Uh, yes... Could you direct me to there?" Machika asked trying to keep a low profile.

"Yes, go to elevator 3." The woman said smiling.

"Thank you," Machika said before walking to elevator 3. She hit the up button and the doors immediately opened. She walked in and the doors shut moments later. With a sigh of relief she pulled out her sythe and the id card Ayla had given her. She put the card in the slot and several other floors became available. She hit the highest floor that she could go to and waited. 'Rain... I've arrived... I finally got here. Just a little bit more... Just a little bit more and I can see you. Rain.'

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