New Life, New Love

Disclaimer: I don't own the Phantom of the Opera or related characters. Andre's granddaughter and grandson are my own creations. This story takes place about a year after the Phantom of the Opera. I will, most of the time, be using the correct abbreviations for Mousier (M.), Madame (Mme) and Mademoiselle (Mlle). In such case as placing two Mousiers in the same sentence, such as Mousiers Andre and Firmin, I will be using Mssrs until further notice. If any of my readers know the correct French form, feel free to tell me so. On with the story!


Thoughts and notes


Arriving At The Opera House

18-year-old Collette Andre, granddaughter of M. Andre, co-owner of the Opera Populaire, was soon to arrive there with her father and twin brother. He wanted them to experience the life in an Opera House and he hoped to get his daughter to stop writing those operas before her marriage in two years to Count de Abney's son, Jean-Luc.

"Father, how is Grandfather? I haven't seen him since he took over management of the Opera Populaire with M. Firmin," she asked.

"He is fine. Don't you worry," was her father's reply. "I just hope that he will teach you and your brother all you need to know about opera life. Maybe it will be enough that you will stop writing these operas of yours!"

Before Collette could respond to that, they arrived at the opera house. Waiting out front was Mssrs. Andre and Firmin.

"Aimé, how are you?" Andre asked.

"I am fine, father. You remember my children, Collette and Alain?"

"Yes. Their rooms are ready. Do not worry about them, Aimé. They'll be fine here."

"I'm sure that they will." Giving his children hugs goodbye, he got back in the carriage and left.

"Come in children." M. Firmin said. "Your grandfather and I will show you to your rooms."

Firmin showed Collette to her room while Andre showed Alain to his. Collette's room, it turned out, used to be Christine Daae's room, before she married Raul, the Victome de Chaney and sponsor of the Opera. (A/N you might recall, this room has the mirror that goes down to where the Phantom lives. Keep this in mind.)

"Mlle, would you like a tour of the opera house?" Firmin asked.

"Non, Mousier. Maybe later. I am a bit tired from the trip."

"Tomorrow than," Firmin said.

"Oui, tomorrow will be fine." Collette replied. As soon as Firmin left, she started unpacking. Her opera manuscripts were the last to be unpacked. I will show these to Grandfather and M. Firmin tomorrow. She thought. Maybe I should write one for Carlotta. She would like that, I think. I shall mention this after I meet her. I should mention the idea to Grandfather and M. Firmin after I show them my operas.

Getting dressed into her nightgown, she got the impression that she was being watched. Glancing around the room and seeing no one, she shrugged it off, placing it to be a figure of her imagination, not knowing that the Phantom was watching her. (Think back to that mirror!)

The Phantom, seeing as she was asleep, opened the mirror. Glancing at the stack of papers that she had placed at the table in the room, he quietly made his way over to them. Looking through them, he found that she had amazing talent with writing music and lyrics. With instruction, she could go far. He stood there for a minute wondering if he should teach her, the memory of Christine's rejection still fresh in his mind. Making up his mind, he wrote a small note on a piece of paper.


You have much talent. I will teach you how to improve. Show this note to Mme Giry, but to no one else. She will understand and know what to do. All I ask is that you do not remove my mask or ask about Christine. You will understand in time.


That done, he left the way he came.