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Summary: Four young children from a world where Harry Potter is just a made up fictional story end up in a world where it is real but they are also in a different time…

From one world to another in another time

At 5:30 in the morning ten-year-old Rebecca Black ran down the stairs of Zabertracks Orphanage. Upon reaching the bottom of the staircase Rebecca bumped into one of her best friends Elizabeth Lupin.

"What are you doing down here Crystal?" Rebecca whispered to Elizabeth.

"What about you Silver?" she replied.

"Next books out today!" Alexandra Potter their other best friend said from behind Rebecca.

"Midnight!" Elizabeth and Rebecca said glaring at a giggling Alexandra.

"Sorry...Becky...Eliza" she replied between giggles.

"So you should be," Becky replied grumpily.

"Really" Alex said stoping the giggles.

"All right Alex" Eliza and Becky said.

"Lets go" Alex said pulling Becky and Eliza along.

"Yeah" Becky replied "But be Quiet. We don't want old Krunta up now do we?"

"Nope we don't" Eliza said.

The three quietly left Zabertracks Orphanage and walked down the streets of Zabertrack. Zabertrack was a small town; well I guess it wasn't that small but it was still small...

"Hi Hi Midnight, Hi Hi Silver, Hi Hi Crystal" called a little girl with mint white hair and bright green eyes.

"Hi Nikki" called Eliza.

"Hey little Mint" said Becky.

"Hello Mint" said Alex giving her a hug.

"Where you going?" Nikki asked.

"Bookstore" replied Eliza.


"To get the new HP book"

"Yeah!" Nikki cheered and jumped around.

"You want to come Mint?" Becky asked the bouncing five year old.

"Yes. Yes can I? Can I?" Nikki asked excited.

Alex, Becky and Eliza laughed.

"Of course Mint" Alex replied.

"Yippy!" Nikki cried.

"Come on lets go!" Nikki said while tugging on Becky's hand while Alex and Eliza just stood there and laughed.

"Alright. Alright just slow down a bit okay?" Becky said laughing.

"But..." Nikki started to protest.

"We'll get there in time don't worry okay Nikki" Eliza said to Nikki.

"Okay" Nikki said with a smile.

"Good. Now lets go," Alex said dashing ahead of them.

"Hey Alex!" Becky and Eliza shouted after her.

"No fair how come Alex goes ahead but I'm not allowed to?" Nikki whined.

"Hey don't start whining I get enough of that from Silver and Midnight" Eliza said then started walking ahead.

"Um...are we goin now?" Nikki asked Becky.

"Yup and don't you start to worry about them Kay?" Becky told her.

"Kay" Nikki replied unsure.

"Nikki look...Midnight is just in a bit of a Waco type mood and Crystal is just...chucking a Spatz you watch as soon as we reach the book store it'll be fine alright now lets catch up to them" Becky said grinning down to her younger friend her silver eyes shining with mischief.

"Alright lets go" Nikki replied dashing off ahead with Becky running behind her.

They then ran around the corner and just narrowly missed an elderly man who was out for an early morning walk.

"Oi watch where you children are running!" he yelled after them as they ran down the street.

"Well in my days..." he muttered to himself as they went around another corner.


"OWW! What the?"

"Hey Silver watch where you're going" Alex said getting up off of the ground where she had fallen at the impact.

"Sorry Midnight wasn't watching" Becky replied.

"Well now if you two have finished arguing can we go in?" Eliza asked them.

"Ah sure" Alex and Becky replied brushing the dirt off of their overalls a bit before giving up after all it wouldn't make any difference they were always dirty anyway.

"Why do you bother?" Eliza asked them but only got two shrugs in response.

"Lets go. Lets go!" Nikki said bouncing around.

"Okay. Okay calm down little Mint" Eliza said to her.

"Now lets go in already" Becky said opening the door to 'Cassie's Book Shop' the shop was quite old and quite dusty to but it had a real nice homey type of feeling to it witch none of them had ever felt before they first entered the shop.

"Okay where do you think it would be guys?" Alex asked as she walked down the nearest isle.

"Dunno" Eliza said picking up a random green book off of the self.

"Hey guys come and have a look at this" she said.

"Look at what?" Becky asked looking over Eliza's shoulder to see what she was talking about.

"This" Eliza said pointing to some words that were written in the book that she held.

"So all books have words in them what's so different about this one then?" Alex asked coming over to see what was going on.

"Not 'normal' words exactly Midnight but magical type words" Eliza informed her.

"Magic words like the ones that the people in Harry Potter uses?" Nikki asked in wonder as she walked over to them.

"Well actually yeah just like them" Eliza said.

"See right here" she said pointing to some words on the right hand side of the page.

"Cool. Do you think this works at all?" Becky asked.

"I don't know, wish it did though it would be so cool" Alex said to them.

"You mean even cooler then having the same last names as some of our favourite characters in our favourite books?" Eliza asked them.

"Way cooler" Alex and Becky said in unison with each other.

"Guys can we try it? Can we? Can we!" Nikki asked bouncing with energy that only a five year old could possibly have.

"Yeah lets try it what could it hurt?" Eliza asked.

"Yeah!" Alex and Beck cheered.

"Should we all say it together then?" Eliza asked unsure.

"Yes we should just incase. Right?" Alex said looking at Becky, Eliza and Nikki.

"Yeah. Well lets say it huh," Becky said confidently as she looked at the book in Eliza's hands "It doesn't seem to difficult does it?"

"No not really" Eliza said, "Are we going to try it?"

"Are we?" Nikki asked looking at her older friends.

"Yes we are!" Alex said enthusiastically.

"What do we have to say though?" Becky asked.

"Just this" Eliza replied pointing again.

"Ok on the count of three we say it together alright?" Alex asked.

"Alright" Becky, Eliza and Nikki replied as one.

"One, Two, Three..." Eliza counted down and on the count of three they all said...

"Dreamas comasa triuaes

amanas wasa tama

damoto washusa

harar potader marada timasa!"

Right after saying this there was a feeling of being lifted into the air, then a floating sensation ten falling...fast...

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