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An Ancient Hero: An Archie Comics Based Fiction


Knothole; 8:30 a.m.

It was a beautiful morning as King Maximillion Acorn sat down to breakfast with his family. Breakfast was an uneventful routine for his family, but they still enjoyed each other's company. Just as King Max, his wife, and his daughter Princess Sally were finishing their meal; a palace guard entered the dining room. His face was stern and unfeeling as he handed a piece of paper to the king and made his way out of the room without so much as a word. "What does it say dad," Sally inquired.

"There's an urgent call for me on the vid-phone from the president of Station Square."

"Odd," the queen replied, "why so early? I thought we weren't expecting his call for another couple of hours."

"We aren't," was his cool reply, as he was leaving the room, followed closely by the two women.

The king entered the communications tree to find a familiar face greet him. It was the face of the new president of Station Square, Patrick Steinberg. The young man smiled as the wizened squirrel into view. "I'm sorry to bother you so early your majesty," he said before the king politely cut him off.

"Oh it's no trouble at all, and call me Max, now tell me what is this emergency that you needed to talk to me about."

"Well one of our construction crews over here were trying to expand the Station Square perimeter when they stumbled across something, his tone deepened, "interesting."

"Well…" all three members of the royal family asked in unison.

"I can't tell you any more over the com-link you'll have to come over here for the rest of the info. Oh, and bring a science team with you," he said with a slight smirk an his face, "they might find it interesting as well." And at last comment the connection was terminated.

The three of them stood there just staring at the blank screen for a few moments before the king snapped out of his trance first. "Well Sally you heard the man, start getting your team together. We leave as soon as they're ready."

"Yes sir," she replied.

Station Square; 6:30 p.m.

As everyone disembarked from the aircraft, the president's assistant greeted them warmly. "Hello, I'm here to escort you to the location that the president is at."

"Thank you," the king stated, "you wouldn't happen to know what this is about would you?" he pried.

"No, sorry, I am in the dark about this just like you," was her reply.

The team that Sally assemble consisted of King Max, Princess Sally, Sonic the Hedgehog, his uncle Sir Charles (a.k.a. Chuck), Miles Prower (a.k.a. Tails), Rotor the walrus, and two other up and coming scientist that just happened to make the cut (but aren't good enough to get their names in my fic). The assistant led them to the stretch limo that waited for them just outside the landing strip. The limo really didn't have to go to far considering that Station Square was constructed inside of a hollowed out mountain. When they reached the construction site the first thing that they noticed was that there were G.U.N. agents all over the place. The president walked up the group of mobians that approached the site and greeted each one respectively. When he finally finished greeting the team he turned his attention to the king, "glad you could make on such short notice," he said almost jokingly.

"Well you put up a convincing proposition, how could we refuse," the king joked back.

"Now what is this serious matter that you have me coming all the way over to Station Square to see it with my own eyes?"

"Right this way sir," he said calmly, " and all your questions shall be answered."

When the motley group came closer to the site they saw a gapping hole in the ground. In this hole they could see ladders, which were apparently use by the G.U.N. teams and the other government officials to survey the inside of the pit. After everyone had descended the ladders they got their first look at the bottom, it was an installation of some sort, from the look of it. Rotor mumbled something about this place being very old judging from the amount of dust that was on everything.

The mobians were awestruck by the complexity of the place. They walked through a couple of more corridors before they came to their destination. Which they were told was an ancient military installation. Before the president opened the door, he paused, "inside is this door is the reason why I called you here. This room is a cryogenics laboratory," he stated, "I believe most of you here know what that is. What you see in there might shock you as it did me," another short pause as he thought about what to say next, "you can enter when your ready."

The team of mobians nodded and entered the room. They stood they with gapping jaws just starring at the sight in front of them. There before them were seven typical cryogenic suspension cylinders but that was not what held their gazes, for there before them were seven cryogenically suspended mobians. One of the seven was a navy blue hedgehog.