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Emily Gorman pushed the large cart down the narrow hallway as best as she could. One of the wheels practically refused to work. It kept getting stuck by turning itself around and jamming itself. It was a shame that for the first couple of days or so the new nurses were treated lower than the more experienced ones that had been around longer in this place. The orderly seemed not to want to acknowledge her presence every time she entered a room with one of them. She almost felt like no one wanted her around or that she didn't belong here. It was a strange feeling, and she quickly perished the thought. They'd warm up to her once they got to know her. Maybe Borhamwood wasn't so bad.

She grabbed the steel handle of the cart and braced herself to push it as hard as need be. It was stuck and wasn't budging so it appeared that she would have to force it to move. She only had one more room to deliver medicine to and then she could rid herself of this place and head home for the night. The atmosphere was beginning to get to her.

Silently counting to 3 to herself, she threw her weight into the shove. The front wheel that had been jammed stayed put, sending the whole tray toppling forward in a loud clatter. Emily fell with it and landed on her stomach as she tripped. The noise had interrupted the deathly silence that had been following her and she didn't know whether to be relieved or not about it.

She stood up, straightening herself out, thanking God that nobody had seen that little act of hers. The elderly nurses would never let her live it down. Standing, she made her way down the hall to approach the last door. Emily hesitated as she went to unlock it. The orderly had warned her about this one. What he'd done. If he was one of the worst, then why were they putting him on her shift? A woman's shift? She sighed an quickly unlocked the door, poking her head in to see if he was restrained on the bed.

In a heap atop the blankets, she could make out a dark figure whom seemed to be asleep. Figuring it'd be alright to go inside, she slowly eased herself through the cracked doorway. It came to her that if he was the last patient to receive his nightly dosage, then he was probably the one to be awakened the most. Doting on this thought, she presumed it to be unfair that he should be the one to lose so much sleep so late at night. Unlike a lot of the people that worked here, Emily actually cared for her patients and how they were treated. That was the whole reason that she had even considered this job. She only wanted to help these people and vowed to never see them as objects; they were still people. She looked again at the bed.

First night on her own shift, she thought hard and recalled his name in a fairly short amount of time.

"Ryan. Ryan, it's time to wake up. This will only take a second. I have to give you your medicine, then you can go back to sleep." she said in a sincere voice.

She walked over to him and looked him over for a moment. Strict orders were to never touch him out of your own free will. Only when delivering his meds was anybody allowed, and only briefly whilst giving them to him. She hesitantly placed a hand on his shoulder, and shook as lightly as she could.

"Ryan, are you awake? You need to take your medicine now, Okay?" she whispered quietly. She was beginning to feel uneasy with his silence. He had to be awake by now. She'd been calling his name loud enough. Was he really still asleep? No, she had shaken him. Maybe not hard enough? No, he'd at least have stirred by now.

Emily let out a nervous breath and leaned as close to him as she could without touching him. She knew her voice was shaky when she whispered into his ear.


Before she had time to register anything, she was knocked to the ground. Momentarily, the air was knocked from her as she landed hard on her back. She could here the quick shuffle of feet and the closing of a door, then all was dark.

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