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Teen Titans Meet The Unexpected

Chapter One

Urgent Or So They Tell Me

" Raven?" A muffled voice interrupts my thoughts.

'So much for meditation.'

" What Beast Boy?" I open my door and scowl at him. He ignores it as usual and smiles his goofy grin.

" You have a message from Titans East, it kinda sounds urgent." He leads down the hallway towards the main room of Titans Tower.

'If it's so urgent, why are you smiling like that?'

" Raven!" Starfire pulls me into one of her infamous hug of death.

" Can't breathe!" I gasp for air. She let's go and leads me to the computer screen.

" Raven, you might wanna take a look at this." Robin brings up the message and I read it carefully.


There is a star ship capsule that is now next to Titans East Tower. We think you might be able to figure out what these inscriptions on it mean.

Aqua Lad

" We better go and find out what these inscriptions mean." I turn to Robin who nods. And with that, we leave to go to Titans East

" Are we there yet?" Beast Boy whines from the back seat. I grip my armrests to keep myself from strangling him.

'He does this every single trip!'

" No, for the 20th time!" Cyborg growls as he drives the T-car. I smirk.

' That always happens too...'

" We're finally here!" Starfire squeals as Cyborg parks the car.

" Hazza." I roll my eyes and open the car door. I find myself in awe as I stare at the star-ship capsule only 6 feet away from me.

" What the-!" Cyborg stands next to me in awe too. I move closer and touch the engravings.

" Their Azarothean. " I move closer to get a better look at the inscription.

" What's it say?" Robin asks as he gets off his motorcycle.

" Hey guys! There's a button!" Beast boy yells up from on top of the capsule.

" Don't push it!" I'm to late, he has already pushed it.

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