"Naruto! I think she's really drunk this time! I'll take her to Tsunade-sama!" Lee picked me up and left the two love birds there.

I awoke in the hospital bed to see Tsunade angry at me, and Lee-san sighing. "You should stop drinking! It isn't good for you! Only once in a while, Sakura! I know this is very hard on you, but you have to realize that he is gone and never coming back!" Tsunade scolded. I turned on my side to face the window. "He will come back. He will come back after he finds out. After he finds out that his brother died in his own sensei's hands instead of his. Keh, like hell he would go out. He'll freaking kill him, and in return, he'll kill himself. I know the whole thing." I said simply, with tears running down my eyes. "Ho? You know about it so soon? Kakashi told you already?" Tsunade looked at me. "What is the point of that guy living if he lives for the revenge he held? I mean, Orochimaru killed Itachi-san, and that was the grudge Sasuke had on him. He told me once that he only lived to kill a man. Now, it would be Orochimaru. And, being his disciple, Sasuke knows his weakness. Plus, he is an Uchiha. Keh, as if hell I care if I die today." I knew I was pushing it, especially to the Hokage. "Hey! Do you know who you are messing with?" She asked me. "Of course. I know that right now you could kill me, but I won't really care. He isn't here with me, and I have really no point in living." I sighed, tears still streaming. "Ano, Hokage-sama, maybe we should leave her alone. Well, I still have one question." "Nanda, Lee?" She asked impatiently. "She could go home, right?"

"Of course. Go and take her home. I think she would like it better there." Tsunade left the room and I got up. "I was really being a bitch to her…I can't help it." I pulled my legs closer to me and cried softly. "Sakura-san…It is okay, I mean, well, Tsunade-sama was being the same way. She is always like that." Lee smiled at me once more and helped me up. "Lee-san, I can go home myself. I promise I won't stop for sake again." I bowed to him politely and left. He raised his brow and knew I was lying, but decided it was best for me to be alone.

I walked to the stand and sat down. "Eh? Coming again, Sakura-chan? You shouldn't have more than 4 glasses of sake each week. This is like your 10th one this week." The guy said. "I don't care. Fine, give me hamachi then." I sighed as he sliced the yellow-tail up. "Here you go. At least raw fish is better than sake every hour." I hated when people sarcased if front of me. I hated it because of Sasuke. I couldn't stop thinking about him. Not even for a second. "Yah, whatever." I finished it within five minutes and left the money there. I was walking back home until I found a trail of blood. I paused for a second to see where they led to. My house. I was frightened at first, but decided since I'm a Jounin, minus well just go inside and beat the crap out of that dude. I opened to the door to see blood trailing to my room. "What a pervert…to go into my room…" I muttered to myself. I walked carefully up to there and opened the door slightly. What I saw almost made me faint. A puddle of blood in my bedroom, the roof hatched up, and a note. I made sure it wasn't a letter bomb and opened it. It read this:

Sakura, Long time no see. I'm back in Konoha. Meet me tomorrow by the bridge under the cherry blossom. See you then,

Uchiha Sasuke

I couldn't believe it. Was it fake? Or was it real? I was so excited that I jumped up and down and slipped on the puddle of blood. I examined the blood and knew that I had to get someone to come here and investigate. The only one that was smart enough to do this was Kakashi. At least he wasn't that of a homophobic like Tsunade.

As soon as I got out of the house, Kakashi was passing by. "Oh! Kakashi-sensei! I was about to look for you. What brings you here?" All he said was, "Ji." I knew then that he was following the trail of blood to my house. "What happened, Sakura? Why is there blood trailing to your house?" Kakashi asked with concern. "Ah, I don't know that, that is why I was about to go and find you for help. Anyways, Sasuke is back!" I jumped with glee and he stopped me. "He is here to find Orochimaru. Maybe he found out so soon. This doesn't look like Sasuke's blood to me. It looks more like of a Sanin. It can't be Jiraiya's, or Tsunade's because they are here, and Sasuke shouldn't be chasing them. It has to be Orochimaru's." I was puzzled. "How do you know if they are the legendary sanin's or not?" I asked Kakashi with wonder. "It is simple! For me and the Uchiha clan that is…" I figured it out. Sharingan. "I'm so stupid." I sighed as I put my head down. "Now, now! You are the smartest graduate yet!" Kakashi lifted my head up as he smiled at me. I smiled back at him, unsure of his next move. Good thing that I was too young for him or else I could've been in deep trouble. "Ne, did Sasuke tell you where he was going to meet you?" Kakashi asked. "Yeah, by the cherry blossom tree where that bridge was. You know, the one that you always made us wait?" I smiled as I looked back into the past, before all this happened. "Yeah, good times, wasn't it? As team 7, it was really fun. I wasn't lying those times when I was late." Kakashi gave that fake smile once again. "Yeah right. As if I would believe you, Kakashi-sensei." "Fine then, don't believe me. Let's meet him tomorrow, with Naruto this time. We will meet as a team." I agreed to his words. 'Sasuke, I want to see how much you've changed…'