Posted: September 11, 2007

Chapter Fifteen: The Original

Brother Blood stood at the edge of the building, looking at the moon high above him. He then looked to his watch, now realizing just how late it was becoming. "If he arrives, you know where to go," he told her as he stepped up onto the ledge.

"There's no if about it, he'll be here," she tried not only reassuring Brother Blood, but herself. "I know he will."

Brother Blood sad nothing at first, he only offered a soft smile in her direction before saying, "See you in a little while, my Honeybee." His fingers gently stroked her face before he turned around stepped clear off the building.

Bumblebee, not surprised by the action simply placed her hands on the ledge and looked over the top of the twenty story building. Several feet below her was a small, black wraphole. She chuckled as she recognized it. "Wykkyd," she said to herself before her ears suddenly perked up at the strange sound she heard behind her. She straightened up as the sound grew nearer. "You're late," she spoke as she turned around, a frown marking her features, making her look older than she was in the moonlight.

"Sé. Perdón," Mas spoke, sounding very tired.

Bumblebee sighed heavily as she saw the distraught look on his face. She then slowly approached him before placing a hand on his shoulder. "It's okay," she said with a soft smile. "You made the right choice." Mas only nodded as Bumblebee took his hand and led him to the edge of the building. She then gave his hand a little squeeze before both of them stepped off of the ledge.

A moment later, both of their bodies were engulfed in a sea of thick darkness, that stuck to each of them. The space around them was constricting, making it so hard to breathe that it felt like their lungs were on fire, and just when they thought they could endure no more, a tiny spark of light beckon them, and so they reached out towards it. When they did they were sucked through and both landed safely on the other side.

Bumblebee put her hand on her chest, it had been a while since she had to do that, she had forgotten how awful the first few trips were before your body became accustom to it. She then looked to Mas, whose hand she was still holding. She was about to ask if he was alright as he had just fallen to his knees, but before she could, another voice reach their ears. "Welcome back," Bumblebee looked up to see Denim, who was smiling, "Bee – Sonic." Mas, who was now slowly rising back to his feet, nodded as he heard the name dubbed to him by Alizaran. "I knew the side of good could only hold you two for so long."

Bumblebee returned his smile as she took in their location. Nothing existed but them as all around them she could see nothing but white. Bumblebee realized that they were between dimensions. "I've missed you too, Denim – Wykkyd."

"Aw, it's good to see my Generals together. You do my eyes well," each member of Alizaran turned as Brother Blood came closer. He stepped beside Bumblebee and placed his arm possessively around her waist, his eyes lingering on Denim, just a moment too long. "Now, I can't stay for long, but I trust that you two will fill Bee and Sonic in on the changes we had to make in their absence."

"Of course, Headmaster," Denim confirmed. "As you wish."

"Good." Brother Blood then turned to the silent member of their team. "Wykkyd, if you please." Wykkyd held his hand up towards Brother Blood, where a portal then produced itself. "I shall be back tomorrow," he announced to them before stepping through the portal and disappearing from their sight.

As soon as he was gone, the green eyed girl turned to the alien with the red eyes. "So Denim, what have we missed?"

Denim, whose smile finally fell, looked at Bumblebee and Sonic with scrutinizing eyes. "Not sure if it's worth explaining. I mean, how do we know, you won't leave us again?"

Bumblebee stood there a moment as she took in Denim's tone. "It was a mistake," she began, her voice soft and apologetic. "Which I am now trying to correct – both of us are," she indicated Sonic, who was now taking off his headgear, revealing his brown locks.

"You sent our Headmaster to jail, destroyed our school, and sided with that freak from the ocean," his voice held a touch of anger as he spit out his logic. "Now, don't get me wrong, we've missed you both, and I think I speak for Wykkyd as well when I say this, but we don't know if you can be trusted anymore. And despite whatever Headmaster may say, once a traitor, always a traitor."

Bumblebee lowered her head, not sure what to say to his words. She knew by leaving Alizaran and taking Sonic with her, that she had caused a lot a damage and now that she was actually back, she wasn't sure if that damage could be repaired. "I understand that I betrayed a lot of people-"

"Not people, Bee!" Denim interrupted her. "Us! You betrayed us!" he yelled.

"What do you want me to say, Denim!" she yelled back.

"Geez, I don't know. How about 'sorry'? Why don't you try that one on for size?" He took a step towards her. "I mean, you've only been back three minutes and you're already giving commands. And you expect us to fall in line, like good little soldiers? Well, it doesn't work like that anymore."

"Then tell me then, how does it work?" she demanded to know.

"When you left, I became leader of Alizaran. You follow my lead now." Denim stared her down as if making her know her place. "If you want this position back, you have to do more than fuck the Headmaster. You have to earn it."

Bumblebee's eyes went wide for a moment, she had never known Denim to hit so low when it came to his side of an argument. "Fine," she whispered, causing Denim to look at her strangely as he finally backed up.

"The Titans have made you weak," he pointed out as he had been expecting a full-blown fight at that point. He had secretly wanted to test her skills.

The woman before him face grew red. "I know," she could not deny it.

"Glad you're woman enough to admit that," he spoke calmly before he turned to Wykkyd. "Let's go home."

"¿El hogar?" Sonic spoke, wondering what he meant, since home had been at the school, which of course was now long gone.

Denim only smiled at the question as he looked to Wykkyd, who took that as his cue. Bumblebee looked down as the shadow below them grew bigger and with a yelp, they were all once again, submerged into a world of darkness. On the other side of the portal was an ocean as far as the eye could see. "Come on!" yelled Denim and so Bumblebee and Sonic turned towards the sound and saw Denim and Wykkyd walking towards a house so big, that it caused Bumblebee's mouth to drop at the sight of it.

Sonic excited about their new home laughed as he began running towards it, but found it difficult to run on the sand of the beach and trip twice on the way to the house.


"It's getting late," Denim announced as he saw a slumbering Sonic curled up in the corner of one of the sofa's within their living room. "We should all probably hit the sack," he announced as Wykkyd, who was lazily flipping through channels yawned. "We're going to have a long couple of sleepless weeks coming up." He slowly stood up and stretched his body. The tour around the house he had led Sonic and Bumblebee on left him unexpectantly tired.

Wykkyd followed Denim's lead as he got up and stretched his body. He then walked over to Sonic's side of the sofa and picked him up so that he could carry the youngest member of their group to his new room. Denim's eye's watched them as they disappeared through the door. He then turned his attention to the only other person in the room besides himself. "Do you remember where your room is?" he asked her.

"No, but I'll manage," she told him as she turned off the television that Wykkyd left on.

Denim sighed. "I'll show you real quick," he suggested.

"I don't need your help," she told him as she crossed her arms and leaned back in the lazy-boy she was sitting in.

"Don't be suborn." Denim's brow creased. "This place is huge and one can easily become lost. Trust me." His last statement placed a smile on his companion's face. "What?" He didn't understand the reasoning behind it.

"You sound like you're speaking from experience. So how many times did you get lost?" she asked him.

"Once," he responded, but only received a questioning look from his teammate. "Alright, alright about five times," he confessed.

Bumblebee shook her head as she finally rose out of the chair. "You never had a sense of direction," she teased.

"No, but eventually I always find my way," he told her as they left the living room and walked down the hall. Neither said anything as they made their journey in silence until they reached Bumblebee's room. "Goodnight," he said softly after walking her inside and turning on the light.

"Denim," Bumblebee called softly as he turned to leave.

"We'll discuss the plan tomorrow," he told her, thinking he already knew what she was going to say.

"No, that's not it," she began. "I just wanted to say," she took a breath, "I'm sorry."

Denim lowered his head at her words. "I know." He closed his eyes. "It's just I'm not sure if I have the strength to forgive you yet." He then slowly walked away, closing the door behind him.

Knowing there was nothing else she could say tonight, Bumblebee turned around and examined her room. The first thing that pulled her attention was her closest door. She walked over to it, a smile creeping onto her features as she saw photographs from when she was back at the academy. There was on of her and Wykkyd in their Chemistry Level Four class. She smiled as she remember that's when they learned how to make undetectable poisons.

She giggled when she noticed a picture of her and Mas y Menos as she helped them with their first homework assignment, which involved how to deactivate alarm systems. Everything had gone fine until the practical excise came up. They had to break into a junk yard and take something proving they were there. Menos thought it would be a brilliant idea to take a camera along, and they all agreed, until the flash of the camera woke the guard dogs up. Bumblebee felt a chill run down her spine with the memory. That had been a long night.

The smile she had on her face then slowly faded away as she saw yet another picture. This time it was one of her and Denim, back in the first few weeks she had arrived at the academy. He was looking at her fondly as he helped her with her books to one of their classes. Bumblebee's eyes then slid down to the picture beneath it. It was the picture they had taken at the Winter Formal. It was the night of their first kiss.

Bumblebee pursed her lips together at the memory, before shaking her head and then standing up straight to open her close door which slid behind the other, covering all of the pictures from her view. She gasped in surprise as she turned on the light in her walk in closest and noticed how it was filled to the brim with clothing. She excitedly looked through each blouse, each skirt, each pair of pants, jeans, shoes, and everything else their was to look at.

There was even a small build in dresser in the back, where her delicates were kept along with several sets of pajamas. She frowned as she looked at them. They weren't really her, but she figured she could always steal a few things later. When she got to the last drawer her excitement came back to her, along with a bit of weariness at how well Brother Blood knew her, as she pulled out a red bikini set. "Ooh, shiny," Bumblebee couldn't help but say out loud as she held it to her body and looked at herself in the mirror nearby.

She then placed the two piece on top of the dresser before beginning to take off her uniform as she wanted to see how it looked on her. With her clothing now pooled around her feet she tired on her new bathing suit and was quite pleased with what she saw. She then found herself wondering what Speedy would think of it. But as quickly as the thought came she just as fast pushed it away. She didn't want to think about the Titans, especially that one.

Bumblebee then thought, since she was already dressed for the occasion, that she would go and relax in the jacuzzi she saw on the back patio when she and Sonic were being toured around the place. She grabbed a towel off the shelf above her bedsheets before heading towards the door where she turned off the light.

It only took her a few minutes to remember where exactly the jacuzzi was located. As she approached the patio door she was surprised to see the light was already on. Then as she slid the door open she saw why. "Thought you were heading to bed?" she asked the half naked boy sitting in the water.

Denim shrugged. "It's a nice night," was his reply as his head was pointed towards the stars. His eyes did not leave the skies as Bumblebee slipped in on the other side. "I see you like the set I chose for you," he said as he finally looked at her.

"Yeah, I do," she told him honestly.

"I'm glad," was all he said before he turned his attention went back to the skies. Bumblebee following his example began to stare at them as well and for the longest time that is all they did. Bumblebee had gotten so used to the silence that it practically startled her when Denim spoke again. "The stars," he began. "I love looking at them," he told her.

"Is it because you used to travel through them?" she asked the alien.

"No." He once again looked at her, his expression soft. "It's because they remind me of the light I used to see in your eyes."

Bumblebee suddenly felt uncomfortable as she sat under his gaze. "Maybe I should go. You wanted to be alone anyway." She stood up and reached for her towel, but within a blink of an eye, Denim was by her side holding her wrist, preventing her from doing so.

"I never wanted to be alone," he told her. "But you chose our fates."

"I chose nothing," she argued.

"You chose everything," he countered.

"Let me go, Denim," she asked of him and he released her. She then rose out of the jacuzzi and wrapped her towel around herself before bidding him a good night.

"Bee!" he called out and she froze as she was about to close the patio door behind her. "I'm still just a mad boy," he told her softly and she understood.

Bumblebee bit her bottom lip as she thought over his small phrase. He had once told her, that loving her was a mark of insanity and that he hoped he never found a cure, but that had been before she sided with the Titans. She then turned around and Denim looked surprised that she had. "It's alright if you don't feel the same. I know the way we ended," he paused. "It was hard, on both of us, we both said things we shouldn't of, but you're back now and I want what we had back. I want you back," he told her.
"How can you still love me?" was all Bumblebee could ask. "After everything?"

He shrugged. "That's a question I don't know how to answer," he told her truthfully. "I mean, the only thing that ever tied me to this planet was you. And I won't leave it until I'm absolutely sure that we're over. And I don't think we are."

Bumblebee crossed her arms over her chest. "I haven't thought about you," she spoke. "Not once since I left."

"That doesn't bother me," he told her, but the sadness in voice had given him away. "I mean, when it came to other people, I always knew I was last on your list. It was Headmaster, Aqualad," he said the name with disdain, "the twins, but mostly Sonic, and then me. In that order." Bumblebee said nothing to contradict the statement. "I'm not asking you to feel the same way I feel about you," he made clear. "I just simply ask that you indulge me a little." He held out his hand to her. "You know I'll be whoever you need me to be."

Then, before the former Titan's eyes, Denim's features began to change, until he was the spitting image of Brother Blood before his Cyborg obsession. Bumblebee visibly became tense at the sight of what her Headmaster used to me. "No?" Denim ask, in Brother Blood's voice, before his features once again began to morph. "How about now?" he asked, his voice calm and nonchalant.

Bumblebee walked back over to the jacuzzi where she knelt beside it. Her hand then slowly reached out as she stared into the familiar black eyes of Aqualad. "How about you?" she asked of him. "Just you?" And as she finished her question she cupped his cheek, which went back to its original bluish hue.

Denim smiled as he leaned into her touch, a sigh of contentment escaping his lips. "I've almost forgotten how soft your touch is." He then moved back and Bumblebee took that as him invited her back into the bubbling water, where she continued to remind him of just how good they used to be together.

To be Continued. . .

A/N: Aww, one never truly forgets their first love.