From one world to another in another time

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Chapter the Fourth- Part One

"Well you three are almost eleven or are already am I correct?" Dumbledore asked them. (Damn twinkle)

"Mhm" Eliza nodded.

"Well then why don't we see what house you three will be in? Shall we?" Dumbledore said as he took the sorting hat down from a shelf.

"But sir we're MUGGLES!" Eliza said.

"I highly doubt that you are muggles my dear for if you were muggles then how did you arrive here?" he replied with that twinkle back in his eyes. (Twinkle...Twinkle...)
Twinkle, Twinkle...
Why do I have the urge to start singing?
(Can I continue?)
"Well…Err…You see…it's like this…um…" Becky said trying to come up with something to say.

"Well then Miss. Potter shall you go first?" he asked.

"Okay" Alex said as she sat down on the stool that had just appeared right before them.

Dumbledore then placed the sorting hat atop her head, and then a voice entered her head…

'Ahh…Well I wasn't expecting to see anyone else this soon'

'Yeah well you see there were some complications sooo…'

'Mmm…Well I see that you aren't even from around here now are you?'

'Err…No…I'm not'

'Yes and your parent's are still in school here I believe'


'Mhm...Yes they are currently in their seventh year now I believe'

'Cool. So which house am I in then?'

'Well you are a tough one Miss. Potter. I believe that you would do extremely well in Ravenclaw. You are always ready for a challenge I see'

'Well yeah. I guess I am. I like a good challenge every now and again'

'Yes. I suppose it is always good to have a nice challenge but I see that you are also very hard working and extremely loyal both are Hufflepuff traits. But then again you can also be rather cunning. A Slytherin trait…Mmm but you are also very brave which is most definitely a Gryffindor's trait. Now you are a very complicated one aren't you? But I believe that I know just what to do with you…'

"GRYFFINDOR!" The hat called out loud to everyone in the room.

"Well done child" Dumbledore congratulated her.

"Now" he continued "Miss. Lupin it is your turn"

Eliza walked up and sat down upon the same stool that Alex had just used and then the sorting hat was placed atop of her head.

'Ahh…so you are Miss. Lupin also known as Crystal I believe'

'Yes that is me'

'Now what am I to do with you…you are very loyal I see…Mmm you are also rather protective of your friends…You are also very courageous as well I see…Well I know exactly where I am to put you…'

"GRYFFINDOR!" The hat called out once more.

"Yeah Crystal!" Alex called out then gave her friend a congratulatory hug.

"I-Need-to-breath" Eliza choked out between gasps.
(You know it seems we have a problem with nearly killing each other with hugs...O.o)

"Oh I'm sorry Chryst" Alex said letting go.

"Very well then Miss. Black you are next" Dumbledore said whilst gesturing towards the stool.

Becky nodded and then she walked to the stool that her friend had just vacated.

Once she had sat down the hat was then placed upon her head…

'So you are the last one for today I see…hmm Miss. Black'

'Yup it is just me Mr. Sorting hat then you can rest. So to which house do I belong?'

Mr. Sorting Hat. Silv?

(Shh I'm trying to type)



'Hee hee'

'Oh shush now let me see…Yes well I see… hmm… you are an extremely difficult one indeed'

'Oh please. Mr. Sorting Hat just tell me which house I belong in. PLEASE!'

'Very well…Calm down child…Hmm the best house for you is…'

"GRYFFINDOR!" The hat called out at last.

'Finally…Thank you Mr. Sorting Hat'

'Have fun child'

'Oh don't worry I will...'

That is never a good thing

You said it

"Yes!" Alex cried excitedly.

"We are all together" Eliza added.

"Um…Professor?" Becky asked.

"Yes Miss. Black?" Dumbledore replied.

"Um…What about Minty?" she asked looking at their young friend.

Alex and Eliza's former excitement suddenly disappeared as they remembered their friend would not be able to join them as she was only five.

"Hmm…I see well from what I have seen she is certainly a spirited young girl but she is also very well behaved…" Dumbledore said "I don't see any reason why she can't join you three in your classes" he finished.

"Really?" Becky asked.

"If the other Professors agree then she can sit in on your classes with you" Dumbledore replied.

(This doesn't make sense to me right now)

She has an awful headache right now

Not to mention the sore throat.

And the ear ache's

(Stop picking on me!)

OK we'll stop

"Now how about we take you lot to you common room" Dumbledore suggested.

"Sure" Eliza said quickly agreeing to his suggestion.

"Professor?" Alex asked.

"Yes Miss. Potter"

"Um what day is it?" she asked.

"The date to if you please" Becky interjected.

"Ah it is Monday the second of September classes start tomorrow so you can rest today" Dumbledore replied to their questions.

"Ok thank you Sir" Eliza said.

"Err…What about our stuff? You know books, uniform, robes and everything else" Alex asked.

"Wands" Becky added.

"Not to worry it has all been taken care of already" he replied.

"Wow" Eliza said shocked "How?"

"Now lets get you three to Professor McGonagall and then she will take you to your common room" Dumbledore smiled as he started leading them out of his office.

"Well that was interesting" Eliza remarked.

"Mhm…" Alex replied as she flopped on the nearest bed.

"I'm exhausted" Becky said collapsing on the bed nearest the window.

"That was the longest day EVER!" Nikki exclaimed as she hopped on the end of the bed Becky was nearly asleep on.

"Nikki" Becky mumbled "Geroff"

"Meh" came the reply.

"Please Nikki get off there is another bed you know" Becky said urging the younger girl to get off "I'm tired as well Minty"

"Please Becky" Nikki yawned hugging her.

"Fine just tonight though" Becky said as Nikki curled up next to her.

"Up, up, up get up!" This is what Becky, Eliza and Alex were awoken to the next morning.

"Nikki go back to bed" came the reply from Alex.

"Sleep good" was the reply from Eliza.

"Becky, Becky wake uuuuuuuuuuppppppp" Nikki said jumping on her bed.

"Nikki what time is it?" asked Becky.

"It's time to get up" Nikki said giggling.

"Is the sun up?" Eliza asked.

"Yup" replied Nikki.

"You sure?" asked Alex.

"Yes I'm sure, I'm sure" Nikki replied grinning "Want me to check?"

"Yeah sure check" Eliza said.

Oh NO!

"Oh no" Becky mumbled burying herself under the covers.

"OK" Nikki said jumping off of the bed and running to the windows.

Grinning wickedly Nikki asked.

"Is this good enough proof?" Whilst she gave a very hard pull on the curtains.

Evil Child

"NIKKI!" yelled Alex and Eliza as sun poured in through the windows.


"I did ask you if you wanted me to check and you said yes" Nikki replied running to Becky for safety.

"Well she DID ask you" Becky said grinning.

"Fine I'm up now anyway" Alex said grumpily.

"Don't be such a grump 'Night" Becky said yawning.

"Maybe we should changer her name to Madam Grumps she sure acts grumpy enough" Eliza commented as she hopped out of her bed.

Alex swung around and threw her pillow at Eliza hitting her right in the face.
"Hey!" Came Eliza's yell " That hurt!"
Becky whispered to Nikki " Duck for cover"
Nikki nodded and went under the nearest bed.
Just as Becky knew she would Eliza threw the pillow back at Alex and a pillow fight was started.
"HEY!" yelled Becky as a stray pillow hit her upside the head. (What DOES that actually mean I wonder... Might have to find out...hehe...)
"Oops-" Eliza said.
"Sorry" Alex added.
"No you're not!" Becky said crossing her arms.
"No-" Alex started
"We're not" Elita finished picking up her pillow.
"I knew it!" Becky said throwing the pillow at Alex who then ducked.
" Oww!" Eliza said as the pillow hit her.
Nikki giggled as she watched her friends beat each other up with pillows until she got dragged out from under the bed by Alex.
"Hey little Mint...I forgot to Thank You properly for waking me up didn't I?" Alex said grinning evilly.
Nikki giggled "That is ok 'Night you don't need to thank me it is alright"
"No it doesn't seem right..."
"No really I don't mind" Nikki said getting to her feet
Alex shook her head and pulled a pillow out from behind her back.
"It just won't do Mint"
"Oww!" Nikki said as Alex hit her on the head with the pillow "No Fair! I wanna pillow!"

They continued chasing each other around the room in a crazy pillow fight until the floor and nearly everything else was covered in feathers.
"Well..." Becky said flopping onto the nearest bed causing feathers to fly up "This is an interesting way to start the morning huh?"
"Yep" Alex mumbled face down on another bed.
"No arguments here" said Eliza as she spat out some feathers that flew into her mouth.
"Eww...yucky the feathers aren't nice" Nikki commented trying to get feathers out of her mouth as well.
Becky sneezed when Nikki jumped on the bed stirring up the feathers again.
"We should probably go get something to eat now" Becky commented.
"Yeah. I'm hungry" Nikki yelled as she jumped off the bed again.
Eliza nodded "Food sounds good"
"That it does" Alex said "But cleaning ourselves up also sounds good...We look like we got into a fight with a bunch of Chickens and lost"
"We lost?" Becky said "But there are tons of feathers...Sure the Chickens didn't loose?"
"Nah...I am sure the chickens lost..."
"Does it matter they are only hypothetical chickens anyway..." Eliza said heading to the bathroom.
"Doesn't matter...hypothetical chickens are as interesting as non- hypothetical chickens are...maybe more-so..." Becky commented.

Eliza raised an eyebrow at that "That has to be the weirdest thing you've said all week"
"Really? Cool! And it isn't even Thursday yet!"

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