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History: Lana just found out she is pregnant

Lana: Clark, I pregnant

Clark: (shocked moment of thinking before talking, silence) Umm… Am I the dad?

Lana: (quietly) Yes.

Clark: Well…- I guess…- Can you let me have a day to think about this? I will talk to you tomarrow.

Lana: Ok. Please don't be mad though, we can work this out.

Clark: I hope so(walks out of the room and finds Pete heading to his class.)

Clark: (to Pete) Pete, can I talk to you RIGHT now?

Pete: Well… class is about to start real—

Clark: PETE. I REALLY need to talk to you.

Pete: (noticing the concern) Ok, what is it.

Clark: Follow me. (leads him into the room Lana and him were just in)

Pete: Jeeze Clark, what's wrong?

Clark: You know that party we went to a couple of weeks ago?

Pete: Yeah, how could I forget?

Clark: Umm… Well… Lana is umm pregnant.

Pete: WHAT!

Clark: Keep it down, I don't want to start a scene.

Pete: How could that happen? No offence, but you're a different species.

Clark: I know, I have no idea how it happened.

Pete: Do you think Lana is also…

Clark: No way! I don't think so. I just think that what I assumed was wrong. I think I am going to have to tell Lana my secret… Not all of it, just the different species and that I have powers.

Pete: Yeah, I guess you should. After all your child might be "special" if you know what I mean.

Clark: I am going to go find Lana. Bye. Oh, don't forget. Don't tell ANYONE about this!

Pete: (sarcastically) Great, another secret.

CUT TO - Clark and Lana sitting in the loft, sunset in background.

Lana: I am glad you are not just going to through me away like most boys do.

Clark: I would never do that Lana.

Lana: I know, that is why you are so amazing.

Clark: So I need to tell you something but first lets talk about what we are going to do.

Lana: Like…?

Clark: Well for starters, when and what are we going to tell the parents?

Lana: Wow, I never even thought of that. I guess we shouldn't wait that long to tell them. I guess the sooner the better, so tomorrow it is.

Clark: Lets tell my parents first and then Nell. We should do it together.

Lana: I guess that would be best. Umm… What about telling people like Chloe and Pete and the rest of the school.

Clark: I think we should tell Chloe our selves in about a month. The school can just find out when it starts showing.

Lana: Now the fun stuff. What should the name be?

Clark: Its weird, I never thought I would be naming my own child (smiles)

Lana: Do you have any specific names you want or don't want?

Clark: Not really… Oh, there is no way my son can be named Walden.

Lana: (laughs) Well, in that case I was wondering if you wouldn't mind it being named after my parents, you know, Lewis if it's a boy and Laura if it's a girl.

Clark: I think those are wonderful names (he kisses her)

(Lana smiles and then Clark looks very serious))

Clark: There is something I need to tell you because it might affect the baby. But you must understand that you must tell NO ONE except my mom, dad, and Pete, NO EXEPTIONS and that I had a good reason to not tell you, and you knowing doesn't change that fact that I am still the loveable Clark Kent.

Lana: Ok…

Clark: Here. (He hands her a note) This says everything. Read this in private and eat it when you are done reading it. Show it to no one and if you need to talk about it then talk to Pete or me, I don't want my parents to know, you know, yet.

Lana: (weirded out) Umm… Ok. I guess I will see you tomarrow.

Clark: (smiles weakly) Bye.

(Lana leaves and Clark walks over to a drawer and pulls out a little baby outfit that he had bought for the baby. He smiles as he holds it.)

CUT TO – Lana sitting on her bed reading the letter that says

Dear Lana,

I don't know a good way of saying this so I am just going to say it. Lana Lang, I am from a different planet. You don't need to know all the details, it just gets too confusing. What I think I should tell you is that I didn't think I could have children but I did so I don't know what our child will be like because I have special powers, I have super strength, speed, and hearing and I have heat vision and x-ray vision. That is basically everything I wanted to tell you. Please remember that I am not a different person than before and that I love you very much.


Clark Kent

(Lana gasps and just falls back on her bed and stairs at the ceiling rubbing her belly)

(She gets up and drives over to Pete's)

Lana: (to Pete) I know about Clark.

Pete: (pauses) Oh.

Lana: Thanks all you have to say? "Oh" !

Pete: Ummm…

Lana: (a little annoyed) What should I do? Should I be mad at him? Should I comfort him? What should I say to him?

Pete: Well you should keep his secret and realize that it has been really hard for him to keep this secret because he has wanted to tell you all his life so you shouldn't be mad at him for trying to keep you out of bad part of his life. And Clark just wanted to let you know, you don't need to comfort him or say anything except let him know that you read and ate the letter and that you are okay with him being him. That's about it.

Lana: Ok, thanks. How long did it take you to get used to him?

Pete: He is still the person he has always been. Every now and then the thought that he is and alien pops in my head but I just push it out.

Lana: Well it is late, I should be going.

Pete: Bye

CUT TO - Morning, Lana knocking on the Kent's front door and Clark answers.

Lana: Hi.

Clark: Hi. Would you like to come in?

Lana: Nothanks. You proboly have to get to school, I just wanted to tell you in private that nothing has changed and thank you for letting me know.

Clark: ...

Lana: See at school. We can make up a plan for telling the parents.

(Lana leaves and Clark is just standing there)

CUT TO - Bell ringing for end of school and Lana and Clark talking

Lana: (jokingly) So why don't you do the talking and I just have the baby(laughs)

Clark: Come on, my parents love you.

Lana: Yeah, well lets just see if they still love me after I have your baby.

Clark: Ok, I will do the talking with my parents and you do the talking with Nell.

Lana: Deal

(Clark and Lana walk into in the parking lot and they walk over to Clark's truck and Clark opens the door for Lana and helps her get in and they drive off to the Kent Farm.)

(They both walk into the farm house and Mr. & Mrs. Kent are in the kitchen)

Martha: Lana, Hi!

Jonathan: What bring you to this part of town?

Clark: Well,Dad, Mom, Lana and I have some really BIG news.

Martha: Well thats great.

Clark: Umm... Let me tell you what it is and then you can decide if it is good or not.

Jonathan: OK...

Clark: Well... As you both know, Lana and I went to a party together.

Martha: Yeah... What about it?

Clark: Uhhh...well, Lana is pregnat. With my baby.

Jonathan:(turning red) I beg your parden!

Martha: Oh my gosh. Lana... Do you need any help with anything?

Lana: Not at the moment. (starts to cry) I am so sorry. (runs out the front door, to the car)

Clark: Dad-

Jonathan: (really pissed) Clark, don't talk to me right now.

Martha: Just give us sometime to cool off.

Clark: ok. Mom, thanks for being so cool about it.

Martha: That doesn't mean I am in any way ok with what you did.

Clark: I am going to go take Lana home.

Martha: Bye.

(Clark get into the car and drives Lana to her house and stops the car inthe drive way)

Clark: So, ready to tell Nell now?

Lana: Yeah, ummm... I know we had a deal but I think I should be alone when I tell Nell.

Clark: Ok, if you think it will be better that way.

Lana: I do.

Clark: Well I am going to be in my loft if you want to talk.

Lana: Ok.(kisses Clark and steps out of the truck and starts torward the front door of her house.

(Clark drives back to his house and while walking past the house to the loft he hears yelling and crying)

(Clark has been in his loft for about 2 hours, just looking at the starts thinking about the future when he hears foot steps coming up the stairs. He turns around and sees Lana drowning in tears)

Lana: (weakly) Clark...

Clark: Lana whats wrong, I mean I know we have a big problem but I thought the tears were over for us.

Lana: (still crying hardly) Nell didn't take it well.

Clark: (inviting her to sit down on the couch with him)Tell me what happened.

Lana: (sitting down) Well, I just walked in and blerted it out because I was afraid that if I thought before I said it then I would back out. Nell just stood there stairing at me for about a minute and then she just quitely told me to go to my room. I went to my room and laid on my bed for an hour just wondering what Nell is going to do. Then all of the suden, she slamed open the door and screamed at me that I "messed up big time" and that she "never thought I would be this stupid" then there was a short pause like she was thinking and then she yelled at me to "get out of this house right now! You don't belong here any more! By tomarrow I don't want you living here anymore! Live on the streets for all I care!" and then she charged out of the house and drove off.

Clark: Oh my.

Lana: What am I going to do?

Clark: Well my parents are cooling off right now and I don't really want to run into them for another 24 hours so I am sleeping here in the loft tonight, if you want you can spend the night here to. Then in the morning we can work something out.

Lana: Ok. (but still looking a little stressed)

Clark: Don't worry, everything will be ok.

Lana: Its just that I never thought this would happen to me.

Clark: I know.

Lana: Clark.

Clark: Yeah?

Lana: I love you.

Clark: (squeezing her tightly) I love you too.