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Harry Potter and Help from Above

Enma Dioah-Ojou Jr. no Rei-Kai (Prince Ko-Enma of Spirit World) was pouring over a tower of paperwork as usual, when Ge-Orge-san, a blue skinned long blond hared yellow with black spotted loin cloth wearing orge, rushed into his office yelling bloody murder.

In fact, it was so loud; it drew the attention of three Tantei (detectives) from their offices one floor down! Reikai Tantei Urameshi Yusuke, Minamino Suuichi AKA Kurama, and Jaganshi Hiei glanced at one another in surprise when they registered Ge-Orge's panicked voice. Quickly using their authorized portals, that allowed them to portal anywhere in the three Kai's (world's) and authorized by Enma Dioah-sama himself, the three reached Enma-Ojou's office very quickly.

"Oi (hey), oi (hey), Ge-Orge-san what's wrong with you?" demanded twenty-two year old Yusuke with a small frown. Since his tenure as Yusuke-sama (King Yusuke) of Toushin-sei (the Kingdom of Toushin) no Ma-Kai (of Demon World), he had learned to calm down a lot and use his head. Even if sometimes it didn't look like he did. Case example: the Ma-Kai (Demon World) Tournament; to most it looked like an amateur's decision to hand the responsibility over onto someone else other than himself, but in reality, he had thought about his choice many times before he actually approached Yomi-sama (King Yomi) in Gandara-sei (the Kingdom of Gandara) three years ago.

"Ko-Enma-Ojou (Prince Ko-Enma)! There's an unregistered portal from Ningen-Kai (Human World) to Ma-Kai (Demon World)! Also, a wizard by the name Black, Sirius has recently fallen through! He's being held prisoner as a slave in Ma-Kai! He's been there THREE MONTHS!"

Yusuke, Kurama, and Hiei all glanced at one another in shock. The only authorized portals that had established places of reference were very small indeed. In fact, there was one in Mushimori City where the three of them claimed residence while in Ningen-Kai, there was ten in various placed in the stratosphere around the Earth for easy access for the Ferry-Girls to come and go around the world to do their jobs, one in Australia for the Rei-Kai Tantei (Spirit World Detective) team that lives there, another in America for the same reason, and one in Africa near the Egyptian eastern border. Plus the portals that the Rei-Kai Tantei and Rei-Kai Defense Force were authorized to open at anyplace and time.

"Where is this unauthorized portal Ge-Orge-san?" asked Ko-Enma with a nasty tic in his left eye. The three friends and teammates could easily tell that his patience was running low as it was with all the extra work he's had to do because of an evil wizard in England named Voldemort.

The blue orge glanced nervously around his superior's office and stammered out, "Eng…Eng…England!"

He quickly ducked and covered his head as the young Ojou's (Prince's) power level skyrocketed and his face became a larger version of its normal size. In fact, it was one hundred times larger and took up most of the room. Yusuke smirked and started to chuckle, Kurama hid a small smile, and Hiei simply lifted his lips slightly.

Ko-Enma-Ojou as he was known to his closest friends, was breathing slowly and deeply to calm down.

"And WHERE in England is it located? WHY am I just finding this out? HOW did the wizard fall through it?" he asked surprisingly calm as his three Tantei (detectives) seated themselves in their normal chairs. He looked at them and nodded. When Yusuke, Kurama, and Hiei returned to Ningen-Kai, life at first for them went relatively back to normal. Kurama went back to high school and graduated Meioh Academy as Valedictorian with their physic friend, Kaitou Yuu, as Salutatorian, Hiei went back to Genkai's temple to watch and protect his little sister, Yukina, and to also get to know her better as he finally got enough courage to tell her the truth, and Yusuke went back to school too.

He had recently graduated with a high C and was very proud of himself. He had also renewed his relationship with his long time girlfriend, Yukimora Keiko. They had set up a wedding date and both were excited about finally settling down and living a peaceful life. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you looked at it, life got in the way of their dreams.

Keiko wanted a very normal lifestyle. She wanted to go to college and wanted Yusuke to go as well. She wanted to get married after college was finished, and he wanted to get married as soon as all the plans could be arranged (Keiko won that argument. Unfortunately, that started their road to breakup-Ville). She wanted to work as a teacher and wanted Yusuke to get a career in computer programming since it was a fast and very demanding job. He wanted to run her family's Curry Shoppe and do part-time work for Ko-Enma. She didn't want anything to do with Youkai (Demons), Rei-Kai (Spirit World), or Ma-Kai (Demon World), and he couldn't leave because it was a part of him. He was a hanyou (half human and half demon) and very proud to be one. Plus, most of his friends were all Youkai, lived in Ma-Kai and Rei-Kai, and nearly everyday he saw some Youkai passing by under a spell or saw Botan-chan (dear Botan) and the other Ferry-Girls doing their jobs.

A week before their wedding, Yusuke came to a devastating reality; they were to different to remain a couple and definitely to different to have a life together! Plus, the night before, Kurama and Hiei stayed over at his apartment and talked to him about a very important fact about his life that he had overlooked. He was now a Youkai. His life span had increased exponentially! He could live to be a few millennia if he watched himself and Keiko would only live at the minimum eight decades and at the most a century. That was his true eye opener. He stayed up all night thinking about what his best friends had told him and came to a life altering decision. He told Keiko he couldn't marry her.

Once she had calmed down and actually thought about what he had said to support his decision, she regretfully had to agree. They had become too different to live together as man and wife and their feelings for one another had changed drastically between them without them noticing. They were still best friends though and happier than they had ever been.

With his shoulder's feeling lighter, he went to Ko-Enma and asked to become a Rei-Kai Tantei again. Only this time, he wanted to get paid! Since Rei-Kai had no Rei-Kai Tantei on call because of his, Kurama and Hiei's dishonorable discharges, Ko-Enma had to ask his father, Enma Dioah-sama (King Enma) personally. Lady Luck had shinned upon the three as Enma-sama approved their reinstatement and personally cleared their records. It was his way of saying thank you for preventing the war in Ma-Kai that could have dangerously affected both Rei-Kai and Ningen-Kai. With their reinstatement, Ko-Enma assigned them the floor below his office as their own. They had their offices with connecting rooms if they had to stay overnight, a kitchen, a hospital room, a playroom, a lounge, and a training room. Officially the three were Rei-Kai Tantei (Spirit World Detective) Unit One or RTU-1. Yusuke was the leader once more and the bait (for lack of a better term), Kurama was the strategist and negotiator, and Hiei was their scout and assassin. Each was paid Y 378,601.44 or $3,500.00. Their job was to catch Youkai that crossed illegally into Ningen-Kai. These could be rapists, murders, thieves, druggies, kidnappers, soul stealers, cannibals, and anything else that they could think up. They have been working for Ko-Enma officially for two years now even though they have been working for Rei-Kai as Rei-Kai Tantei since they were young teenagers. Well Yusuke and Kurama had at least. Hiei was 509 years old now and started when he was 500. With all their case briefings being located in Ko-Enma's office, the three of them decided to bring in chairs so they wouldn't have to lean against anything or stand up right all the time. Ko-Enma agreed happily because he saw them as his friends and didn't want to them to uncomfortable. So, Yusuke brought in a big fluffy Lazy-Boy recliner that was very popular in America, Kurama brought a modern couch that could be pieced together in many different styles, and Hiei simply brought a Japanese pillow to sit on. These are what they were currently sitting on as they listened to Ge-Orge-san explain.

"Well, this portal isn't Rei-Kai made. A powerful wizard created it over millennia ago in an attempt to talk to his dead wife. Unfortunately, because he wasn't powerful enough, the portal became destabilized and became a portal to Ma-Kai instead because the energies were so chaotic. Wizards apparently have been using it for just as long as punishment for those who break the law. Most of the wizards and witches that went through were killed immediately by the chaotic energies and never made it through to Ma-Kai. Unfortunately, an inferior F-Class Youkai tribe was able to get through from Ma-Kai into Ningen-Kai. They were apprehended and put under the wizarding world's control. They are now called Dementors. The reason we didn't know about it till now was because they set up magical wards around it AND surrounded it with a government called the Ministry of Magic. All the magic there clouded our scanners of England until recently when Black-san fell through."

"Yes, about that, how did he survive? You just said the energies were to chaotic for anyone to survive." Asked Kurama calmly but his eyes glittered with curiosity.

"He had been attempting to save his god-son, Potter Harry-san (Mr. Harry Potter), when he was lured into a duel with his evil cousin, Lestrange Bellatrix-san (Mrs. Bellatrix Lestrange). She lured him into the room that housed the portal, stunned him, and pushed him through. Since he was unconscious and didn't move plus his magic was calm, he passed safely through. He was captured almost instantly by the criminal Black Hawk and is to be sold into slavery in 48 hours."

"How do you know this?" asked Hiei.

"Our spy's in Ma-Kai told us." Answered the orge promptly as he glanced at his four superiors.

Ko-Enma sucked on his Mafuuken (a type of pacifier that was really a defensive net) and sighed as the energy calmed his temper. He glanced at his Tantei and shook his head.

"Okay, I was going to have the three of you go to England undercover to spy on Voldemort-no-baka, but with this new development…one of you needs to go and rescue Black-san. Also, England, as you know, has been a big trouble spot for us lately with Voldemort-no-baka (the idiot Voldemort) starting a war and killing Ningens and wizards. I did some homework and found out that he has found a way to Ma-Kai and is skillfully recruiting the more blood thirsty ones. He has brought in about all of Class D and most of C. Wizards have been lead into a false belief that they can fight and win against Youkai because they only have the ability to see Class F and D inferior. An example of a Youkai that they can see is the Dementors. Now back to the mission perimeters, one of you has to go and save Black-san and the other two are going to have to go to England and protect Potter Harry-san because Voldemort-no-baka wants him dead."

"Wait a minute! How old is Potter-san (Mr. Potter)?" asked Yusuke with a suspicious frown.

Ko-Enma sweated before he mumbled the answer.

"WHAT? You want us to protect a sixteen year old boy!" cried out Yusuke in disbelief as he jumped to his feet.

He continued, "And just how are we supposed to do that? No doubt he'll be in wizard school or wherever wizards go to learn! What do you want us to do? Drink some magical potion of theirs and turn into teens again!"

Kurama winced as Yusuke froze and Ko-Enma hemmed and hawed.

"No way! I had enough troubles with school the first time around! I'm not going! You can send Kurama-kun (friend Kurama) and Hiei-kun (friend Hiei) to magic school! I'll go after Black-san (Mr. Black)." Retorted Yusuke with his arms crossed.

Hiei growled slightly at that. He might have softened when it came to Ningens (Humans), but he definitely didn't want to go to school with them!

Before the three could fight over it, Ko-Enma cleared his throat and continued, "Actually, I've decided that with the two missions, that Hiei-kun is going to rescue Black-san because he's the fastest and there is another part to this mission that only he can do because of his mental abilities. Yusuke-kun, Kurama-kun, you two shall regress in age to sixteen years old and go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in two days."

Yusuke and Kurama both felt their jaws drop. Stunned Yusuke sat back down and Kurama's eyes widened even more in shock. All Kurama could think about were FANGIRLS! NO!

"Now Hiei, your second mission is to infiltrate Voldemort-no-baka's strong hold and learn everything you can. You'll be in disguise as a C-Class-superior Youkai but you'll still have your power levels as an S-Class. You'll just have to suppress them so they don't become suspicious. Also, Voldemort-no-baka is what the wizarding world calls an Occulmens and Legimencer. Meaning he can scan a persons mind easily and read their mind-like a telepath. Your Jagan (evil eye) will work well here since you can implant false memories into his head so he doesn't suspect you. You are to try and win Voldemort-no-baka's trust and send information to Yusuke-kun, Kurama-kun, and myself with the communicators. Understood?"

Hiei nodded silently in understanding. He smirked at his friends smugly. They growled warningly at him.

Kurama sighed and asked warily, "When do we take this potion?"

"Now actually. Ge-Orge-san! Bring them in!" yelled Ko-Enma to the orge that was now standing outside his boss' office.

He had two glass vials filled with rose-colored potion. All four covered their noses. It smelled awful!

"This is called the age regression potion. It needs to be drunk once every month at the end of every month at midnight."

"Wait a minute, where did you get this potion?" asked Yusuke suspiciously.

Ko-Enma winced slightly and answered, "I had to send a Ferry-Girl out to steal enough potion to last you at least three months. By the time it wears off, you'll have the information needed and the resources to make it yourself."

He continued, "I have sent word to the Head Master of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore, about your arrival. He thinks you are foreign exchange students from Japan."

"Wait, does Japan even have a magical school? I mean, wouldn't we have found out about it by now?" asked Yusuke as he glared at the potion.

"No actually, that's why Japan is littered with temples. The temples are the schools." Replied the young Ojou.

"So we're just Genkai's students that have been accepted to Hogwarts?" cried out Yusuke.

"Correct baka-chan (dear idiot)." Came a VERY familiar voice to all four young men. They turned around in their seats and saw Genkai standing before them. Only, she looked to be even younger than when they first met her.

"BABA-chan (dear grandma)! You're young!" yelled Yusuke in shock. All he could think of was MMOOMMMMYY!

"Very astute baka-chan. I'm going to go with you and become your Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher." She answered with an evil smile.

Yusuke's eyes widened in fear as he glanced over his shoulder at Ko-Enma for a confirmation; what he found wasn't good. Ko-Enma was nodding his head in agreement.

Kurama asked, "And I'm assuming that since we are to become sixteen again, that we are to be in our sophomore year again?"

"In England, they have years. For Hogwarts, they start school at age eleven and enter the school in Year One. The school has seven years. Since you two will be sixteen you will enter Year Six." Answered Genkai as she held a thin stick and pointed it at her temple. She muttered something and pulled the stick away. It glowed white.

She pointed it at Yusuke and said, "Alieno-are Mentis!"

Yusuke yelped as the white light hit his face and grimaced in pain as his hands gripped his head.

Kurama's eyes widened as Genkai repeated her actions only this time he was her target. Before he could move away from Yusuke, whom he had rushed to, to see if he was all right, the same white light hit his temple causing him to grip his head in pain as well.

After five minutes of endless pain caused by the spell, Yusuke followed by Kurama shakily stood back up and Yusuke cried out, "What was that for! That stinking hurt!"

Kurama, who was calmer than his partner, placed a hand on his shoulder and asked, "Yusuke-kun, what does Alieno-are Mentis mean?"

Yusuke, still frowning replied as he crossed his arms, "Transfer Memories, why?"

Hiei rolled his eyes as Yusuke's eyes widened in shock.

"Hey, how did I know that! I don't know Latin…wait, Alieno-are Mentis (Transfer Memory) is a memory spell used to quickly and affectively transfer knowledge from one person to another. It is normally not used directly on a person because of the tremendous pain said person feels when the knowledge is being processed into their brain. It is recommended that when a person uses this spell, that they only do so in the most extreme cases, or a last ditched attempt. The person who has had the information forced into their cerebrum must wait twenty-four hours before using the knowledge on a large scale. The second set of twenty-four hours is used to review all the information so the person can get a full grasp of all the concepts that the first person, the caster, wanted the recipient to have. If, in the future, a person should like to forget all the knowledge that the first person, the caster, put into their heads, the spell Infinte Alieno-are Oblivate (End Transfer and Destroy)can be used followed by Obliviate (Destroy). How'd… okay dumb question. So, we rest for twenty-four hours and then review it all. Shouldn't we get wands and stuff then today?"

Ko-Enma nodded in approval and said, "Actually, all four of you will be leaving now. I have debriefed you on all the information that we have. Hiei-kun, you go and retrieve Black-san and from their you are to go to England. More precisely, you are going to Little Hangleton, England. That is Voldemort-no-baka's stronghold."

The Rei-Kai Tantei nodded as Yusuke and Kurama winced at the rose colored potion still before them. They glanced at Genkai and saw her tapping her foot at them with her famous scowl. They quickly gulped the potion down and fell to their knees. Before Genkai, Hiei, and Ko-Enma's eyes, Yusuke and Kurama grew shorter, lost some of their body mass, and gained a tiny bit of their teenaged body fat that was reminisce of their baby fat. The two sixteen year olds stood up again and looked themselves over.

Kurama tilted his head and asked in his new younger voice, "I don't suppose you could shrink our clothes Genkai-sensei (teacher Genkai)?"

Genkai smirked, waved her wand, which is twelve inches long, yew, with the core of a Harpy's wing feather within, and said, "Abhorres Iacere (Shrink Clothes)".

Instantly, an orange-yellow light hit Yusuke and Kurama's clothes. Very quickly they reformed to fit their now younger bodies. Yusuke looked down at his black fighting shoes, black kung-fu pants, black kung-fu no-sleeved shirt, and green elastic belt and smiled.

Kurama's face mirrored Yusuke's. His clothes, while in a similar style to Yusuke have was more Chinese in class than Japanese. His black shoes were the same, his pants where straight and wide enough for him to move about in easily, his shirt was wrapped around his upper body and ties off at the wait with a golden tie belt that had a small black strip at the end to show he was a black belt in his Ninjit-su.

"So, how are we getting to England?" asked Yusuke. He was starting to get excited. This was something completely new to him and he always LOVED a good adventure!

Ko-Enma handed them an old western styled boot and said, "This is a portkey. What does it do?"

Kurama answered this time; " A portkey is basically a transportation device. It was created as a means of instantaneous travel. It is used mainly with large groups of people who need to leave someplace quickly from point A to point B. Anything you can find and hold onto can be made into a portkey. The spell used to create a portkey is Portus."

"Very good." Answered Genkai as she took the boot and said, "We're leaving in ten seconds grab on."

The two wordlessly grabbed a part of the boot and waited.

Exactly ten seconds later, Yusuke and Kurama felt their stomachs leave their bodies as something grabbed them at the belly button, and yanked hard. In a swirl of colors and sounds, the three crashed to a stop, which caused Yusuke and Kurama to lose their balance.

"Ohh…I don't even wanna do that again!" moaned Yusuke as he rolled over and took a deep breath. He was trying to keep his lunch down.

"I must certainly agree." Whispered Kurama as he slowly pushed himself up into a sitting position.

"Ah, where are we Genkai-sensei?" he asked as he looked around the room they were in. All around him were people. Most of which had bright red hair. Not rose colored hair like his, but bright orange-red hair.