One Year Later

Description; Clark just started high school.

Disclaimer: I only own Jonathan Jr, Joshua who are twins and Lara. The rest are own by Smallville and Superman Inc.

Character: Jonathan, Joshua, Clark, Lara, Jonathan, and Martha

Chapter three

Metamorphosis part 2 and Hothead

Look, Clark I am father and I am suppose to have the answers, and it kills me that I don't. But, look, gotta have confidence that we'll figure this one out together.

Clark up at his dad I do, but this happen to me, and I am petrified.

Clark walks in the house and hears the twins fighting and Lara crying. Mom and dad I need little help. He shouts for parents.

He started Jonathan shouted.

No, he did. I was just television when started bugging me. He started saying you and mom love Lara, Clark, and I more then him.

Clark went up Lara room to see what she wants. He picks up his little sister and said "princess what it is."

Down stairs, Jon and Martha are sitting on couch. Sit here son, Jon said to Jonathan. Why do think we love you sister and brothers more then you. Son you are my heart and soul. I love you Jonathan Michael Kent.

At the Luthor mansion, Lex is admiring the necklace. Lex sit down at his desk when he puts the necklace in a box.


Your form's good but, his gait his off. You may to check his shoes.

Lana looks at Lex where in the world did you come and who are you?

Lex Luthor I am a friend of your aunt's.

You nearly scared me sneaking up that, you're fortunate you didn't get kicked.

You must be Lana. It's a pleasure to finally meet you.

As she trying up the horse, she tell Lex that all ready meet.

They keep talking for a while. Lex asks Lana why wearing the necklace from picture in moral.

She tell him that she lent to Whitney and that he lost it. She is just glad that Clark was there to save him. She think Lex as lots opinions about she with.

Lex asks Lana while nurse Whitney back to health where was before the game on Saturday.

He was with me.

Are you sure? Tell you aunt I stop by.

Greg Arkin mom enters their house and hot in the house.

Greg! Greg! Mrs. Arkin shouted. I have had – she says has she entered Greg bedroom. The bed and wall are cover in all webbing. She ask what got into him.

He tells her that he has about 2 million years of intelligence and instinct.

His mom told that he got to stop this. Stop this right now.

I can't see, it's too late. Nature already taken it's course. First I'll eat… then I'll molt… and then finally I'll mate.

You need help.

He slams his hand on the wall as tells mom what the pharaoh spider does to its mother. And, how it's a fascinating creature. See, after it hatches… It kills its mother.



Clark is sitting in Lex office waiting for him come. He brought along his sister Lara.

As Lex enters the office he asks Clark who the little angel with you.

Hi, Lex this sweet little angel here with me is my sister Lara.

Save anymore lives on your way over? You keep it up, and you can a career it out it of.

As Clark stands up from the seat with Lara in his arms to tell Lex that was he as there to produce off. He is apologizining for his parents to Lex.

Lex says to him aw when push comes to shove, I would have armed-wrestled them for it. Planning an invasion? His father giving him a castle looking thing when he was 9.

Cool gift tells him shift Lara in one to another.

Wasn't a gift. It was a strategy tool. She is a little fussy isn't she? My father equates business with war.

Yeah she is missing her nap I better go.

Ok then bye. Before you go I something for you Clark.

At the school the next day after, Clark gets the box from Lex. Lana walks up to her boyfriend's locker to ask him where he was before the game Saturday.

He lets out a sigh and says to Lana can we talk about this later.

Whitney it's just a simple question.

Ok, Lana I was warming up.

Are telling me the truth then that you didn't grab Clark and tie him up in a field.

It was just a prank.

Before, storming away mad from Whitney's locker Lana asked him for the necklace back because he lost it.


On the Kent farm Clark, lean against the fence. When little Jonathan come walking by him an asked what was in the lead box, that Lex gave to him?

It's Lana's necklace. You want to see it?

Yes, I do Clark. Why do you have Lana necklace.

You got to promise me that mom or dad all right.

I promise Clark that I won't let mom or dad know.

Ok, here goes nothing, Remember night homecoming game how I wasn't with guys.

Yeah, Clark what happen.

Chloe decide to show me this she calls the wall of weird. When Whitney first sneak up I thought it was Chloe.

Why were you mad at Chloe anyway? Its not like she an a-lien.

How did you know that

The photo album mom and dad kept of you when you were young. There is newspaper article about a meteor shower that hit here 1989. Nine after month, mom and dad you adopt right.

Yes, I guess so. I don't know really remember I as young. All I remember is mom and dad telling me that my first words were Lara and mom.

Is that reason why mom and dad decided to name our little sister Lara?

Yes, it is the reason they name her Lara and now to back why I have the necklace. See when I thought it was Chloe and told her to knock off. I turned round and that's when I notices its Whitney.

Yeah, what happens next Clark?

He grabbed and stripped down to my boxer. In addition, he tried me up with Lana necklace.

How did get down from the stake.

He tells Jonathan that Lex Luthor untied him. He open the box shows Jonathan the necklace and his veins starts popping out. He quickly shuts the box. After, he close his hand turn back normal.

Clark, Lana is waiting for you the loft their mom says to him. As she sees Jonathan, Clark, walk towards the house.

Cut to the loft.

He looks up at the loft window and sees Lana. Hey, what bring you here Lana.

I was waiting for you. You that necklace I wear all the time.


Will Whitney lost it. I did not know you were to astronomy.

I am sorry to hear that. That's a hobby. Well we live mile away from one another this whole all time and never come over.

You are problem wondering why I am here then now.

Yes, not that I would enjoy the company, but yes, I was.

I heard about what Whitney did to you and, wanted to see how you were. That's all.

I am ok Lana. It's not you fault. Just for get about it.

Who told you?

Lex Luthor? Drop some breadcrumbs and I picked them up and followed the trail. I'm glad did, Clark.

Lex is certainly one of kind. He asked Lana what she going to about the necklace and Whitney.

I'm not sure I thought I know Whitney. I wonder what else I've been to in blind my life. No, its made by the fragment of meteor that killed my parents. Nell had made for me the day she officially adopted me. I'm glad your, Clark.

Hey dad need hand.

That is best idea that heard all night. By the way what Lana want. Clark! Clark! Son are you ok. He asked him as he midway point of the loft.

Dad there is someone in the rafters. Dad! Oh, it was nothing.

Jonathan shines a flashlight up in the rafters that when something jumps down. Whatever it was scare Jon and he fell over the railing.

What the hell just happened?


I never saw anybody move like that.

Do you good at his face. Martha asked Jonathan while, she holding Lara in her arms.

It come right off the ceiling at me.

It was almost if he – wasn't entirely human? Mom, I saw his face. I think it was Greg Arkin.

Here Martha gave me Lara for a while.

I haven't heard that name in long time. You and Pete used hanged out with him in grade school.

Why would he want to hurt you?

I don't know.

Are you still friends.

I pass him in the hall on occasion, but people change.

Remember how his mother kept him on a short leash. But, I can't believe he hurt a fly.

Shh Lara daddy is here.

Maybe because he was collection them and every other bug he could get his hands on. Here dad give me Lara maybe she just want to say goodnight to her big brother.

As Jon hand Lara to Clark, he notices her started to seize. Clark, kids just jump off the ceiling and attack people.

How explain that? What is happen to Lara, Dad.

I didn't know. Martha go inside in get phone please. Son, I think your sister is having a seizure.

Is she going to be all right dad.

I hope so Clark.

Martha comes backs with the phone and asks her what happen to Lara.

She had a seizure. That seems kind of out there

This is coming from a man who is hiding a spaceship in his storm cellar for the past 12 years. Is, my baby ok Jonathan.

Martha call the hospital to what we should do. It's not that I don't to believe, son. I'm just - I'm having trouble getting my head around this one.

Dad, do you ever wonder why all these odd things happen in Smallville.

Clark, every town has its share of tall tales.

Expect here they're all true. Chloe show me this wall. It had newspaper articles covering it that she collected about the weird stuff that happened in Smallville since meteor shower. Dad it's all my fault.

No, it's not Clark none blame you.

Whitney is face down in the hay because Greg throws him. He hears Kent call Lana's name aloud. He walks of the stable and tells Clark that's Greg get Lana.

Clark asked were their head off to.

He ran off to the woods with Lana.

Great, I think I know where he went. Whitney offer to take Clark there but, instead he super sped there.

When Clark got up to Greg tree house he saw Lana all coved with webbing.

Greg told Clark to get away from Lana.

I know what happen to you.

Clark I feel that have been freed.

Greg, you're slave to you're instincts

Greg lives by his own rules. Now its time for him to mate, that is why Lana is all covered up.

In the foundry Clark and Greg fighting and Greg made comment how Clark. How

Clark still gets in the foundry liked he used to as kid. He calls outs Clark name but no response.


Meanwhile back in the tree house Whitney sees Lana covered in webbing , so he uncovering her.

By the time Clark gets back to Lana. Whitney as all ready get her safely from down the tree house. He is all disappointed because he want save Lana. He walks up to her to return the necklace.

Hey, Kent! I saw your arm out there. Technique is lousy, but you got a lot of power


Then why are not our team?

My dad needs on the farm.

Our school needs you on the field. We get big game Friday, we're short players.

Look, I know your dad would understand.

My dad is kind of stubborn.

Jonathan Kent was one of the best Athletes I ever coached. . . A lot god – given talent, it's in your genes. Kent.

Actually, I am adopted.

The family was sitting down enjoying dinner. When Clark told his family that the football coach come up to him an asks him to play in next game.

Joshua says that's great news Clark.

Excuse us Martha tells them. Jon, the coach did asked him play in the game. We should let him play Jon.

Jon calls Clark into the Living room son; we are you going to let you play in the game this time.

Thanks mom and dad for letting me play. Can I be the one to tell the twins please, that I am going to be playing football?

At the game whole family was cheering on Clark. However, something was not right. Martha looks at Jonathan and says, "Didn't we give Clark permission to play Jon."

Meanwhile down on the field the team was down by a field goal. Hey, Jonathan you rules no parents are allow on the sidelines.

Hey, coach were is my son.

I guess he does have want it takes.

Jon turns around and tells Chloe to look around the school.

Meanwhile Clark is in the sauna barely breathing. When his dad get there to him out, Jon ask Clark are you all right son.

To be continue