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Love and Mystery

Chapter Two

Kaythline O'Daniels


I walked up to the door. For some reason I was nervous. The second I knocked a man opened the door. He needed a nap and a shave.

"May I help you?" The poor man hadn't slept in days, hours, maybe.

"I'm here to talk to Jack O'Daniels."

He looked me over. "Who are you?"

"My name is Jordan Cavanaugh. I'm from the Medical Examiner's Office." The look on his face was of true horror.

"Please come in." He opened the door wider for me to enter. As I stepped in I noticed pictures on the wall of the girl and of a boy a few years older than the girl.

"I'm here to speak about your daughter. Kaythline was found today. I'm sorry to say but she's dead." The man burst into tears as he fell to the floor and started to shake fiercely. I crouched down beside him while my heart cried to leave. The man was a broken mirror. His world was shattered, crushed like the others I had told. How many over the years had I done this to? Hundreds? Thousands? I knew that I couldn't take it back but I could give him some peace by finding her killer.

"How did it happen?" His voice sounded empty and hallow. Something about him made me uneasy. Something inside of him made me wanted to cry out of anger but I knew it was because he was a man cry his heart out.

I was scared to answer him. You could just tell that something was wrong with the way he looked about the whole thing but then again he had just lost his daughter. "She was strangled. I would like to know if she had a boyfriend or anyone she considered dating." Looking confused he shock his head. "When we did the autopsy we found out that she was pregnant. We also found three different sperm samples inside of her. Can you think of anything that seemed out of the ordinary?"

"Miss Cavenaugh, my daughter was a good girl, she would never do anything like that. If she were pregnant she would have told me about it. For ten years I have been both mother and father to her and I have watch over her closely, more than the usual parent should but I didn't want anything to go wrong with her."

"Would you mind if I go look in her room for some kind of evidence that might tell us as to who would do this to her?"

"No, go on. Her room in the second door on the left."

I walked up the stairs and to the victim's room. Once I had opened the door I knew that there was something wrong with this room. It was too pink. There was way too much pink in this room. Like some one had spilled Petto Bismall all over the room. Sitting on top of the nightstand was a diary. On the first page was her name and address. Everything about it was wrong. I would take this down to the morgue and read it there. Once I started to walk down stairs a young man that looked lost.

"What do you mean she's dead? She has only been gone for a few days, she'll come back home." He looked to be a year or two older than his sister. He had white blonde hair and dark brown eyes. He looked like a jock.

"No, Dillon she won't. The medical examiner is here and said that it is definitely her." Walking the rest of the way down those stairs made me edgy. The brother was upset. He must have been close to his little sister.

"Mr. O'Daniels I hope you don't mind that I take this with me. It could help find out who had done this." I said as I held up the diary.

"No take it. As long as you bring it back." His shoulders dropped and looked away from me. For some reason I had a feeling that everything was just not right in this house.

"I will."

I drove to the morgue and parked in the back. Looking over at the diary I couldn't resist the urge to read it. Picking it up I noticed how light it felt. Like it was new but held secrets. As I opened to the second page I felt edgy, unsure that I should be reading her secret thoughts. Reading I knew that I couldn't read the whole diary. I just couldn't. I felt sick. Opening the door I leaned my head out and vomited my lunch all over the pavement by my car. I had to let Nigel see this. He could take it better than I could.


Once I saw Jordan walk in with a small pink diary I know that she had found the family and that they would be coming once they could pull themselves together. She handed me the diary. I just looked at her. "What's this for love?"

"Read it. You won't believe what's in it." I opened the diary and started to read it.

April 1


Today for some reason Dad joined me in the shower. He said that I needed to learn how to do all these things. I don't know what to do. -Kay

April 4


The reason I started you was to put down all the things DAD is making me do. Like yesterday, he made me sleep with him. Dillon was off at a friend's house. I bet DAD just loved that. Then today one of his friends came over and started to rape me when I started to scream DAD put tape over my mouth and let the guy do it while he jacked off. I'm only twelve why does he have to do this? I hope he stops. -Kay

April 8


Once again DAD has proven not to be a very good father. Two days ago his friend BILL comes over and pays DAD some money. The next think I know I'm bent over the kitchen table and I have his dick in my. Why does he have to do this? Where can I turn to? Then yesterday SAM comes over pays DAD money and he sticks that thing he calls a dick in my ass, then in my pussy as he called it. Today ADAM comes over and starts to rape me while DAD, SAM, and BILL watch. Once he was done they all took turns. Where was Dillon? I wanted my big brother to walk in and kill the bastards. -Kay

"Jordan do you know what this means?" She looked so sick of that diary that she could have just burned it. But it was evidence and it would put the girl's father away for life.

"Yeah, I do. He made her sleep with his friends. When I saw the brother he was pretty upset. If he had known he would have gotten her out of there. Read the last few entries."

As usual I did what Jordan asked.

July 9th


Today BILL and me fucked like rabbits. DAD is being smart he's the only one wearing a condom. He told all of his friends to fuck me raw. It's weird when I started you out I did it to get back at DAD but now I like the sex. Yeah I know that I'm only fourteen but hell it's great. BILL has a big cock and loves it when I talk dirty to him. Once he told DAD that he wanted me all night long. He and his wife are divorced and he said that I'm the best lay he has ever had. ADAM once told me that when I turn eighteen) that he's going to marry me and make an honest woman out of me. I hope he does. He's the only one that can make me orgasm on the spot, just by touching me. He's the youngest out of the group. He's only twenty-eight. He even told DAD that he wanted me for a whole week. The same week I got pregnant. I'm glad that it is his child. I've even told him. He picked me up and told me how much he loves me. SAM is still a little not use to this. Even though he is like thirty-four he told me that what we are doing just ain't right. He got me for a month once and we did nothing. DAD doesn't know that. They have all paid for what they got. -Kay

July 10th


Today Dillon walked in on BILL and me. We were in the bathroom going at it on the counter when he walked in. He looked mad. Then again so would I if I just discovered that my little sister was having sex with three guys. -Kay

July 15th


For the last two days Dillon has caught me in bed with DAD, ADAM and SAM. He told me that one day when I'm not expecting it he's going to put honor back into the family. Whatever that shit means. DAD came home today and just fucked me right there on the couch. That was when Dillon walked in. Does that son of a bitch ever just hang with his friends any more? -Kay

I sat there in shock. The git thought she had learned to love it. I was lost for words. "Jordan, do you know the names of all the guys she was sleeping with?"

"No, but I bet she put them in there, I just don't want to look at the other entries. She only wrote a few times after she started to change. Why didn't she just tell her brother at first? Her brother didn't do it but I bet her dad did. I have a feeling that he wanted her to get pregnant but not fall in love with one of the guys he made her sleep with."

I stood up and walked over to her. "Jordan, she was only fourteen. She didn't even know what love was. What makes you think that she found it?" I wrapped my arms around her shoulders.

"Because of how she wrote about Adam. Who ever that is?"

I looked down at the diary. On the front was a design that I knew all to well. The upside down cross, and just below that was an upside down pentagram. How could I not have seen that?


Nigel let me go and picked up the diary once again. I was in a lost with out him holding me. Now why would that be?

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