Thoughts Like This

Start slow, now.

There's so many things to consider. Some things shouldn't be thought of..but no, she wouldn't be interested in you - it wouldn't be right. And aren't you so ashamed of yourself?

Yes. But no.

Thoughts like this would never be tolerated at home. Never. But you're not at home, are you? And nobody knows Tara here. Only a couple of self-proclaimed witches at a meeting you force yourself every week to attend.

There's no harm in thoughts. But don't venture too far. Never the two shall meet. Don't think about that number of her room you have now, the one gripped between your forefinger and thumb. Look at that tiny sliver of paper, the slight of your handwriting. 214 emblazoned there.

It wouldn't hurt to just visit, right? Not stay. But that stutter..that infernal stutter. You won't be able to control it then, will you now? And the real Tara will come shining through.

But maybe that won't matter.

No, stop thinking! Don't think of the way she seemed defiant about the magic. She was pure, you could tell. Go ahead and find her. You want to speak to her so strongly. You can't breathe now, can you? Think but never act. And sometimes, don't even think.

Don't think about slender hands, stuttering speech, hearts that want to meet but never will touch. Thoughts like this shouldn't be tolerated..yet you think them so much.