It was on one sunny morning, in the house of the sand siblings', where the puppeteer slept safe and sound. Lying in his spongy bed, he snored as he dreamed about his new puppet, Dango. The surrounding was still and the breeze was soft and calming. Until…

"KANKURO!" A voice with every intention to kill loomed across the puppeteer's head. Trying to figure out whose voice it belongs to, the puppeteer opened his eyes ever so slowly.

There, a girl with blonde hair, tied up in four pony tails, starred deeply into the puppeteer's eyes as she held out a video tape and thrust it into is face.

"Can. You. Tell. Me. What. This. Thing. Is. DOING. In. Our. House?" The blonde haired girl asked coldly.

When the puppeteer's vision finally became clear, he realizes the three big words written on the video tape. Icha Icha ParadiseSuddenly, his eyes widened as sweat dripped none stop through his forehead.

"Well?" The blonde haired girl questioned holding on to the puppeteer's collar. "What excuse can you make up this time?" Shivering, the puppeteer opened his mouth hoping for some kind of lame excuse to come out.

" I-I'm…" The puppeteer stuttered, "Well, you see Temari, I'm…safe-keeping it for Kakashi!" He grinned nervously, hoping that his piss-off sister would buy the ever so stupid excuse.

Temari's eye-brow twitched as she let go of the Kankarou's collar. "Safe-keeping, eh?" She asked, sounding colder than before.

"Y-yes, just safe-" the puppeteer replied but was cut off when a fist came flying into his face knocking him five feet backwards, flying through the wall, and landed on the front yard.

"PORNO MOVIES ARE PROHIBITED!" Temari exclaim as she then added, "AND FIX THE WALL!"

(After 24 hour)

Kankuro's eyes opened slowly as he begins to take in his surrounding. Where am I? He asks himself as he sat up. After a few seconds of pondering, his memory returned. He remembered the knock out by Temari because she somehow managed to find his Icha Icha Paradise video that was hidden…no… that was placed on the T.V.

"Kankuro, why are you still out here?" A voice from behind him called out causing him almost screamed out loud. Turning quickly and pulling out a kunai, Kankuro spotted a figure behind him, only to find a red haired boy with a "Love" tattoo on his left forehead starring at him like starring at some kind of idiot. In this case, the idiot points to Kankarou.

"Oh, Gaara, it's only you" Kankarou said smiling, feeling relieved.

Gaara walked up to the front door and looked back at the puppeteer," Who else did you think it was?"

Suddenly, Kankuro's face turned blue, he quickly found his voice and reply, "I thought you were…Temari" At the mention of her name, the sky suddenly turn black, a cat screech in the background, and a thunder was heard, and the sound bum bum bum were heard. Both brother turn their head upward to stare at the now pitch black sky. Kankuro sweat dropped.

"Okay…" Gaara whispered thinking how idiotic the author is to add sound effects into the story, but that's not the point. He turns his attention back to his still sitting brother on the ground. "You have been laying here for a day. Get up, and fix the wall." Gaara demanded as he pointed to the hole on the roof.

Now everything came back and hit Kankuro hard. In an inhuman speed, he got to his feet, dashed into the house, took out a bucket of cement and a lot of brick, he kneeled in front of the hole and start patching it up. Gaara forced himself to hold in the laughter after seeing what his brother did. He knew Kankuro won't be done until at least two hours later. So he turned to the now kneeling Kankuro and said, "I'm going into the house. Hurry up and finish before the sand storm come. I don't want to take responsibility for having you trapped outside. Temari won't be happy if that happen." At the mention of the name, the sky once again turned pitch black, a cat screech again, and a thunder was heard, as well as the bum bum bum. Kankuro sweat dropped once more before returning to his wall-fixing.

(Two hours later)

Kankuro was now exhausted. He had being kneeling for two hours while fixing a wall that was not even his fault, was it? At least he is now finished; he can go inside the house and have a nice hot bath to relax himself. He for one was happy that the wall is fixed.

Carrying all the left-over from the fixing, he push the door open, only to find his sister sitting on the couch, arm crossed, with her fan resting next to her. She has a very pissed expression once again. Kankuro slowly walk alone the wall trying to avoid his sister, but he has no such luck.

"Where have you been?" Her voice once again cold and fill with killer intent. Kankuro froze at where he was and have a sheepish smile on his face. "I-I was fixing the w-wall," being smart as to not mention the fact that the hole was created by none other than his sister. Man, I wander if she takes training from Tsunade-sama. Kankuro ask himself before he was snapped back the real world by Temari, who was now face-to-face with him at eye level. Sweat starts to form on his forehead as green eyes stare into his.

"Really? I thought you ran to a hotel to hide for a night." Temari said in a very cold voice that doesn't seems to fit the blonde at all. Kankuro is now shaking with fear as he saw his sister move a hand and rest it on her hip. "N-no, I d-didn't. G-Gaara said I was o-out cold for a day a-and… DON'T KILL ME!" He was now holding his head in his arms and waiting for an impact to find its way onto his face, which never came. He slowly opens his eyes to see Temari smiling at him. He love that smile, and ever since Gaara was born, he never saw it again until that Naruto kid knocked some senses into him.

"At least you didn't run away. I couldn't help but felt guilty knowing that you haven't come back at midnight." Temari said in her sweet voice. "You what?" Kankuro was confused. I must be dreaming. He pinched himself only to feel the pain serge through his cheek. Or not. "You, heard me, I was waiting for you to return. Any way, go take a shower, you look wore out." She said in some what of a commanding voice. Kankuro can only shrug as he walk up stairs and start to take his shower.

Mean while, back down stair, Temari is once again sitting in the comfortable couch, feeling relieved that Kankuro didn't run away. She was now enjoying the silence, which is until… "Temari..." "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" Temari jumped as she sees Gaara suddenly standing in front of her with one finger in each ear. "I swear you can wake the dead with that scream." Gaara said, still having one finger in his each ear.

"Would you stop doing that? God, I can never get use to that." Temari calm herself before sitting down again. "Gaara, what do you want?"

"The Kazekage summoned us," Gaara said, while taking his other finger out of his ear, "I think we have another mission."

"Mission? But didn't we just have one yesterday?" Temari was surprised at the amount of mission given to them ever since she became a chunnin. "Alright, just give me five minutes." Realizing that she was still in her night cloth, Temari rush into her room to get dress, and happened to knock down Kankuro as he finished his shower.

(Ten minutes later)

The Sand Siblings are now standing in the Kazekage's office with their mouth wide open. Their eyes were all wide and have a look of surprise in them. Yes, even Gaara, who is still acting cold, was shocked.

Standing in front of the Kazekage is no other than Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage of Konoha herself. Standing next to her are the members of Team Seven and Jiariya. There are also Lee, Tenten, Neji, Shikamaru, Ino, Chouji, Hinata, Kiba, and Shino. All members of the Rookie Nine and their sensei are here, except for one. Naruto is no where to be found. There was a long silence before Gaara broke the silence.

"Err… Kazekage-sama, Hokage-sama," He bowed to the two kage standing in front of him, his brother and sister followed. He noticed that Tsunade is holding something, but decide ignore it. He then turns back to the Kazekage. "What's the mission?"

The Kazekage looked to Tsunade and looked back to Gaara; he took a deep breath and replied in one simple word, "Babysitting."

-Long Silence-


"NARUTO'S YOUTH MUST NOT BE DESTROYED" It was now Lee's turn to yell. He no longer needs support to walk, since the mission to save Sasuke, he have already recovered from his injury.

The sand sibling's look confused. "What are you guys talking about? What about Naruto?" Kankuro asked in an indifferent voice. All eyes suddenly shifted upon Kankuro with such glare, that Kankuro's sweat poured down.

Kiba rush to Tsunade and took the bundle of cloth with a orange, fluffy thing on top, which look extremely like a ball of yarn, and ran to the Sand Siblings point into the bundle of cloth while shouting, "JUST LOOK! JUST LOOK AT WHAT I HAVE IN MY FREAKING ARM AND YOU'LL KNOW WHAT THE HELL WE'RE TALKING ABOUT!" Akamaru barked on top of Kiba's head.

Looking at each other for a while, the Sand Siblings decide that one look wouldn't hurt. As they do so, they all froze. Inside that bundle of close lay an infant with blue eyes and yellow hair. There are whisker marks on the boy's cheeks, three on each side. Suddenly the ball of yarn shifted, revealing a fox cub with nine tails hanging freely in the air from where it had fallen off from the baby. After a few second of silence, the Sand Siblings screamed. "NARUTO?" Gaara faint, so did Kankuro, but Temari's eyes are shining with excitement.

Before Kiba can stop her, Temari scoped Naruto into her arms along with the now harmless Kyuubi and hug them both. "Oh my god, he is so cute! I can't believe Naruto was this cute when he was a baby."

Everyone in the room sweat dropped. Gaara woke up hearing Temari's voice. Seeing Temari in an extremely hyper mode, he decides to ask. "Temari, what's going on? Where and why am I here? And what are you holding?"

Temari heard Gaara's voice and crouch down and show the baby Naruto and Kyuubi to him. Gaara's eyes become unbelievable wide. "Look for yourself." Temari answered and shoved the babyfied Naruto and Kyuubi into Gaara's arm, "look, isn't Naruto so damn cute when he was a baby?" Gaara's eyes widened even more and fainted. Is that really Naruto?