Ohayo, minna-san. I know I haven't update my other story, but I just can't seem to get past this roadblock. I think I've deleted at least 10 pages already. This idea popped into my head and I had to get it down. I think im more suited to one shots. Sigh. Lemme know how it goes k?

'The stars were bright tonight' he thought. He chuckled inwardly. What a dumb thing to think at a time like this. Still, if not now then when? It's odd how you never take the time to appreciate the simple things in life and yet when they're gone, you wonder how you could not have noticed something so significant. He smirked, wondering if anyone would think the same of him. Judging from the people who beat him up this way, not likely. He was tired of life. Tired of hiding, tired of smiling and tired of living. He wanted to see his family. Tou-san and Kaa-san. A three dimensional carving of his father's face was good for only so long. After a while, it only served to remind him of what he didn't have.

When he walked by the alley by his house after sensing the malicious chakras there, he did so with a purpose. No longer would he live off another's strength. For that's exactly what he was doing; living off the fox. And he hated it. So when the chuunins had foolishly gone against his jounin skills, he failed to fight them off. And when they tortured him with searing hot kunais and dull shurikens, he failed to make a noise, to even twitch. He had experienced far worse in his dreams with the fox. When that failed to get a reaction out of him and they resorted to mental torture, he laughed. His mind was already broken, what more could they do? And it really wasn't that hard to block out the demon fox's healing chakra. It was his body after all and his mind.

Was it just him, or were the stars going out? Come to think of it, it was getting chilly. He should probably head in soon….or not. He liked it up here. It was an appropriate place to let go, on top of the Yondaime's head. His father. He was shocked when he found out. Pleased that he wasn't abandoned yet saddened because of why he was alone. He stiffened suddenly, hearing the light footsteps that could be made only by a ninja. Chuunin level by the sounds of it, medium height and a fit body. He tried to move away from the sound quietly, he really did. But his vision was blurring and his body felt like lead. He stumbled and fell back to the ground as he half-rose to move. The footsteps paused.

"Hello?" he froze, recognizing the voice. He frantically checked his chakra signature as he heard the voice call out again. "Is anyone there?" he was safe. Or he would have been if the Kyubi hadn't suddenly forcefully shoved chakra into him past the seal. His chakra flared like a mini-sun for less than a tenth of a second. But it was enough to warn the nearby brunette that someone was near him. And who it was even if the person wasn't visible.

"Naruto? What are you doing out here? I thought you'd be long sleeping already." The chuunin was surprised. He thought he was the only one to visit the Yondaime on restless nights. The jounin couldn't answer. Why wasn't his body responding! Surely he had enough strength to move two feet. The man drew closer. Please don't let Iruka-sensei see me like this. Not him. Suddenly, his body relaxed. Of course, his plans would go awry. He was the fox demon and fate was against him. Good thing Neji's not here. A harsh gasp was heard as the chuunin came within sight of the injured nin. As his eyes closed and his body relaxed, he heard a shuffling of clothe and a pair of brown, pain-filled eyes.

"Aishiteru….tou-san. Gomen." He closed his eyes…and fell away.