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Sleeping Beauty


The cast of X-Men Evolution are all standing around waiting for their OC Directors. Rogue is reading the script. "Oh, this Bites! Ah'm not having any part in this."

She turns to walk out when out of the shadows, a girl with blue skin, red hair, and yellow eyes steps in front of her. At first, they think it's Mystique, but Mystique is standing next to Magneto. "I beg to differ." Raven replies and Rogue finds herself floating along the floor to her seat.

A gust of wind blows through and Lightning arrives as well.

"Well, now that everyone is here, however late," Raven says, looking suggestfully at Lightning. "We can begin the casting."

"Uh, who are you?" asks a Cajun with red-on-black eyes.

Raven turns to him and smiles warmly. "I'm Raven and this is Lightning. We will be your directors for the remainder of the play. Everyone comfortable? Good, lets begin."

Another gust of wind and Lightning has handed the rest of the cast the script. Rogue already had one. He looks down at a clip board. "Are you serious, Raven? You want Rogue to play that part?"

"Yes, I do! Do you have a problem with that?"

"Uh, no, no problems. No problem at all, just you know, her powers!"

"Oh shut up! Like I would forget her powers!"

"Uh, no you never forget anything!"

"Can we all just get on with it!" The Professor shouts.

Raven sighs, "Sorry."

"Yeah, sorry," Lightning squeaks.

"Okay," Raven says without a glance at her clipboard. "The first part goes to Eric Lehnsherr. He will be doing the narration."

Magneto nods, grateful not to be a part of the insanity of the play.

"Next," Lightning says glancing down nervously, "is the part of Aurora, which will be played by," he coughs nervously, "Rogue." He hides behind Raven.

Rogue stands up angrily. "What in the world! Ah can't play the Sleeping Beauty! Ah can't touch people!"

"Don't you think I know that! But you are going to play the part and we will just have to deal with a few minor technical issues." Rogue grumbles and sit down.

"Gee, Iwonderwho'splayingPhillip!" Pietro growls.

"Glad you asks, Quicky. Jamie gets the part." she grins evilly.

"What!" shouts a very angry Remy Lebeau. The rest of the cast are in shock.

"Don't worry." Lightning softens, "He just gets the first part! When Phillip is a little boy. Gambit gets the main role of Phillip."

"Good! Cause there is no way in this world or the next one, that Ah'd eveh kiss Jamie! No offense, Jamie."

"None taken," he sighs sadly. But he really doesn't care. He's not really into girls, but if he was then he'd be in love with Kitty. He sighs as he watches Shadowcat.

"So, you would kiss Remy, chere?" Gambit's red eyes glow.

Rogue groans. Raven is board and so she shouts, "That's enough!"

"Okay," Lightning cowers, "Now, the next part is the part of the queen, which will be played by Storm."

"What!" Mystique howls. "But I am Rogue's mother!"

"Mystique, dear, dear, Mystique," Raven grumbles, "The Queen's part is only two lines, and I have a much bigger part for you: Maleficent."

"The evil fairy! Why do I have to be cast as evil?"

"Because you are evil?" Lightning retorts. "Now, then, Rogue's father will be played by Charles Xavier."

"And Remy's by Logan." Raven grins.

Logan growls, "You mean I have to play the part of Gumbo's father? Ain't happening."

Raven grins evilly once again, "Oh yes it is, or you can spend the rest of your rather long life believing you are a six-year-old girl!"

"You wouldn't!"

"We'll let my sister Rachel braid your hair."

Logan sits down muttering things under his breath that I'll not repeat.

"Okay, then. The three good fairies are Jean, Kitty, and Tabby."

"Tabby?" questions Jean.

"Yes, Tabby." Lightning answers for Raven. "Who else would make a good Merryweather?"

"Well, only if I get to be Flora!" Jean sticks her nose in the air.

"Perfect example of type casting." Raven nods. "And now, the Raven, I'm sorry Kurt, but that's you."

"Lance, Pietro, Todd, Fred, Piotr, John, Victor, and Mastermind, get to play Goblins." Lightning grins as Pyro laughs maniacally at his part. Sabretooth growls.

"Everyone who doesn't have a part get to be the towns people."

Scott is outraged. "Look, I'm the leader of the X-Men and you can't even find a part for me?"

"Well, you aren't the leader of the X-Men where I come from and no, I couldn't find a part for you, unless. . ."

"What? I'll take any part."

"Well, there is this one part. . ." Raven grins slowly at Lightning who runs off and in an instant returns with a horse costume. "Phillip's horse."

He grumbles but takes the head. "This part is a two person job."

"Bobby, that means you." Raven says sweetly, sending the horse's butt telekinetically over to Iceman.

"Cyke, I'm gonna kill you!" He sends a icicle at his fearless leader, who blasts it with a laser beam. Logan and Sabretooth start fighting. Mystique, Kurt and Rogue are arguing. Jean is helping Scott. Jubilee is helping Bobby. Tabby's sending bombs everywhere. Pyro has caught the curtains on fire. Piotr's trying to put it out. Magneto and Professor Xavier are arguing about the humanity of mutants. Rahne is trying to flirt with Roberto. Amara is trying to help Piotr put out the fire. Kitty is watching the ripples in Piotr's metal muscles. Remy is watching Rogue. Sam and Ray are playing with the equipment. Lance is trying to talk to Kitty, who is pointedly ignoring him. Pietro is throwing things at Evan, who is shooting spikes everywhere, trying to hit him. Todd is using his tongue to taunt Kurt. Fred is eating. Chaos reigns supreme.

Raven put her hand on her forehead and shakes her head, "Who's idea was it to go back in time to direct a play with these people?"

"I think it was Lily's." Lightning tells her.

"Remind me to kill her when we get back. This is going to be a long night."

to be continued. . .

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