A dead letter. I was inspired by Jennifer Oksana's didn't leave nobody but the baby. Mystique says goodbye to Rogue and to it all. This takes place in the comicsverse, as Mystique adopted Rogue as her own when the girl was pretty young. Lyrics are by Disney and are from Dumbo.

Baby Mine


Baby mine, don't you cry.

I'm dying.

Baby mine, dry your eyes.

Daughter, I love you. But now I'm leaving this world. Did we think it was possible? For me to die?

It was.

So I'm dying now. I'm dying and I'm speaking with my last strength and I'm Mystique. And I'm regretting so much.

Rest your head close to my heart

You were a joy. Do you remember when you'd have nightmares and I'd comfort you? Do you remember when you'd have nightmares and be soaked with sweat and I'd comfort you and you'd wish it all it away? Those other people's fears teriffied you in your dreams even.

Never to part, baby of mine

The remnants left in your head. Will I be in your head, that vast chasm of a mind where pieces of everything you've touched are stored?

Little one, when you play

Will you remember me? Mother? Do you remember Destiny, your childhood?

Pay no heed what they say

Now that I'm gone you'll survive, I know. You never needed me, really, I just wanted a daughter and you were happy to fill the position and we loved you, and that's all that matters. That's all that matters in the end.

Let your eyes sparkle and shine

Everything else isn't important. You're such a survivor and you'll do fine without me, but still this is killing me, and oh, I remember so much.

Never a tear, baby of mine

I was Raven and I had a baby, and oh, I loved my baby, but I gave him up, and then I found you. And Destiny and I were so happy with you, even when you developed those powers.

If they knew all about you

My other baby died and the others are out there, and oh, I loved you the most, Rogue. You weren't mine, but you were mine and that is all matters.

They'd end up loving you, too

And I was so proud of your powers because it was a bit like me, and although we weren't related, you were like me. An absorber. I changed forms, you absorbed powers.

All those same people who scold you

We were a family. A happy family. Even through it all. The things I now regret and oh, I wish I had my baby by my side.

what they'd give just for the right to hold you

You had nightmares. I've said this. You had nightmares and when you woke up, I'd comfort you and hold you. Carefully, but it was enough, I hope. It was enough. You must have been so lonely all these years without much of a human touch.

From your hair down to your toes

Not like I was human anyways. Neither were you. We know this. Mutants.

You're not much, goodness knows

You're going to be such a powerhouse, a legend in the mutant world, and I only wish I would be there to say you're my daughter. But I hope you'll say it, proudly, as I have.

But, you're so precious to me

I've said it all along. I'm Mystique and I have a daughter and she is the most wonderful creature in the universe, but she isn't mine. I love her all the same.

Sweet as can be, baby of mine

Now it's the grand finale, that finale battle and I have my daughter by my side. My Rogue and this is how I want to die, shedding all the personas I've ever worn and just wearing my true form: Mother. To you. Goodbye.