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Chapter 4: Calvaria

Machika sighed as she gripped her sythe from under her coat and waited for the doors to open. It would take all of her skills to get past the guards and cameras. She took a deep breath as the elevator doors opened and she walked out ready for anything. No one seemed to pay any attention to her, which in her case was good. She relaxed a bit and walked through the halls dodging cameras every now and then. She was about to give up and try another floor when she remembered the vents and headed straight for a restroom. Just as she thought. She stood inside a locked stall looking at a vent that she could easily reach if she stood on the toliet. She paused a moment thinking that she heard someone and shrugged thinking that it was her imagination.

Quickly, she jumped up to the back of the toliet and reached up pulling the vent cover off. She was about to go in when she heard an alarm go off. She turned her head to see a teenager holding the alarm down. 'Just my luck,' she thought as she unlocked the stall and ran out of the restroom trying to think of something quick. She looked back and could see a growing number of guards and employees coming after her. 'I have the worst luck in the world,' she thought as she was jerked into a room just to her right.

"What the hell?" She said as she blinked trying to adjust to the lack of light. The lights suddenly flicked on and she found herself face to face with a black haired kid. She gaped at him and he laughed at her face. She quickly closed her mouth and looked at him, taking in his features. He looked older than he had in the pictures and his hair was an inch or two longer. 'Damn people gave me old information.' She was pulled out of her thoughts when he spoke.

"You can't make the guards mad. They'll chase you down and tell your mom!" Ys said like it was the most interesting fact that he knew.

"Well, I don't have to worry about that. Thanks to you," Machika said and gave him a fake smile. She knew how to act and think fast, but just this once she was thanking the fact that she'd spent so much time perfecting it.

"I gotta go, my friend's waiting for me!" Ys said before running out a side door. Machika paused for a moment, then ran after. The door led to another room that was very kiddish, toys were scattered everywhere, and a tent was in the center of the room. 'Where'd he go?' Machika thought as she walked around the tent looking for Ys. she was about to leave when she noticed a tall man sitting among a bunch of teddy bears, his eyes were blank, and his arms as well as his feet were bound by what looked like a striaght jacket. 'Rain...I-It can't be.' Machika thought as she gasped and took a step back tripping over a dump truck. She landed fairly hard on her butt, but she didn't comprehend. All of her attention was the blonde that stared at his feet.

"Rain." She said softly as she stared at him.

As if snaping him out of what ever daze he was in his head shot up and his lifeless eyes looked at her. She smiled and let her hand drop from her face. In that instant she forgot everything, but Rain. She stood up and ran to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. Rain however, didn't move. He looked ahead lifeless as ever. She let go of him and looked him in the eyes.

"Rain. Come back to me." She said it being serious and determined.

Rain blinked and looked at her, his eyes full of life; As they used to be.

"Machika?" Rain asked with a choked and rusty voice. He sounded like he hadn't spoken in years.

"Thank god," She said tears streaming down her face. "I thought you wouldn't wake up."

Rain looked at her guilt all over his face till he too broke out in tears. Machika composed herself and took her sythe out, easily cutting away Rain's binds.

"Machika, you have to get out of here." He said finally thinking straight.

"Yuca will be back... He'll hurt you if he catches you." Rain said his voice sounding frantic.

"I don't care. Whatever you do, I won't leave you... Not again." She smiled and held out her hand to him, her tears long forgotten.

He smiled warmly. He knew her words were nothing, but the truth. He reached up taking her hand. It was warm and filled with life. She was growing up, he just wished she wouldn't grow up so fast.


Rain frowned at hearing the voice. It was only on the intercom, but it still gave him chills.

"You won't make it out of here. There's enough medicine running through your system that you can barely walk. Stop this before you get hurt... Let's go back. The dreams over." Yuca's voice was loud and clear. It sent Rain into action.

"Run!" He yelled, in more of a command to himself. Machika held his hand tightly, her sythe in her right. They were going to get out of here. Everything was going to be alright.

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