From one world to another in another time

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Chapter Three

"Um where are we?" Eliza asked.

Eliza felt a tug on her overalls when she looked down to see what it was she saw Nikki.

"What is it Mint?" Eliza asked.

"Are we lost'ded Crystal?" Nikki asked her eyes wide with fear.

"Hey don't worry Mint it'll be fine. Okay?" Alex said trying to comfort the youngest member of their little group.

"Hey 'Night where is Silv?" Eliza asked as she was looking around for their friend.

"What do you mean?" Alex asked.

Eliza replied "I mean that at some point between entering and to where we are now she has disappeared!"



"Err…Where is Mint?"

They looked around the corridor that they were currently and traced their steps back to where they entered. But there was no sign of their missing friends.

"Where can they be!" Alex yelled out in frustration.

"How should I know?" Eliza snapped.

"I don't know the same way that you know every other god damn thing!" Alex shouted at her.

Eliza looked at her friend hurt showing in her blue-gold eyes. She then shook her head then glared.

Alex stood shocked at her own words. She couldn't believe that she just said that to her friend.

"Chrys I'm so sorry-I didn't mean-I didn't think-I…"Alex said trying to apologise.

"Oh shut up okay" Eliza said "Just don't do it again"

Alex gave her a hug.

"I am sorry you know" she said as she released her friend.

"I know" Eliza said smiling "Fighting sucks"

Alex laughed "That it does"

"Well now that, all of that is solved would you two please join us" A voice said from behind them.

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Alex and Eliza turned around to see who had just spoken to them.

Don't Even think about it!

(Grumbles but does continue)

"Dumbledore!" they said surprised at his sudden appearance.

Dumbledore's eyes had that twinkling spark in them and it only increased with what he said next.

That's only one of your written pages you've still got two more not to mention the rest your writing still

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"I believe that you are missing someone"

Alex and Eliza turned to look at one another.

"Um…well yeah we are" Alex said puzzled.

"Do you know where they are Sir?" Eliza asked.

"Yes I do. They are in my office at the present time actually. If you would follow me" Dumbledore replied turning towards his office.

Alex and Eliza glanced at each other then followed him.

Glance at each other

(Oh Ha Ha)


When they reached Dumbledore's office Alex and Eliza looked around in Awe.

"Cool huh?"

Eliza turned around to see who had just spoken.

"Silver!" She said hugging her friend.

"Crystal-need-to-breath!" Becky said between gasps.

"Sorry" Eliza replied letting her go.

"No problem" Becky said catching her breath.

How the hell do you catch your breath Grabs container and tries to catch her breath in it


Pokes tongue out

Pokes tongue out in return

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Still arguing

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"Where is Minty?" Alex asked looking for the little girl.

"She is asleep" Becky replied pointing to a chair that was off to the side of the room. Alex turned to where Becky had pointed and sure enough there was Nikki curled up in the chair and fast asleep her mint-white hair framing her chubby little face. (Aww)

"Um Sir? Er…Might I ask you a question?" Eliza asked.

"You just did child" Dumbledore replied.

Alex snickered at his reply.

"Lemon drop?" he offered the sweet.

Eliza accepted one of the sweets while Alex and Becky declined politely.

"Um Sir might I ask another then?" Eliza said.

At Dumbledore's nod she continued.

"I assume that you know that we aren't exactly from here then" Eliza said and then as Dumbledore nodded slightly continued "Well we would like to know where we are like which Era but-"

"I am quiet sure that you will be fine if that information is kept from you for now" Dumbledore interrupted her "But for now (That twinkle is back) I think you three have some sleep to catch up on then all will explained later on yes that will be best"

"Um…Sir where exactly will we sleep?" Becky asked.

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