Once Clark and Seth got to the Daily Planet, people came and greeted them. Asking how Seth was and how Jimmy was fairing. Clark sort of slid out of the picture as he went over to his desk and sat down, sighing heavily.

After about the three thousandth time someone had asked Seth "How are you?" Seth walked over to his desk. He pulled out a piece of paper and a pen and wrote. "I'm fine. Be better in a few days. Don't ask." He then taped the piece of paper to his chest and then walked over to Clark. "So, any new reports for us, Clark? "

Clark looked Seth up and down, his eyes landing on Seth's chest. "No. No new reports. Enough spot light for one day?" He asked, motioning to the sign.

"Yeah. You wouldn't think it was possible how many times I've been asked how I'm doing. You'd think everyone in Metropolis had already asked me!" Seth replied, hoping up on Clark's desk. "So, you asked Lois out yet?"

Clark looked over at Seth, then looked over at Lois. "No..and I can't. It'd be too dangerous for her to know anything about me. And believe me, she'd find out." He went back to typing on the computer and sighed heavily, looking back at Seth. "After work wanna go do some life saving?" He asked. "Then maybe…you teach me how to charm women."

"You make this superhero thing way too hard, Clark." Seth muttered, watching Lois for a moment and then smiling and turned back to Clark. "Sure, you could use some pointers, but as for the life saving, aren't Superman and Hazard supposed to be on odds? Those two hate each other, remember? What should we do about that? I highly doubt anyone will believe that they just woke up and decided they liked each other. Heh."

Clark Smiled. "You underestimate the people of Metropolis." He got up and turned to Seth. "I know how to get the people to believe us. So, you start gathering up tips for my…charming-women-lesson. And I'll take care of everything else." He winked and walked off.

"Why do I get the feeling I'm not going to like this idea." Seth muttered and then ran back to his desk as the boss walked in and quickly started to work.

The boss walked by and smiled. "Good job, Hazard. See here, people, this is how you get promoted." The boss slapped Seth on the back and returned to his office.

Seth smiled and leaned back in his chair, putting his feet up on his desk. Everyone laughed and Jimmy, with a smile, walked up and said. "Yeah, that's definitely the way to get promoted. Heheh." He then plopped down at his desk leaned back and put his feet on the desk. A moment latter the boss came out and Seth snapped back to pretending to work, but Jimmy did not have time.

"Olsen, what do you think you are doing! Get back to work or else you will find you self short a job!" Shouted the boss who then spun around and headed back to his office. Before he went in he turned to Seth, who was typing diligently on his computer. "You all need to shape up. Try and be more like Hazard here. Good job, son." With that he slammed the door to his office.

Hazard smiled and returned to his relaxed position. "What can I say? I'm a hard worker." At that everyone, ever Jimmy started laughing again but they went silent when the boss peered out of his office again.

An hour later Seth left the building and walked down the street until he got to a deserted alley. In the blink of an eye he changed from his casual wear to his combat-like costume and flew into the air. He flew over the buildings looking for Clark or trouble.

Clark found Seth and changed into his outfit. "I talked with the mayor. I told him that Superman and his friends helped to de-brainwash you. That you had been controlled by someone and that you had now vowed to fight for good."

"Thanks. Still doesn't solve are feud. Brainwashing or not, my hero methods are still the same "reckless" ways they were, as you said. I'm still the same type of hero."

Clark frowned slightly, having Seth repeat his own words. "Yes, they are reckless…but you can control that in due time, or either we can buddy up. I'll save the victims, you take out the bad guys…and then…at other times, it's vise-versa."

"Heheh. You're just going to have to learn to live with my "recklessness," Clark." Seth chuckled and then snapped his head around as he heard an explosion from behind him. He turned just in time to see a building smash to the ground and a tan creature jump on top of another building. A crazy grin spread across Seth's face. "Yeah! Now there's some action!" With that Seth flew of towards the creature.

Clark grinned and flew after him. He then scanned the building making sure there was no one trapped in the rubble while Hazard flew off to battle the new threat without a second thought. "Reckless, self-absorbed, arrogant rookie." Clark muttered with a smile as he watched Hazard run head-long into a fight with the unknown being with no thought to anything else. "This is going to be an awkward alliance..." As he said this Hazard aimed a perfect punch at the tan man and sent him spiraling through the air. "But, who knows, this could work." With that Clark took off through the air towards Hazard and the being.