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Chapter 1

In the dark region that is the vortex of time and space, four souls drifted aimlessly. Because of their past misdeeds and greed for power. They were fated to an eternity of darkness. Until their judgment was overturned.

The former Lady of the Moon perceived that these four individuals deserved a second chance. Many of their enemies' desired a second chance, but these four were indeed worthy of a second chance to make it right, a second chance at life, and even love.

"Are you sure my Lady?" The woman with hunter green hair said to her former queen.

"Yes, I am confident in my decision. I know you have your doubt's Lady Setsuna, but I feel this is right. Not only will it test loyalty and the bonds of friendship, but also it will test the depth of true love."

"My Lady, if you wish to see the future that will come from their release I'll show it to you." Setsuna protested the release of the four from their eternal prison.

"Lady Setsuna you know as well as I, the future is forever changing. You have the power to stop and reset time as well as move people from the past, present, and future but to look beyond our choices, is a power no one has."

Setsuna averted her maroon eyes from Serenity. "If this appeases you, it shall be done. However, if they step out of line once I want hesitate to send them from whence they come." Setesuna said venomously.

"I understand." Queen Serenity said as she vanished from Setsuna's sight.

Setsuna the Senshi of Time stood before the gate of time. With the whisper of a simple spell, the endless loop of the time gate flooded open. Using her staff of time, she pulled her four desired souls. With a flash of light Prince Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, and Rubeus stood before her.

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