Harry Potter and Help from Above 13

SORRY! I've been having a few problems with writer's block for this story. Plus, it doesn't help that I've been real busy and involved with my two King Arthur stories! I'M SORRY! So, here is the long awaited reunion of Sirius, the Trio, and most importantly…the POTTERS!

The trio felt their entire world shift a complete 180. It was impossible! But, right in front of their disbelieving eyes was their beloved Snuffles, Sirius Black, who looked very good for someone who had fallen through the deadly Veil.

Sirius smiled grandly and shouted, "Harry! Hermione! Ron!"

They smiled and rushed to his side. They very nearly trampled one another in their attempts to reach him. But they were laughing as they jumped eagerly onto Sirius, who despite his new training, fell to his butt with an 'OOOFF', and a burst of cheerful laughter.

Dumbledore cleared his throat and said meaningfully as he gazed at the four with a pointedly look, "How is it you are still alive, Sirius? You feel through the veil."

Sirius gently disengaged from the children he loved as his own, pushed them close to Hiei, and said darkly as he marched up to the wizened wizard, "You…you…BUMBLE HEADED, EGOTISTIC, BLACK HEARTED, MANIPULATIVE FREAK! HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO ME…TO HARRY…TO JAMES AND LILY!"

The wizards in the group froze at their allies' words.

McGonagall's lips pursed together in a straight line and barked out in a disapproving voice-her teacher's voice-as a matter of fact, "Mr. Black! How dare you say such things about Professor Dumbledore!"

Sirius winced at the tone, for he still had a nasty habit of dodging punishment remaining from his school years, and retorted, "I DARE because it's because of him that I've spent the last twelve years in Azkaban! I DARE because it's because of him that Harry had to live with those awful and abusive relatives of his! I DARE because it's BECAUSE OF HIM THAT LILY AND JAMES ARE DEAD IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Harry stumbled away from his dear godfather with a gasp, "What are you talking about!"

Sirius spun towards Harry and said with regret in his eyes, "I'm sorry Harry, I shouldn't have said that with you right there. But, I've been holding this in for nearly a week and it's been driving me batty. You see I…"

Ko-Enma smoothly cut in as he walked confidently up to Professor Dumbledore and said with a firm handshake that told the aging man that this was just the first of many awkward meetings between just the two of them, "Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore of the House of Slytherin year 1857, Head of Slytherin House and Professor of Transfiguration in 1938, Order of Merlin First Class, Founder and Secret Keeper for the Order of the Phoenix, Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, and Chief Warlock of the Wizengamont. I am Prince Ko-Enma Dioah of Spirit World, son of the God, Lord Enma Dioah of the Underworld. If you all will come with me, all your questions will be answered."

Harry was silent. It wasn't because he was shocked, no he got over that quickly enough, what made him so silent was the fact that his parents were right in front of him yet he couldn't touch them. They were smiling at him with so much love in their eyes it made the tears fall from his vibrant green eyes. He wanted very, very badly to run up to them and give them both extremely large and long hugs, but-they were ghosts. And everyone knows that physical beings can't touch those of the metaphysical.

He sighed-it just wasn't fair.

Kurama placed a comforting hand on the green eyed Gryffindor as Hermione wrapped her arms around him and said, "Cheer up Harry, and you never know. Ko-Enma might be feeling a bit generous. And when he feel generous…anything is possible."

Harry grinned. It wasn't much, but it was hope-a bit small, but hope all the same.

Yusuke, with his arms around his head, snorted and said with a careless shrug, "Come on! We can talk in our lounge on the sixty-ninth floor."

Hiei just hummed and walked ahead of the group.

McGonagall and Snape, who had been silent, watched with wide eyes as the Potters floated by them with small smiles.

James' ghost floated over to Snape and said sincerely, "Severus, I just wanted to tell you, I'm sorry for everything I helped to put you through while we were in school. I was a jerk, no I was worst than a jerk because I was a mean jerk. Can you, perhaps, forgive me and not take your anger and resentment out on my son?"

The dark hard Potions Professor of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry raised and eyebrow and walked off without answering.

James' ghost nodded in understanding. Lilly's ghost simply smiled and nodded to them both with a soft 'thank you'.

Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Ginny, who had been amazingly silent throughout the entire reunion, gasped and oohed and awed as they passed by the many gigantic portraits of various scenes within Spirit World. As they climbed the oriental palace, they came upon a chaotic scene.

"What are they?" cried out Ron in disbelief as he pointed to the large reddish orange and green monster-like horn headed creatures.

Yusuke smirked and explained, "They aren't monsters. They're the Ogres that work for Enma-sama and Ko-Enma. They are quite nice really. They mostly handle the day to day activities of Spirit World while the SD teams and Ko-Enma handle the missions and paperwork for sending the souls to their rightful place."

Hermione piped in, curiously yet with a hint of suspicion, "How is it that you three are employees of Spirit World? You three aren't even adults yet."

Hiei tried to smother his laughter, but he couldn't when both Kurama and Yusuke glared at him, and when Genkai snorted with heaving shoulders.

Ko-Enma cleared his throat and answered when Yusuke and Kurama turned to him with resentful glares with slightly more than demonic eyes, "Now, now, you'll receive your normal pay along with an additional 1,500.00-happy? Anyways, you see, Kurama is actually twenty-three years old and Yusuke is twenty-two. I had them drink an age regressing potion and sent them to Hogwarts so they can protect both it and Mr. Potter from Voldemort's demonic allies. Ah! Here we are!"

McGonagall was not sure what to think. Sirius Black was a notorious prankster while he was in school; he had been a very devoted Godfather and best friend when he was a young adult. She didn't know what to think when she found out that Sirius was the Potter's betrayer. She was very grateful to learn that her first thoughts and impressions about him were right. She smiled lightly when she saw the beat down Dumbledore got even when she defended him. She knew of some of his bad doings, but she didn't have any proof to verify her beliefs.

As they sat down, Dumbledore sat up and said a bit intimidating as he stared Sirius down, "Now, about these accusations…"

The Head of the Black family edged around in his seat nervously as he said strongly just same, "its true! And I have the proof to prove it!"

Dumbledore crossed his arms and said in a condescending tone with hints of his normal grandfatherly voice, "And where is all this evidence against me?"

Ko-Enma cleared his throat and said in a superior voice, "Cut it out Dumbledore! You're not dead yet and your actions as of late have diminished your chances at receiving your eternal rest. In fact, the way you're going you'll be reborn and have to go through life AGAIN; only this time, you're life will be shockingly similar to those of Tome Riddle and Mr. Potter's here, so I suggest you shut your mouth."

Dumbledore's old face flushed as he sat back and rethought his actions. It was one thing to intimidate those who are younger and less confident, but to try and intimidate a God-not to mention the God of Spirit World-was a very unwise thing to do, and he hadn't reached the position he was currently in by being known as a dunder-head.

Ko-Enma nodded in satisfaction, cleared his throat, and said, "Let's start this at the very beginning. I don't want any of you to interrupt me until this story has reached it's conclusion. Is that understood?"

The group from Hogwarts nodded with wide eyes. As Ko-Enma opened his mouth to start the tale, alarm Saxons blared and the clear creamy walls of SD-1's lounge transformed into super, high-tech computers.

Kurama, Hiei, and Yusuke jumped to their feet in alarm and rushed to their stations.

Ko-Enma demanded, "What's happening?"

Kurama quickly scanned the information rolling down the screen in Japanese kanji and replied, "A portal has been breached in sector eight. Ten A-Class demons along with two A-Class pushing Inferior S and a horde of B, C, and D demons have crossed the barrier. SD-10 is currently on vacation and none of them have been authorized to portal across the three worlds."

Yusuke added, "Plus, no other SD Teams are available as they are all on assignment."

Ko-Enma swore and said as he reverted into his baby form, surprised the HELL out of the Hogwarts group and raised his finger into the air theatrically, "Then I officially remove you three from the Hogwarts case. SD-1, bring me back prisoners!"

Yusuke snorted and said as Kurama flicked his wrist to open a golden portal in the middle of London, "Sure, whatever…Pacifier Breath!"

As the portal closed behind Hiei, Ko-Enma gasped a large gulp of air and shouted, "I'm NOT A BABY!"

Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny watched with wide eyes as a blue Ogre walked in calmly and said as he lowered a large platter of food, "You're diner Master Ko-Enma."

They actually sweat dropped when Ko-Enma, the RULER of Spirit World, clapped and squealed like a two year old, and gobbled down his food far to fast for them to see what it was. Then they sweat dropped because they knew they had sweat dropped.

As they watched Ko-Enma wipe his mouth clean, they heard him say, "Umm, umh! That hit the spot! Now, to see how my Detectives are doing! Ge-Orge-san! Bring me my remote!"

Sirius Black wanted to hide his face in his hands and never look up again as he watched his rescuer's boss point his chubby, baby finger into the air and babble around his blue binky.

SORRY! I told you I was having problems with writing this. If anyone of you have any ideas I'm all for it!