Timeline of Ronin Warriors

(I know it's not exactly true, but this is my universe and this is how I've set it up.)

Anubis Doji-06/08/1551-Armor of Cruelty and Spring-loyalty

Dais Rajua-10/09/1549-Armor of Illusion and Summer-Serenity

Sketmet Naaza-11/05/1551-Armor of Venom and Autumn-Piety

Kale Yami-01/09/1551-Armor of Corruption and Winter-Obedience

Mia Aurora Koji-Doji-02/19/1966

Yulie Yamano-05/05/1973

1969-Ronins and Stars born

Ryo-08/15/1969 Makoto-12/17/1969

Sage-06/09/1969 Miaka-07/15/1969

Cye-03/14/1969 Yui-04/16/1969

Rowen-10/10/1969 Korin-11/15/1969

Kento-09/01/1969 Noriko-11/15/1969

1983-Ronins 1st battle with


1988- 2nd battle with Talpa ends

1988(one week later)-Makoto goes back in time

1988(one week after they come back)-meet Stars on Ryo's Birthday. 3rd battle with Nappa, Talpa's son and meets Mako's little sister, Maeve Hinoyo Obiki-the fifth element.

Dec. 17, 1993- Ryo proposes on Mako's 23rd B-Day

June 4, 1994-Kayura finds away to bring back Anubis (5 Elemental crystals)

Aug. 12, 1994-Ryo and Mako's wedding

2200- Technologies become too much and Earth self-destructs forcing the Ronins and Stars to reveal themselves. The Ozone Layer starts to vanish and humans receive odd elemental powers.

2201- Lady Kayura and Warlords and Mia bring old Dynasty palace to Earth realm for Human survivors. People make Ronins and Stars Lords and Ladies of Earth.

2993- Lady Fate gives the Ronins their new armor.

3393- 4th war with Talpa II

3582- Ryon Michael Doji is born and Armor of Cruelty (Spring) is passed on

3583- Hiko, Shin, Seiji, Touma, and Shuu are born and armors of Torrent, Halo, Strata, and Hardrock are transferred to second generation

3588- Hariel, Samantha, Yuri, Suki, and Ariashi are born and Wildfire armor is transferred to Hariel.

3593- 5th and final battle with the dynasty-Sulapa