History-Clark and Lana have been together for 2 weeks and Clark has already met Dr. Swan

Morning- The Kent Farm- Friday

(Clark sits down and starts reading the paper)

Clark: Dad, I won't be home until about 8 tonight because Lana and I have plans.

Jonathon: That is fine as long as you keep your grades up and you follow the rules.

Clark: Thanks, I will probably just have dinner at the Tal-

(Jonathon looks at Clark to see what is wrong and sees Clark staring at the front page of the Daily Planet.)

Clark: (Reads allowed.) Fittest of the Feminine strikes again as she was walking down the street of New York and somehow knew that there were two robbers in the safe of News York's riches banks and within a blink of an eye she had broken through the steal door to the safe and magically melted the robbers' guns and tossed them through the roof of the bank, onto the street.

(There is a minute of silence)

Clark: That makes no since, no one can do that unless they are either meteor rock freaks or if they are me, but there are no meteor rocks in News York. (stares and the news paper for a couple of seconds) I think I should go talk to her.

Jonathon: I don't think you should do that, New York is a ways away and you don't know what she is like and how you are going to track her down.

Clark: Dad, you know if I use my speed then I can get to New York in 15minutes by running and she is probably a nice person since she a like a hero and if there is someone in trouble, which there always is, then I can easily find her. You have nothing to worry about.

Jonathon: It's just that every time you go into the city, something bad happens.

Clark: I promise that I will be careful. I will go see her tomorrow morning since it is Saturday and I won't have any school and I will be able to be home in time to hang out with Pete, Chloe, and Lana at the Talon.

Jonathon: I guess I can't stop you but at least tell your mother yourself.

Clark: Ok, well I am of to school, see you at 8.