I wrote this in less than 20 minutes trying to make a type of riddle out of a fanfic. It is slash. Who dies? Let' see.

Center Stage

There was a gun.

It's hard to explain but in essence, simple really. It wasn't the shot heard round the world, but it echoed throughout the city of Chicago, all the same.

Jazzkillers in the cage. Not a scandal any longer but that was to be expected. Hart knew the spotlight would die, so she always had to use a body to make it seem less dim. Kelly was never one to really fool around, even though she always kept her eyes on that everything that came their way. Roxie, with her, it didn't really matter, she'd screw anything that walked. Poor Amos bumbled through life, ignoring this wife, two bit harlot. Velma was surprisingly loyal.

There was an affair.

Common as ever and though Velma was a hellcat, she stayed true to those who were on her side - but hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Veronica and Charlie sure saw that, sure as a bullet strikes you midair.

There was a body.

It was cumbersome and hefty. God knows her arm strength nearly gave way hoisting it into the bed, making it look like a late night intrusion gone terribly wrong.

There was a longing.

It wasn't hard to imagine. Hart wanted some action, she always had to be in focus. Her place was center stage. Velma was the same way but the two worked in tandem. They were a good team, but teams eventually fall apart, as this one did. And every person around her, they were too tempting for words. And she'd had a good thing in jail, dim as the surroundings were.

There was a lawyer.

She rang up Billy Flynn when Hart was found screwing around again. Roxie was a mongrel and a morsel always lay in sight for this beast. Velma screamed into the phone with halted sentences about a two timing whore down at the club. Always one for the action, Billy came in a second.

There was a lesson.

Mama was pretty surprised to see Velma. Velma brandishing a pistol. Miss Kelly reflected in the dressing room mirrors that poured gleam and light on Roxie. Her former tango partner, so to speak, standing in front of her. Darkened eyes and steady hand.

There was a murder.

Roxie was astonished, as well. Not over Velma. No, but the fact she'd been caught. And Billy? Billy was perfectly timed to see Velma send the silver arc ending Mama and Roxie's song on it's final note.