Melissa Mitri

March 28, 2006


Slips and Slides

I glanced up, taking note of the sun's shine on the floor. The two resident troublemakers were busily waxing away as punishment. Jenny, the nurse, had caught Jerrie and Tea painting the room that was the hospital wing pink. I chuckled, remembering going in for a sprain and coming out with a headache. I made a face at the memory of the herbal tea I had to drink because of an allergy to pain medication.

"Hey, Sparks!" They were finished. I didn't miss the look they shared as I walked over.

"Why the long faces?" I'd done this before. Raising my hand to block the glare, I realized that Jerrie and Tea had waxed a few other…objects besides the floor. Noticing that they were trying to sneak away, I pointed over my shoulder.

They gave identical grins before racing to the door.