There was a day when Angelique Bouchard would rather mix potions and invoke spells to get what she wanted. Today, she mixed cleaner and softener and invoked the powers of her washer/dryer to get her laundry clean. The days of anyone calling her a witch were long forgotten except for times of levity and humorous jest. She had married her Barnabas. He had said he had loved her during a time-traveling excursion in 1841, but he did know she would be alive and waiting for him in 1971 when he returned to a future without the ghost of Gerard Stiles.

Angelique Collins. Born in 1672, a sorceress by time she was fifteen, a witch before she was twenty. Before he possessed Stiles, Judah Zachary had seduced in the darkest of all arts and she rewarded him by turning him over to the authorities. She fled to Martinique where she was barely able to get by as a servant. That's where she met her Barnabas. Born in 1770, he was the wealthy scion of a powerful wealthy family. That's what she wanted, Clara DuPres taught her that. But first, she needed to do away with Clara's great-niece, Josette DuPres. Second, she needed to receive Barnabas's love. In the haste to receive it, she unwittingly cursed him with one of the darkest spells of all earth: vampirism. She tried to destroy him in what was then the far future of 1968, but failed and returned to the past. From 1970, Barnabas rejoined her in the past to elicit her help to destroy Zachary from creating a dire future. Mortal and bereft of her power, Angelique found love as she destroyed Judah herself. Her spirit would be trapped nowhere until two men in 1897 restored her to life.

It was now many years later and the Collins family was twice as big as it had ever been. She gave Barnabas a son, William, in 1971 and a daughter, Sarah in 1975. Her life was now devoted eternally to the three of them as she cleaned their home and cooked the dinners all with the luxuries of the late Twentieth Century. She put away her son's socks and underwear as she started for Josette's room and stopped. Through the open door, her blonde daughter was gesturing widely and whispering as she moved her teenage body in weird movements. She looked like she were... chanting! She appeared to be... invoking spells! Angelique's heart froze as she feared the worse. Her daughter! No! Don't let her repeat her mistakes! She forced herself to get closer as she listened and observed...

"Open your heart to meeeee..." Sara lightly sang to the music in her headphones as Angelique breathed a gasp of relief. "Darling, I'll give you love if you, you turn the... Mom! You scared the crap out of me!" Sara pulled off her head phones.

"I scared you?" Angelique hung her daughter's clothes away in the closet and put away non-mentionables in her top drawer. Sara watched as her mother entered the adjacent bathroom and resupplied her with towels. She stood before her reflection in the bathroom and pulled her sweater down and released it.

"Mom," She spoke with all the insecurities of a teenager. "Can I get implants?"

"What!" Angelique looked up.

"Well..." Sara fussed with her figure. "Lizzie and Amanda are younger than me and they got them..."

"Darling," Angelique stood behind her daughter as they looked into the reflection in the mirror. "They are no big deal."

"But that's all boys want!" Sara picked up and tossed her stuffed Garfield across the room.

"Honey," Mother peered into her young clone's face and thought she was staring at a younger version of herself. "You do not want a boy who wants you for your body. You want him because he loves you."

"I bet dad married you because you had them." Sara dropped hard to her bed.

"Your father and I have a different history." Angelique stood over her. "And I did not 'get them' until I had you and your brother." She forced a smile and started to turn out.

"Mom," Sara sat on the bed pouting while her mother stopped to dust off the vanity table. "Why didn't I get a baby sister or something?"

"Becauseā€¦" Angelique turned back around and told the story. "I can't. When your brother was born, I went into cardiac arrest. Your brother nearly didn't survive either. When you were born, my heart stopped. I was warned if I ever tried to have another baby, I would not be able to survive. I wanted to have over a dozen children with your father, but I had to settle for one of each."

"Aunt Carrie said I was a breech birth."

"Did she tell you that you never slept for the first ten weeks of your life?" Angelique grinned like a mother. "I think your screams are still imbedded somewhere in this house."

Mother and daughter shared a moment as a door somewhere downstairs opened and slammed shut just before loud footsteps came up from the front foyer. It might have been the spirit of Jeremiah still inspecting the house but William passed by for his room with a fishing pole over his shoulder. He looked through the open door at the two of them.

"What's this?" he asked. "A female thing?"