What about Jamie? The girl we never saw, but Lisa knew. Some of her thoughts after Lisa ran away. Before Jamie killed herself and Susanna came to stay. Femslash, because Lisa was obviously passionate about Jamie.

I think this sucks.

Fast to Fade

I breathe her in like smoke, only to see it fade away. Lisa strays into our room, only to disappear an hour later. I try to keep her on grounds, but she is a wanderer, and everyone knows that wanderers never stay. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, she'll return.

But like smoke, she is so fast to fade.

She clings to me as if as sinking into the barren earth. She whispers, je t'aime, Jamie into my ear repeatedly till it's a haunting melody that I hear as we lay awake, side by side, each grasping each other's palms. She traces infinite designs on my palms till my muscles quiver.

But like smoke she is so fast to fade.

Lisa is the darkness in me, but I'm at fault because I let her in. I let her hold me, and screw me, and then I die every time she goes away. But I keep returning to her touch, falling silent by her kiss.

But like smoke she is so fast to fade.

Her kisses are ashen, and thick. She is rough but I don't cry, because I love her, and I know she needs a release. So I cover up the bite marks on my neck, the one she thinks I should wear like a prize. I ignore the scratches on my thighs, the bruising on my lips, and the leadness of my heart. I stifle my cries, because if I cry enough, she'll go away forever.

But I breathe Lisa like smoke, and everyone knows smoke fades.