One Year Later

Description; Clark just started high school.

Disclaimer: I only own Jonathan Jr, Joshua who are twins and Lara. The rest are own by Smallville and Superman Inc.

Character: Jonathan, Joshua, Clark, Lara, Jonathan, and Martha

Chapter One


Martha could hardly believe that it was Clark's first day high school. Her babies are all grow up fast. She shout up to Clark Kent you going to the bus. Boys you better get move on.

We down second mom Joshua says to his Mother. As Jon bang bedroom door came on Clark, you going to miss you bus.

Clark hears his little baby sister crying. So, before heading down to the kitchen that he would go in check in Lara. He pick her up asked her who I am. As he walks down step with Lara leading to the kitchen, she says "Clark."

Martha heard Lara says Clark name as they enter the kitchen. Then door opens and she Jonathan came inside from work outside. Get glass Clark please. By way I have class to night whatever do you do no not order pizza.

"Morning sleepyhead," said Jonathan to oldest boy. What is it Clark you have something to show me. How are my wife and little princess doing this morning?

There couple spot open on the football team. I need you sign this permission ship that say states that can play football. I try out for the team.

We have talked about this before and told no.

Fine, I just do not won't go though high school being totally loser. He heads outs to catch the bus. He looks up to see that bus as rode away.


I cannot believe you would bet against your own confidant.

Fact if Clark was any slower he would be extinct.

Do you hear that?


Chloe and Pete are walking up the step towards Smallville High. Pete asked her if anyone as asked to homecoming yet. Maybe if nothing pan out with you know who, maybe –

Chloe turns around and looks at him. Listen Pete, do mind taking from the soap opera in head for moment? I have you a hundred times. I'm not interest in Clark.

As she way from Pete, he said, "your vehement denial has as duly noted."


Hey, maybe we go together to dance as friend.

As Pete and Chloe, enter the front gate of school. Clark appears out nowhere.

Wha - uh, Didn't You Just – Weren't You - Chloe asked Clark.

I took a short cut Clark response.

Through what, a black hole?


Clark is hit by car and saves the driver.

Clark are you ok. Jonathan asked Clark.

The next day Clark sees truck and really wants to keep it. He asks his mom

whose new truck that is.


Who from

Lex Luthor

Where are the keys?

Your father has keys.

Mom the Lara is hungry. Joshua says from inside the house.

Thanks Joshua.

You can't keep it Clark.

Why not? I saved the guy life.

But it normal.

Clark that says to his dad this normal has he turns the chippers on. As put his arm in the machine and says this, is this normal? I didn't go dive go in after the car, it hit at 60 mile an hours.

After Jon yanks Clark arm out of the machine and Clark went up the stairs. Jon turns that just Martha walked back outside from feeding their youngest. Martha, Jon you should tell him the truth.


Jonathan walks up the steps leading into Clark loft it time son.

He turns and question it's time for what?

The truth Jon looks over and tells him. I want you to a look at something. I think it from your real parents.

He asked what it says?

Jon tried decoded it for years but he has not been able to.

You telling me stashed my spaceship is in the attic.

Actually it in the It's storm cellar. Clark this now you come into our world on day of the meteor shower.

He back from the ship this is a joke right. He turns around and asks his father why he didn't tell him about the ship before.

We want to protect you.

Protect me from what? You should tell me. As Clark, super speed out storm cellar end up in a graveyard.

To be continue