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History: Lana is pregnant with Clark's kid. Lana knows his secret. They tell the parents about the baby and the Kents are pissed and Nell kicked Lana out of the house.

(six in the morning)

Clark: (hearing loud noises of things moving and clanging) (sleepily opening eyes) What is going on?

Lana: (busily, not really caring) Oh, sorry did I wake you.

Clark: (sits up and looks around to see everything moved around and Lana running around the loft moving things hastily) Lana, what are you doing.

Lana: (in a sort of crazy trance) I have an idea, the baby and me will live in the loft! All you will have to do to visit us is walk up to the loft and POOF there your family is! … (talking to her self)Boy this place needs a lot of work to be ready for living in…

Clark: (Sitting her down in his lap and grabbing her hands to stop her shaking and turns her head towards him) Hey, no kid of mine is living in a barn. (smiles) Besides I can't have some baby taking of my clubhouse.

Lana: (frustrated) Clark, this is serious, where am I going to live?

Clark: Calm down. Besides I thought you were the one that said this was going to work out.

Lana: (a little calmer) Well that was before I knew I was homeless.

Clark: Lets go down to the house and have some breakfast.

Lana: Clark, you can't keep on avoiding the subject.

Clark: (joking) Well if there was one thing I learned it was to never talk to a crazy lady on an empty stomach.

Lana: (playfully punching him) Come on lets go see if your mom made some of those great muffins I love.

Clark: (happy) Good lets go

(They walk to the front door and hear yelling and screaming)

Lana: Maybe we should grab something at the Talon.

Clark: Good idea.

CUT TO-Before school at Lana's locker, Clark and Lana making out. Bell rings for school to start but Clark or Lana didn't hear it.

(A jock comes up and pats Clark on the shoulder)

Brad(Jock): Hey Romeo, think you can stop making out for a minute to hear the bell.

Clark: (confused) What? (realizing what he meant) Oh oops.

Lana: (A little embarrassed) See you after school.

(Lana and Clark go to their different classes)

CUT TO- Clark in science.

Niki (Cheerleader): (whispering so the teacher won't hear) Hey Clark.

Clark: (whisper) Yeah?

Niki: My parents are in Italy so there is going to be a party at my house tomorrow night. You and Lana want to come?

Clark: Oh, umm… Yeah sure, we will make it.

Niki: (happy and a little loud) Great!

Teacher: Miss, would you like to tell me what is so great that you have to interrupt the whole class.

Niki: (talking back) Oh teacher you wouldn't understand.

Teacher: (Just ignores her) So don't forget to do a 500 word easy about metamorphosis.

(bell rings and Clark starts walking towards to door and Niki runs up to him)

Niki: Clark, do you know if something is going on with Lana? She seems kind of distant and sad at cheer practice lately.

Clark: Oh, there is just a little something going on but I think your party will be good for her.

Niki: (smiles) Good, see you guys tomorrow.

CUT TO- Lana waiting at Clark's truck and Clark walks over to her.

Lana: I have been standing her forever, where have you been?

Clark: (picks her up and spins her around while kissing her) Somewhere at someplace during something.

Lana: (laughs) Ok Mr. Mysterious, where do you want to go?

Clark: Umm… Mars but the Talon sounds good too.

Lana: (preppy) Lets go!

CUT TO- Clark and Lana sitting at a table in the Talon.

Clark: So there are some things I need to talk to you about…

Lana: Yeah?

Clark: Niki, invited us to a party at her house tomorrow.

Lana: Oh…

Clark: I know that a party is what started our problem but I think it would still be fun to just go there to dance, drink, and talk to friends.

Lana: Yeah I guess that sounds good, but no drinking, its bad for the baby.

Clark: Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot.

Lana: Is that all you wanted to talk about?

Clark: No, Niki said that you have been sad at practice lately.

Lana: Oh, it's nothing.

Clark: If Niki noticed it then it's not a nothing.

Lana: It is just that I realize once the baby starts showing and I have the baby I won't be able to do cheer ever again.

Clark: That is not true. While you are fat you won't be able to do cheer, but once the baby is born you can go back to cheer.

Lana: Then who will take care of the baby, I don't want her or him to be raised by a baby sitter.

Clark: My parents.

Lana: (uneasy) I guess so…

Clark: (comforting) Hey, we should start looking at this baby as a blessing, not an inconvenience. We are going to have the best kid in the entire galaxy.

Lana: But we won't force our child to do anything it doesn't want to do.

Clark: Right, so now at cheer instead of cheering for some stupid football team, you can cheer for your future perfect child.

Lana: (smiles) Ok. Now that that prep rally is over do you want to go back to your parents and see if they are calmed down?

Clark: (joking) Sure, besides I miss my room.

CUT TO- Clark and Lana walking to the Kent house which sounds like a perfectly normal, happy home.

Clark: Sounds safe, lets go in.

Lana: Are you sure.

Clark: (opening the door) No.

(Martha is baking pies and Jonathan is fixing the TV)

Martha: (spotting them) Hey there. Are you two hungry?

Clark: (A little puzzled at how cheerful they are) Umm… no we are fine. We need to talk to you.

Martha: Sure what is it? Does your father need to hear this?

Clark: It would be nice.

Jonathan: (getting up and walking over to them) What is it?

Clark: What are you guys thinking?

Jonathan: We are disappointed because we thought we raised a son that would make better choices,

Martha: (finishing his point) But we understand that you are going through a lot right now and you need our help.

Clark: That's good because Lana got kicked out of her house and she needs a new home.

Martha: (concerned) Oh, sweetie are you okay? You will stay here.

Clark: Where?

Martha: You and her will share your room and when the baby comes her or him will stay in your room also.

Clark: (surprised) What?

Martha: Your room will be like your house. Oh, and you have to make all of your own food except on Sundays when it is a family diner.

Clark: (thinking it is a little unfair) WHAT!

Lana: (cutting him off) Thank you so much Mrs. Kent.

Martha: From now on you can call me mom if you are comfortable with it.

Lana: (smiling) Ok, mom.

Clark: (still upset) MOM I can't cook!

Martha: You better start learning.

Lana: Come on, lets go set up your room.

(Lana drags Clark up to his room and pushes him inside his room and shuts the door and gives him a huge kiss.)

Lana: (happy) This is so GREAT!

Clark: (groaning) Yeah…

Lana: Cheer up, I will cook for us.

Clark: (a big smile on his face now) Ok!

Lana: (running around the room) So the crib can go here, I will put my stuff here, and sleep in this corner…b