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A/N: The exciting conclusion of Sleeping Beauty!

Sleeping Beauty

Scene 9: Happily Ever After

"I'm starving." Raven says, walking up to the table with food on it. "Ah, man, there's only powdered donuts left. Oh well, a least I brought this." She pulls a bottle of cayenne pepper out of her pocket and starts to sprinkle it on the donut. Ray sees this and makes a disgusted face. Actually, all the cast is watching with disgusted looks on their face, including Lightning.

"That is, like, so gross." Kitty says.

"That's saying a lot coming from you." Kurt says and then dodges a donut which Kitty throws at him.

Raven has ignored all of this and looks up to see everyone looking at her as she bites into it. She shrugs and after she swallows the first bite says, "What? I am half Cajun, ya know." Everyone looks at Rogue and Gambit.

"What happened to keeping that a secret?" Lightning asks.

"Oh, that stopped yesterday right about the time Rogue figured it out." Raven replies.

"You're neveh gonna let me live this down, are ya, Cajun?" Rogue gulps.

"Non, no Remy don't t'ink so. And speaking of yesterday, what exactly did Raven tell you before, chere?" He says with a slight smirk on his face.

"Yeah, and what did you say to Gambit the other night?" Jean asks.

Rogue suddenly feels a very bad case of whooping cough coming on as she runs to her dressing room, trying to escape the game of Twenty Questions.

"Do you put cayenne pepper on everything?" Fred asks scrunching up his nose.

"Yes," Lightning says quickly, "She does."

"Rogue, get out here and answer Remy!" he yells pounding on the locked door of her dressing room.

Inside it, Rogue sighs and holds onto a card with a picture of the Queen of Hearts on it. Her whooping cough has surprisingly made a miraculous recovery. She's knows he'll win sometime, but she ain't gonna go down without a fight. "Not on your life, Cajun!" she yells back.

Logan hits his head against a wall. "She's their kid? I'm never getting rid of that Gumbo. Agh!"

"Give me a break, Papa's not that bad." Raven says. Everyone looks at her. "Sheesh, what did I say?"

"I think it might have been the Papa thing." Lightning whispers.

"Oh. Back to calling him Gambit. And speaking of Gambit. . . Places People! Time's wasting. Lights! Camera! Action!"

Gambit, who's muttering under his breath about having to take orders from his own kid, and the three fairies, who are trying to contain their laughter at the thought of Raven being his kid, are running up a staircase until they see a group of goblins running towards them with Kurt, who looks as if he really does want to kill Gambit because Raven is his kid, leading them. "Uh oh." Remy breaths. They start running the other way. The fairies are once again replaced with the shrinking holograms and fly after him. They come to a window. Remy turns around and starts defending himself with the sword. "Whoever heard of using a sword against mutants." he mumbles.

"The script, Gambit!" Lightning calls. Rogue is watching through her dressing room window.

"Yeah, yeah, Remy knows." He turns and jumps out the window onto a ledge. Then follows the fairies and jumps off the ledge. The scene changes to the Scott and Bobby horse chained up and watching him slide down a pile of rocks.

Kurt sees them and teleports to a bridge where the goblins are pushing rocks over it. Remy gulps. Scott tries to whinny. Everyone other than Raven laughs. The rocks fall.

"Remy, watch out!" Jean calls. She points her wand at it and the rocks stop. Pietro removes them and Forge brings out a giant bubble machine which makes it look like Jean turned the rocks into bubbles.

"This is getting more complicated." Lightning says.

"I know." Raven remarks.

Remy gets up and runs towards the horse. The goblins fire arrows at him. He hids under his shield. Jean points her wand at them and the arrows freeze. Pietro replaces them with flowers.

Tabby points her wand at the horse's chains and they come off. Remy climbs on the "horse and they ride off. The next obstacle the goblins have for them is boiling oil. Jean points her wand at it and it parts. Pietro places a cardboard rainbow in it's place. Jaime looks on proud as he is the one who painted it.

Kurt teleports around on his way to alert Mystique. Tabby sees this and won't let him get away with it. Her hologram flies up to the tower and chases him shooting Jubilee's sparks at him until one hits. "OW!" he yells.

"Kurt!" Raven warns. He teleports offstage rubbing his wound, while Pietro places a stone statue of Kurt in his place. Tabby looks smug, both her hologram and the real Tabby.

Mystique comes out of her tower and yells, "Silence!" She throws up her hands and turns to Kurt's statue. "You, tell those fools to," and then she gasps as she realizes what's happen to her pet. "No! No!" She notices the prisoner escaping. The portcullis comes down, but it's too late. They are on the other side.

"Like, totally, watch out Remy!" Kitty calls. As the drawbridge pulls up. They point their wands at him and he floats safely to the other side.

"It's good to have telekinetics lying around," Lightning mutters.

Mystique, looking not very imposing in her red devil outfit, climps to an even higher tower which is move of a lookout. She watches them go.

"Hurry, hurry, Remy!" Jean cries.

Mystique raises her trident. Storm creates a lightning bolt which crashes an arch which Remy has just ridden under. Scott and Bobby are running out of breath inside their costume. A close up of Mystique as she yells, "Forest of thorns shall be his tomb. Born through the skies on a fog of doom." Storm makes a dark cloud appear above Mystique. "Now go with a curse and serve me well." The cloud increases and the scene changes to Xavier's castle. "Round Charles' castle cast my spell!" Lightning bolts start hitting the ground outside the castle. One bolt hits Mystique. "Storm!" she yells.

"Sorry, couldn't help myself." Ororo Munroe grins.

Pietro sprinkles seeds around the dirt outside the castle and Raven causes the thorn bushes to grow big and strong.

"Uh, how'd she do that?" Fred asks.

"Don't ask, just don't ask." Lance says shaking his head.

Remy pulls back on the reins when he sees the thorns. Scott and Bobby stop running and start panting. Mystique is shown laughing. Remy uses the sword to start cutting them and Scott and Bobby push on. They land in the thorns and some of the come through the costume. They scream as each thorn pierces their flesh.

"Great, now, I'm gonna have to heal them after this," Lightning mutters.

Remy's cape gets caught on the thorns and the fairy holograms point their wands at them. Raven makes the plants let go. Remy eventually makes it through the thorns.

Mystique yells, "No, it can't be!" Using a complex maneuver of Ray, Jubilee and Kurt's powers, Mystique lands in front of Remy. "Now shall you deal with me, o Prince, and all the powers of Hell!"

"That's my mother for ya, folks." Rogue says, coming out of her dressing room.

"Ja. It's fits her perfectly." Kurt agrees.

Mystique glares at them and turns into a black dragon. She laughs evilly and Remy's red-on-black eyes grow huge. "You'd think it would be bigger." he says.

"Well, I do have my limitations!" Mystique snaps.

The holograms are finally replaced with the real versions. Remy charges at the dragon and Pyro finally gets his flame thrower back. He hugs it tightly before putting it on and using it to cause the dragon to breath fire. Remy blocks it with the shield and falls off the horse. Scott and Bobby run off. Remy drops the sheild before it burns him. Mystique puts her head down to try and bite him. He hits it with the sword. She growls because he wasn't really suppose to hit her. Mystique and Pyro light the thorns on fire. Pyro dances around, saying, "Fire, fire!" He's so happy to light a fire and not get in trouble over it.

Remy runs to a dead end.

"Up! Up this way!" Jean calls, pointing out a place that looks climbable. Remy follows. It leads to a high cliff, where Remy is trying to hit Mystique with the sword and Mystique is trying to bite Remy. Mystique starts laughing when she finally has him cornered.

The fairies appear and Jean says, "Now, Sword of Truth, fly swift and sure, that evil die and good endure!" Remy throughs the sword at Mystique. She catches it between her arm and her side and screams as it it hit her heart. She falls off the cliff and Remy looks down. However Pietro has replaced a very sore Mystique with a piece of red fabric and stuck the sword into it.

Scott and Bobby come up to Remy and he stands up. They look over towards the castle. The scene changes to Remy looking at the tower. Then it changes to him running up a set of stairs. Finally, the scene changes to what the castle looked like before the spells. Then it changes to the room with Rogue in the bed. Remy is really looking forward to this part. (1) He looks at her, admiring her beauty in her pretend sleep.

He slowly walks over to her and kneals downs. Then, he leans in and gently kisses her lips. The light changes and Rogue wakes up to smile deeply in his eyes. Well, that was what was supposed to happen. What did happen was this: Remy leans in and gently kisses her lips. The light changes and Rogue screams and pushes his unconscious body off of her own while trying not to blow anything up with Remy's powers. Raven rolls her eyes.

"Oh, come on, Ravie, you had to see that coming." Lightning said.

"I know, I know. How annoying, though. Now we have to wait for him to wake up." Raven sighs.

Rogue is sitting on the bed waiting, while smiling. "Like, what are you smiling about, Rogue." Kitty asks.

Rogue sighs. "He really does like me." She sighs again. "That little swamp rat. . . " She adds dreamily.

"That is so weird," Jean says.

"Totally." Tabby agrees.

"Not as weird as when Ah caught Kitty and Piotr making out behind the dressing rooms this morning." Rogue says.

"What?" Lance, Scott, Jean, Logan, Xavier, Magneto, Tabby, Amara, and Kurt all say at the same time. Scott then realizes that he was a part of a "synchronized sentence" and passes out.

Kitty is bright red and Piotr is backing out of the room slowly. "Rogue! You, like, said you wouldn't tell anyone!"

"So, Ah lied." Rogue says.

Remy wakes up rubbing his head and looks at all the shocked expressions. "What did Remy miss? Did ma cherie finally declare her undying love pour moi?"

"In your dreams, Cajun." Rogue says.

"But I think Kitty and Piotr did, mate." Pyro says laughing insanely.

"Kitty and Piotr?" Gambit says very confused.

"Hey, I was just kissing her," Piotr defends himself. "It's not like my future child came back to flaunt herself in front of everyone or anything!"

Just then a very cute little girl of about seven years with brown pigtails, big blue eyes and a soft silvery skin walks in. "Hi, Raven!" She waves. Everyone looks at Piotr.

"Twinkle, what are you doing here?" Raven asks.

"Rachel, like, got sick of baby-sitting and said I could come, like, watch the end of the play."

Raven shrugs and Lightning grabs the little girl a chair.

"You were saying?" Gambit says to Piotr who gulps.

"Well, she's cute." he says, shrugging.

"Back to work people!"

So Gambit leans just above Rogue and she pretends to wake up and stare into his eyes. She smiles. The fairies clap their hands and hug each other. The towns people start waking up. Remy goes to change his clothes while the camera switches back to the throne room.

Ororo yawns and Charles wakes up as well. He realizes Logan was trying to talk to him. "Oh,oh, uh, forgive me James." He taps Logan on the head. "The wine." he makes an excuse. "Now, uh, you were saying?"

"Huh? I was? Oh, oh, yes. Well, after all, Charles, it is the fourteenth century." He growls to cover up the fact that he'd been asleep as well.

"Yes, you, uh, said that a moment ago."

"Well, to come right to the point. My son Remy says he's going to marry. . ." He is cut off by Sam the Page and his Royal horn again. Tabby runs out of a doorway to a balcony overlooking the throne room. Jean and Kitty follow.

Down a staircase, Walk Rogue and Remy, arm in arm, looking as if they owned the world. They are looking in each other's eyes as they walk down. Remy is whispering to Rogue who is smiling at him. That part was definitely not in the script, but no one can hear what he is saying over Sam's horn. Ororo stands up.

"It's Anna Marie!" Charles shouts, "She's here!"

Logan rubs his eyes. "And, and, and Remy!"

They stop in front of the thrones. Remy bows and Rogue curtsies. Then Rogue runs into Ororo's open arms. Charles rubs her hair fondly. The fairies sigh happily. Logan comes up to Remy and asks, "What does this mean, boy?" Remy just smiles as Rogue comes up to him and kisses his cheek, making sure to kiss the hair of his sideburns so he doesn't pass out. "I, I don't understand."

Remy takes her hand and leads her to the dance floor. "But, but, but. . ." Logan says. He watches them dance as if they are the only two people in the world. "I don't understand," he says to Charles. Charles and Ororo are lost intheir own little world as they watch Rogue and Remy dance and sway to the music. He looks up at the fairies who are dreamily watching the couple and swaying to the music as well. He shrugs and giving up, turns to watch them and sway, too. Rogue and Remy dance, never taking their eyes away from the other, smiling happily.

The three fairies watch them, and Kitty is holding her handkerchief again. A tear drop falls down her cheek. "Why, Kitty," Jean asks, looking at her, "What ever is the matter, dear?"

Kitty sniffs and says, "Oh, I just love happy endings."

"Yes, yes, I do too. . . " Suddenly, Jean notices Rogue's dress is blue. She gasps. "Blue! Pink!" she orders. Rogue sets her dress to pink.

Tabby notices and says, "Blue!" Rogue sets the dress back to blue. As they dance, she keeps switching the colors back and forth.

The scene changes to a picture of Rogue and Remy dancing on clouds and the big jeweled book from the first scene closes.

"Cut! That's a wrap, people!" Raven says happily.

Remy says to Rogue, "Well, t'at was kinda like our relationship, once we get past t'e t'orns, t'ere'll be a happy ending." He nods at Raven.

"Great, but we get her for a kid." pouts Rogue.

"Well, maybe t'ere'll still be some t'orns along t'e way, non?"

"I heard that!" Raven yells.

"Hey, Raven," Lightning says, nodding to Twinkle, who is sound asleep, "I think it's time we get Twinkle back home."

"Good idea. Bye, everyone! See you next time!" Raven grins as they leave.

"Next time. . ." Evan gulps.

Just then, A team of people dressed in what looks like SWAT gear barge through the doors. "DPD! Freeze!"

"What in the world is the DPD?" Jean asks.

"Sorry, mam, we must have the wrong sound studio. We're looking for a couple of dimension hoppers." A man, who appears to be in charge, says.

"You just missed them, bub." Logan says.

The man groans. "The Chief ain't gonna like this."

"Don't worry about it, Manning." Another man says. "We'll get them next time."

Again, Evan gulps, "Next time?"



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