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A Different Point of View
Chapter 2
By stitch62619

Nani awoke, drenched in sweat. It took her a moment to realize that she wasn't on the edge of a busy road, in a storm, with Stitch dead in her arms.
Nani gasped for air. The dream had seemed so real…
She raised a hand, and swept it through her hair, shaking. Her hair was wet, and her face was damp. Her pillow was soaked from her tears.

Nani, tried to shake herself back into reality, but all she could think about was Stitch.

Stitch! Where was he? Was he ok? Was he lying somewhere hurt?

Nani began to panic.

"Stitch…" she stuttered.


After a few seconds of dead silence, Nani suddenly wanted Stitch to be in the room with her.
To feel his presence.
To make sure he was alright.
To make sure that he loved her, and didn't think that she fobbed him off, as she had in the dream.

"Stitch...STITCH?...STITCH!...STITCH! "
Nani was on the verge of breaking down, when she thought she heard a loud thud outside in the hallway.
She heard a yell.

A few seconds later, the door burst open and Stitch ran into the room, skidding on the floor from rushing in so fast.


He rushed over and leaped up onto the bed, crawling over to her.

"Nani! What wrong? Youga okeytaka? What happen?"
Nani let out a loud sob, and pulled him into a hug.

"Oh…thank goodness you're ok…"

Nani could feel Stitch rubbing his paw on her back, doing the best he could to comfort her… like he said he had tried to do in the dream…

Stitch pulled away from her and looked into her eyes. He placed a paw on her hand, clearly concerned.

"What happen?" he asked her quietly. "Why Nani so sad?"

"Oh, Stitch…I had a horrible nightmare. That you died."

"Meega die?"

"In my arms…bloody, ear…gone…died…"


Stitch looked into her eyes, only to find emptiness and confusion.


A moment later, Nani snapped out of her small trance and looked at him.

"I'm scared, Stitch…scared it will happen…"


"What happened in my dream…that you'll leave us."

"Why would Stitch want to leave? Stitch happy here."

"Because of the dream…it seemed so real…"

"Nani… lucha."

Nani looked up to him, her eyes brimming with tears.

"Tell Stitch what remember. Stitch not understand what Nani telling Stitch."


Nani drew in a stuttered breath.

"You spoke to me in perfect English in my dream. I don't know why, or how, cause you can't speak proper English, but you just did for some reason. Anyway, we were going to the vet, and you started to tell me about how much I disliked you. You said that I always blamed you for everything, and that I insulted you all the time, by calling you a 'wrecking ball'" You told me that you knew I didn't like you from the moment I saw you, and then you said something about having the same 'rights as we do' and that although you looked like a dog, you weren't. And then you started to cry. You curled yourself into a ball, and I pulled over on the edge of a busy road, and I asked you if you were ok, but you said noone cared, espically not me. Then you got out of the car, and went to the edge of the road and told me that you couldn't take it anymore."

"I pleaded with you…to not…not step out onto the road, but you did, and you…you were hit… by a…semi. You landed on the roof of the buggy, and I picked you up… and your final words to me were… were… "this ugly duckling… will never… b.. become a… a swan. And then you died…"

That did it… Nani broke down in front of Stitch.
Stitch was pretty shocked. He uneasily rubbed his paws together in his lap.

"Well, Nani is pretty mean to Stitch sometimes, but Stitch would not want to die. And why would Stitch step out onto busy road? Semi would not kill Stitch. Stitch indestructible."

Nani continued to sob. Her eyes had become puffy and red, and her hair stuck to her face with beads of sweat and tears. Stitch looked at her for a moment, and then looked down to his lap.

"But… the dream seemed so real…"

"Naga, dream not real. Nani only think was real."

Nani sighed.

"I just… can't…I feel that you… ever since the truth…"


Nani sighed again. "Never mind."

"Nani naga cry. Stitch okeytaka. Stitch not upset."
"But… but you don't think that I dislike you, do you? Or blame you for everything?"

"Naga. Stitch nota Nani not dislike Stitch…but Nani does blame Stitch for things. Stitch tries to tell was accident, if something breaks, but Nani not listen to Stitch. Stitch understands though; thinks Nani proberly just having bad day, and says soka."


There was a long pause, and then Stitch spoke softly.

"Naga worry Nani. Stitch okeytaka. Stitch not hurt. Naga be upset."

"But… I do ignore you, don't I?… Like times when I say to Lilo, 'Let's go to the shops' and you're standing right next to her and I don't even look at you… I make you feel… like you're… rejected… ignored…"



Stitch just shrugged.
"Stitch just takes it that Nani wants to spend time with Lilo. Doesn't bother Stitch. Stitch goes off and does something else."

"But don't you feel as though I leave you out?"

"Naga. Nothing bothers Stitch. Stitch wonders why bothers Nani so much though."

"But… my dream…"

Stitch laughed. "Nani! Dream not real! "

Nani still looked down.

"Nani, please don't think Stitch is unhappy. What Nani witnessed in dream was not real. Stitch naga want to die. Besides, Lilo and Ohana would be sad. So, just don't think about dream. Put in past. Stitch here, Stitch not dead, and Stitch not unhappy, okeytaka?"

"Ok, Stitch. But I still feel as though I need to make it up to you."
Nani sniffed, and wiped her eyes.

"Why? Nani not need to make anything up to Stitch."

"But I need to make up to you all those times I blamed you for anything, or ignored you, or yelled at at you."

"Please agabba, Nani! Youga naga need to make anything up to Stitch. Stitch understands why you yell at him, or why you get mad and blame meega when something breaks. It doesn't bother Stitch. Stitch just accepts it. And as Stitch told you before, Stitch just thinks youga want to spend time with Lilo when you ignore him. So, this is last time Stitch is going to say this, okeytaka? Nani, forget bout dream and put it behind you. Stitch is okeytaka, and happy. Stitch not depressed, like was in dream. So, naga worry anymore, and stop being sad. Please?"

Nani sighed.
"Ok, Stitch… I'll try. But it's still going to take me a while to get over that dream."

"Why? Stitch would easily get over dream. Was stupid dream. Anyway, Nani, can stop talking bout this now?"

Nani blew her nose with a tissue. "Can you go see if the others are awake?"

"Naga, Nani. Jumba, Lilo and Pleakley are all on vacation, remember?"

Nani thought to herself for a moment.
"Oh, that's right. I was somewhere else for a second, sorry. But Stitch, why didn't you go with them? You've always wanted to go to Australia."

"Stitch not want Nani to be lonely."

Nani's heart melted. The thought of Stitch sacrificing a trip to a place he was nearly obsessive over to keep her company, gave Nani a clear insight into the 'true side of Stitch.'

"Oh, Stitch…"

Stitch just smiled at her. He climbed down off the bed, and headed for the door he had busted open in worry a short while ago.

"Go have shower, Nani. Youga lucha like gonna watch TV, okeytaka?"

Nani smiled as she watched the little blue alien exit the room.
It looked like the beginning of a perfect day to Nani, something which she had not had for months.

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