Chapter 8

Secrets Revealed.



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Speech "blah"

Thought 'blah'

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Flash back - Blah

The air around the castle was clear and was filled with the scents of many different trees. The strongest of the scents was a pine, but unlike any pines Spyke has smelled in his lifetime. He walked out the castle gate and into the bustling city that Knothole had become and began searching for the place the King had mentioned.

Spyke's thoughts wandered aimlessly as he looked for Ms. Rosie's house. Of all the things to wander back to, Spyke's mind took him back to that hospital room.

"Well mister Hedge, you haven't given us too much but it will have to do," King Acorn had said.

"It's not enough to do any good research on but it'll have to do," the female squirrel known as Sally spoke up

"In any case you will be returning with us to Knothole Kingdom instead of staying here in Station Square." The aging King gave Spyke a kind yet wizened smile to ease his confusion.

"Why can't I just stay here?" Spyke queried.

"The Humans here are not accustomed to us being here. You being here would be asking for trouble from some of their stronger criminal elements," Sally said standing up from her human sized seat to look at Spyke.

I understand, Spyke said unconsciously.

"What now?" Sonic spoke up after tapping his right foot for the past ten minutes.

"I mean, 'I understand sir.'"

Spyke sat in the bed for a few seconds with his head low. A question obviously weighing on his mind but he was unsure as to how to ask it. He raised his head slowly and placed his hands next to his legs to aid in propping him up. "How long exactly have I been in suspended animation sir?" His eyes were filled with a yearning hunger for that knowledge. He had to know it at all costs.

King Max recognized this look and it weighed on him whether or not to actually give the information over to him now or to wait until he had gotten settled in at knothole but now may be as good a time as ever. "Mister Hedge, I really didn't want to tell you this yet but I'll be frank with you." The king closed his eyes and gave a brief sigh before continuing. "You were in cryogenic suspension for over ten thousand years."

Spyke was quiet for a few minute thinking to himself, 'Ten thousand years, how can that be? My sentence was only for two thousand. Either way I still lost all my friends and loved ones back in the past. Still, it doesn't seem right for them to leave me I there for that long... Something must have happened to have them leave me in there for so long.'

Spyke's thoughts however, were once more interrupted by someone speaking up. This time it was the female ground squirrel, Sally. "I realize this must be difficult for you…"

"No, you honestly don't." Spyke pointed out. "I haven't been gone a few months or years. We're talking ten millennia. No where near as long as you think it is. My mind can barely wrap around it."

"Hey, don't snap at her!" Sonic spoke up I Sally's defense. Sonic walked two steps toward the bed Spyke was in and stared him straight in the eyes. They both locked their glares on each other and eventually Sonic won out.

"I apologize miss, I'm just a little overwhelmed at the moment." Spyke hung his head low in apology.

"Don't worry about it. I probably wouldn't understand what you were going through but I can try." Sally smiled at him with a very warm smile and could see why the other hedgehog, Sonic would defend her so readily.

A nurse came in with Spyke's replacement clothing and King Max decided it best to give Spyke some time to get ready. When Spyke was done he walked out into the hallway were King Max and the others were waiting for him. "Well then shall we be going?"

Spyke nodded his response and walked with the others to the exit.

Spyke thought back to himself and wondered why the King and others didn't ask why he was already able to walk. Normally over time Muscles will atrophy or lose strength and mass when not used for a while. By normal standards, Spyke should have had to go through rehabilitation but he was able to walk just fine.

'I'm glad they didn't ask me too many questions,' Spyke thought to himself. 'Explaining that would be far too troublesome.'

Spyke walked slowly down the sidewalk while observing the denizens of Knothole go about their daily routines as if he weren't even there. He chuckled inwardly at this relaxed disposition and moved on. To him, being relaxed while in a state of war was not wise at all but it wasn't his home, at least not yet.

Spyke looked at a piece of paper he had taken with him giving him directions to the house of a Miss Rosie. The house was a two floored cottage from the outer look of it. The straw roof over it hinted that it was a remnant from the days when the Kingdom was not a Kingdom and was in not so good shape. He took note that the house had a fairly large yard and a white picket fence around the yard. Several children were playing in the yard from his observations.

One of the kids stood out from the others. A small female cat that didn't look to be more than seven years old but she had a mischievous personality from the look of her. She was a mostly black colored cat with white near the bridge of her nose. She wore a sky blue dress with a white and yellow flower on the front of it.

As he approached the fence the two other children playing with the young girl fled into the house while the young cat looked at him with the biggest of grins. "Hello mister." She beamed over at him.

"Hello, I'm looking for a Miss Rosie. Does she live here by any chance?" Spyke knew better than to go into the yard without permission, especially with an orphanage full of kids so he waited on the outside of the fence until he could get the girl to give him the information he wanted.

"Yes sir. Do you want to come in," She asked him.

"No thank you, actually if you would be so kind as to go get her for me? I'd be very thankful." Spyke smiled kindly towards the little girl in front of him and she in turn smiled back at him as she moved towards the house, skipping on her way in.

Still waiting inside the fence Spyke began to stare at the dirt out of boredom. 'Did she forget I was out here?' He thought as he moved a rock around with his feet. After about fifteen minutes, an elderly looking chipmunk walked out of the front door.

Despite her appearance, she had strength in her way of walking and a sense of aristocracy on her face. With a kind hearted smile she walked up the gate and let Spyke in.

"Goodness sir, you didn't have to wait out here for me. You could have come inside the house were its a bit more comfortable." The elderly lady in front of him chuckled at him as she unlatched the gate.

"True, I could have but it would have been improper as well as just plain rude to invite one's self in without permission of the lady of the house." Spyke nodded in respect and humor of the aged chipmunk.

They made their way into the house and sat down across from each other at a table.

"Now sir," She began before being interrupted by her dark colored guest.

"Spyke," He began. "My name is Spyke."

"Spyke," she said, correcting herself with a smile. "I heard of you from the King himself. He said you have an interest in teaching, just what do you wish to teach Mister Spyke?"

Spyke had thought long and hard about this on the way over and gave a friendly smile as he looked the one called Rosie in the eyes. "I'd like to be a P.E. Coach… Is that alright?"

"Why of course it is. I can even give you the test here and now if you like?"

"Thank you ma'am, it would be much appreciated."

Rosie left the table after he said that and brought back a series of papers and even a book or two for Spyke. He looked at this mountain of work and then back to Rosie as if to ask "What the hell?"

"This is your test, it is an open book test and you have as much time as you need for it." She walked out and left him to his work.

'Just my luck,' Spyke thought as he looked at his project. 'Might as well get started…' Sure enough nearly six hours later and four cups of coffee he finished the test.

While Rosie took Spyke's test to grade it, Spyke looked out a window in the room he was in and saw that night had already come. "Great, I spent so much time here I didn't bother to go and find a place to stay!"

Rosie heard his exclamation and came back in the room shushing him. "The children are already asleep Mister Hedge. Now what's this you say about not having a place to stay?"

"I spent so much time here Miss Rosie that I forgot to go out and get myself a place to stay. I have the money for one from the King but that won't do my much good if the apartment offices are all closed." Spyke lowered his head in defeat. It would appear that he'd have to sleep on a park bench somewhere.

"Well then why don't you stay here for the night?" She offered.

"Really, I'm not putting you out am I?" Spyke asked.

"Not at all, granted you'll have to sleep on the sofa but it is much more comfy than it looks." She smiled warmly at him.

Having no other real choice, Spyke took her offer with a nod of his head and a smile in return. Rosie showed him where to get the blankets and made sure he was comfortable before retiring for the evening herself.

In a dark room, somewhere in the northern mountains, a hedgehog as black as the abyss stood over a desk pouring over a stack of papers and diagrams as if they were the most precious treasures in the world. In a puff of smoke another being entered the room. A lizard with green scales and a long red stripe down the middle of his back dressed in kaki linen top that hung loosely about him and black shorts. On the head of this lizard was a forehead protector that bore the symbol of a musical note on it.

The lizard bowed low and looked up at his master as he relayed his message. "My lord, the king of Knothole has returned. And they brought back a new ally from the looks of it."

The dark hedgehog did not move nor did he speak. He continued to gaze at the notes and drawings on the papers in front of him as if unaware of the minion's presence.

"The new arrival is a hedgehog as well my lord, Dark blue and has a very odd eye color."

"Oh? How odd is it?" Finally speaking, his voice was filled with the intent to kill. The minion trembled and nearly fell over from the sheer bloodlust in his master's voice.

"They're a bright yellow sir. He appears to also be taller than most of the average Mobians."

For a moment, the pitch black hedgehog was silent. To the lizard in the midst of his master, it felt like an eternity of torment. "Did he also have bangs in front of his eyes?" He asked.

"Why, yes sir. How did you know?"

"Because he is an old remnant like myself. He too is from the days before the Ancient Walkers of your species." Turning into the light his face, although normal for a hedgehog, bore one thing that set it apart from many others. The golden, serpentine eyes of Orochimaru shone with anticipation and bloodlust at the thought of his old punching bag being alive. "It looks like Spyke-kun is finally awake." His cooing laughter sent shivers up the minion's spine but he sighed in of relief when he was dismissed.

It was not every day that you delivered news to Orochimaru and lived to tell the tale.

Unable to sleep, Spyke got up and went into the yard of the house he was staying in and took the little box he had brought with him from the plane ride over along with him.

He opened the small box and peered inside of it. Inside were an odd looking knife called a kunai and a headband with a piece of steel attached to it. The steel plate had a symbol on it that resembled a leaf on its side.

"It's been a long time since I've worn this forehead protector and wielded this knife, more so now that I've awoken from my long sleep." Spyke tied the headband to his forehead and tightened it so it wouldn't come off. With kunai in hand he began a series of moves called kata. To anyone there who would have seen it, it would have appeared he was doing an elaborate dance with a knife in hand.

His practice went on through the night as he worked off his emotions and fears. Truth be told, he was in a sense of culture shock at the moment. He had always been around humans and had been so used to them being around that now that they were not present, he did not know what to say or do to not come off as a complete idiot.

As he finished his Kata, he ended in a position that had him looking straight up. This was the first time he had seen the moon in over ten thousand years. To his distress the moon was shattered with great chunks of it suspended in the eternal black.

Spyke dropped to his knees, never taking his eyes off the moon as tears began to flow from his eyes. "My God, what has happened to the moon? What has happened to this world while I was asleep?"

He lowered his head after about two minutes and wept bitterly with his hands cupping his face. "Why me, why did it have to be me that was punished like this?"

He wept hard and long, so much so that he didn't even notice the aged squirrel come up behind him. She kneeled next to him and placed a knowing hand on his shoulder. Spyke jumped a bit then remembered where he was and saw who was with him. He ran a sleeve over his eyes to dry his tears and looked over at the elderly lady's smiling face. "This was to be expected, you needed to get this shock and sorrow out of your system somehow. Don't stop crying on my account dear, I'm just here for an added shoulder to cry on."

Spyke pulled away from her, picking up his knife and hiding it before she could see it. "I'm fine. I don't need anything," he coldly replied. "Sure I'm disheartened and in sorrow, but that doesn't mean I need anyone one else to help me out here." Spyke glared up at the broken moon again, feeling the heartbreak resurface again. "I am a curse; those that are near me will always suffer misfortune and death. I don't want anyone else to be hurt because of me."

He turned and went back into the house without saying another word. Rosie sat there amazed by his statement. It was obvious that he wanted to let it all out, had she been wrong to try and comfort him like she had? All in all, she would find out in the morning how he was and if he truly did pass his test.

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