One Year Later

Description; Clark just started high school.

Disclaimer: I only own Jonathan Jr, Joshua who are twins and Lara. The rest are own by Smallville and Superman Inc.

Character: Jonathan, Joshua, Clark, Lara, Jonathan, and Martha

Chapter Four

X – Ray

One day Clark was in gym class when his head to hurt. He and Pete were climb the ropes in climb when all sudden he felt his eyes start to burn. Then he fell from the rope.

The whole class gathers around Clark to see if he was all right.

Hey, Kent are you ok the asked him.

I think should go home coach.

On his home from school, Clark gets shove into store showcase by his friend Lex Luthor. Which, he though was strange because when he saw the skeleton it was not normal. In plus Lex was in Metropolis. I noticed skeleton looked like Tina Greer.

The next morning whole family was eating breakfast while Martha was reading headline that Lex Luthor robbed over $100,000.

Lex asks if he can come in. He tells them not to worry he is not packing heat.

Lex, I like you to meet our twin boys Jonathan and Joshua.

Hey, boys nice to meet you two and you look mom and dad.

At the end of scene, Tina takes Martha keys. Tina tries to run over Martha by personate Clark and she starts yelling for Clark.

That poor girl was born with a soft bone disease. The doctors would not believe to first grade.

She did get better right around her the third birthday.

It's right after the meteor shower wasn't it?

Yeah, Clark it was.

Jonathan ran down the stairs excuse mom and dad Lara is crying.

We right there son.

Clark, what do you think Tina's doing?

I don't know.

Lara wanted to see her big brother.

He leaves school early after he sees the money bank robbery Tina locker. Clark walks in the barn where his parents doing chores.

"Clark what are you doing home so early."

Son anymore vision problems?

"No, I control – them sort of. I concentrated and it worked. "

That's great.

What did you concentrated on?

Tina Greer locker.

What did you see?

I saw Money from the bank robbery.

After, dinner Clark was hanging up in his loft when Lana stops by to asks, "Clark if he heard about Tina and what he is doing with his bank."

"I was how much change I have inside here."

"Do you hear about Tina."

"Just what you is a bank robbing roommate."

Tina throws Clark the loft after she turns back from being Lana.

Lana went to parent's gravestone to tell her mom how she feels. Sees Whitney walk up toher and starts sayingmean stuff to Lana about her parents.

After, Clark saves Lana from Tina, Lana goes over and thanks Clark.

His little brother Joshua who broke his arm said, "You like her, don't you."

To Be Continue