I woke up

During the night.

I stood up

And held my fright.

I have no room

So it seemed.

Only a gloom

So I need to redeem.

And my bed

Is up in the cloud.

Was I dead?

Then I'm not proud.

I stepped on a cloud

And watch the sky.

And then I found

An angel flying by.

She landed in front

Of me at the cloud.

Her landing was blunt

But still she's proud.

"Hush Meimi,

Child of Eimi,

I am Kairi,

Your guardian deity."

"I knew you'll come,"

Said from behind,

"Tell her what she'd done,"

Or was it my mind?

I looked back

And was shocked.

An angel wearing black,

It's Seira who mocked.

Seira showed a mirror

A mirror as tall as I.

An image in the mirror,

I looked closer, it's I.

Seira disappeared

Along with everything.

I'm in the dark oblivion

And saw Kairi writing.

"Look in the mirror,"

Kairi said to me,

"For it's nothing minor,"

She said to me.

"Tell me where am I

Here in the oblivion.

Where's the sky?

Am I in Zion?"

No, you're not.

You're in his will.

Listen carefully

And be still.

Look in the mirror

And tell me what you see.

It's nothing minor

It's just who you'll be.

I looked back

But it's nothing minor,

Nor was it black,

But something major.

St. Tail was there

Crying was she.

She was so near

Yet far was she.

It is strange

For I'm in my gown.

I only change

When the sun is down.

I touched the mirror

And saw she's dying.

To me, she's my savior,

And now she's falling.

pls. don't destroy me

For I'm your creation.

pls. don't turn me

Into some fabrication.

Said St. Tail

Falling to her knees.

Kaitou St. Tail

Was begging with please.

"I'll give you one day,"

Said angel Kairi,

Turning the other way,

"Daughter of Eimi."

"What do you mean?"

I asked confused,

Disturbed I'd been,

I felt I'm used.

"One day, is all

I can give to you.

till I call,

It's up to you."

Then I woke

In my room.

Feeling a bit soaked

But not in gloom.