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Never meant to be

A bird with clipped wings
Is a bird that can't fly
Is a bird that can't sing
Soaring through the sky

It stands on its perch
Looking so wrong
For it dearly thirsts
For freedom's sweet song

It stares though the window
Behind its locked bars
From a world so low
Compared to the stars

A tiger on a chain
Without its proud heart
A wild beast tame
Is wrong from the start

Where is its roar?
Where is its strength?
It's lost the war
So where's it been sent?

It's gone to a cage
Under key and lock
Tied up in chains
Just part of livestock

Why doesn't it roam?
Why isn't it free?
How's it controlled
By mere humans like me?

How is the king
The most feared killer
Reduced to a thing
By filthy- two-leggers?

You say it is happy
You say it belongs
But it looks so tacky
Its eyes so forlorn

It's like a phoenix that's lost
That hasn't got a clue
How to rise from the ashes
Like the sun in the blue

Some things are stable
They're meant to be
Un-tampered, untamable
Wild and free

Now finally I'm back with a poem that has to do about Kai. I've sadly left the arc with him getting posed and now moving one. Just to recap last proper chappy black Dranzer managed to gain full control. This is continuing where I left off.

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