The Start To A New Beginning

By: Ryu Katanna


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Chapter Two

Cutter's breath caught as his blue eyes widened. Had Skywise really just told him what he thought? His mind couldn't comprehend it for several minutes. After all this time…

(Fahr… Do you really mean that? Are you serious? If you're just playing a game with me…) Cutter sent back nervously.

"More than anything else in my life." Skywise told him, and slowly, a smile came to Cutter.

(For so long… I have contented myself with only calling you brother. You know me better than any other. I love you as well, Fahr.) Cutter sent and raised his hand to run his fingers softly over the other's cheek.

A blinding smile took over Skywise as he pulled Cutter to him. He had been ready to feel Cutter's scorn and ire, but now he could only feel the deep well of affection and love through their bond as they both fully opened to each other. It was more than he could have ever dreamed.

(Tam…) He sent as their foreheads connected softly, and he allowed himself to soak in their feelings for each other.

(Fahr…) Cutter sent back as he tilted their lips together in a soft kiss.

The sensation overwhelmed Skywise as he pulled Cutter closer to him and deepened the kiss. Tongues caressed in an ancient dance as their lips molded together. Cutter's hand slid through hair as silver-white as the stars. Bodies slide together like two parts of a whole.

Slowly, the two pulled away. Eyes connected as hands explored skin. Sounds from outside started to filter in as other members of the tribe returned. They remained close as Skywise took a seat next to Cutter.

(Bond with me. There is no other who I would want to spend my life with. There is only you, and it has taken me too long already to realize it.) Skywise sent before they could be interrupted.

(We are already bound, Fahr. Our souls have recognized each other long before now. It has only taken a while for us to catch up. I am already yours, my mate.) Cutter sent back and both smiled as they knew that one thing to be true.

Cutter had been the one to draw Skywise' gaze from the stars, but Skywise had been the one who saved him.

As he was born, and again and again as he grew older.

Skywise was the one who made him truly believe they could have a start to a new beginning.


A/N: I know the conclusion is really short, but I wanted to wrap up this story in the best way I could. I wrote the first chapter of this when I was sixteen. It's been twelve years, and my interests and writing style have changed. I still love this pairing, but there's just so little to work off of. It was a bit hard for me to finish as I really don't remember what I'd had in mind for it back then, but here is the end!