Who am I?

Am I real?

Am I alive?

Or just to feel?

Who are you

During the day?

Did you sue

Him this way?

I am Meimi

Under the sun.

Child of Eimi

Doing what is done.

But who are you

During the night?

Did you do

What is right?

I am St. Tail

Thief of the moon.

I set sail

On top of the balloon.

And who are you

In the eyes of God?

What will you do?

Under his command?

I am a woman

Under his sight.

Helping a man

To do what is right.

Then who are you

Of the three?

One of the few

Whom chosen to be?

I am them

And they are me.

We are one

And one is we.

We are together

Loving a man.

Helping each other

To be his woman.

But why do you

Love him so dearly?

What is your cue

To love him so clearly?

I love him more

Than I can say.

It makes me sore

To love him all day.

I have a cue

But I can't say.

I love him so true

Almost everyday.

Words can't tell

The feeling of love.

So the church's bell

Will give my dove.