Hello there! Well, my last Fan fiction thing got taken off because it wasn't a real story but this one is! I would like to REALLY thank Shuuichi Shindou-Uesugi for all the help!


A pink haired singer raised his head and pleaded for the third time that week.

"Please Yuki; come with me to the mall!" Shuichi was now bouncing up and down.

"I told you already I don't like the mall," was Yuki's response.

Shuichi now proceeded in giving him the puppy eyes, "Please Yuki!" Now Yuki would have kept refusing, if it wasn't for the fact that Shuichi looked so damn cute giving him the puppy eyes.

"Fine get ready," Yuki said quit calmly.

"Yeah!" exclaimed the now hyper active Shuichi.

"Were going to have so much fun!" For a moment there Yuki thought that Shuichi would have jumped on him with excitement but, he was wrong.

"Come on Yuki, hurry! Let's go!" By now Shuichi really wanted to get to the mall.

When they arrived in there car the put on sunglasses and hats so they would not be recognized. (A celebrity thing )

"Come on Yuki, we better hurry, we have lots of stores to got to." said Shuichi.

"Oh I can't wait…" Was Yuki's reply.

Well! I hope you liked the chapter! I will have more soon! Stay tuned next time for the next chapter of A day in the mall.

-Yuri Yuki